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coincidence expanded

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by mac, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    As dear old Max Bygraves might have said, I wanna tell you a story.

    It's not just any story but something that links to a recent discussion about 'coincidence' elsewhere - I'm posting it here separately so the original thread isn't hijacked. First I need to set the scene.....

    It's 1984 and our new-born baby son dies in my arms. (I may be comforting myself by saying that because he might have been stillborn but I like to think not.) He was wanted, planned and very special but, hey, caring parents likely all say that about their kids. It felt like our world had changed forever. Weeks later I'm back in work and probably suffering depression - my wife definitely is. Our works caretaker (janitor) engages me in a 'chance' conversation, little-by-little revealing he's a medium. (first COINCIDENCE?) Initially that means little to me but he quickly brings me on board with a little psychic reading. (it's much later before I understand the difference between mediumship and psychic reading - heard me mention them occasionally?) My mood quickly changes as I learn about survival from him.

    Back to the past. My medium-friend's wife had died several years earlier before she eventually contacted him in their tied-cottage home where we worked. That's where his transformation to being a medium began. Later I 'inherited' his cottage home after his retirement (another interesting COINCIDENCE?) and had it converted it for a workshop. But before all that we became friends and I was able to help him with his own difficulties, learning about 'the spooks' from our friendship.

    Leap forward now and I have 'inherited' my friend's former home as a central workshop for my staff. One of them was a colleague and friend who I'd worked with for several years in another location. His wife - also a former colleague of mine - had died suddenly after an operation and his life was in tatters for years afterwards. (I worked with him during the time after his loss although I doubt I was any help to him in dealing with it.) This same colleague later moved to join me at my new workshop. (He knew nothing of 'the spooks' and didn't know that I did!) One day, months later, I walked in to the cottage to find him excited and dumbfounded at what had happened. He told me his late wife had appeared to him in the cottage! I wasn't surprised. Although I'd never said anything to him I always fancied she'd be around as they'd been very close. Was it planned or did 'spirit' just take advantage of my presence, use me because I could explain everything to him and maybe even use my own energies? Or was it just another COINCIDENCE?

    I was able to explain to him what had happened although I didn't know why it had only just started. Over the next few months they communicated constantly at times with me joining them both. It was a happy and exciting time. Was it a COINCIDENCE that all this came about in the very place my medium/psychic friend and his late wife had lived and communicated after her death some years before? Maybe that's just the romantic side of humankind - wanting to believe it had all been planned? It might have been planned but perhaps 'spirit' simply took advantage of the changing circumstances? I could never be sure and although I asked about it, his wife was unable to tell us - she just didn't understand enough it seemed. By then there had been so many, often small, coincidences that even for me it's tempting to say the events were planned and orchestrated.

    Later my colleague and I brought about the rescue of an earthbound child at the cottage, an event that was rewarding but whose outcome was deeply disruptive of everything we had enjoyed at the cottage. Communications were compromised and the atmosphere became uncomfortable, unpleasant and eventually threatening. In short there were discarnates who were unhappy with what we did and the happy atmosphere in the cottage changed for the worse never to return to what had been.

    That's an extremely simplified and shortened account of a very complex time and there were many events I haven't mentioned. I won't ever be certain on this side of the divide about why all these things came about as they did. For every claim of planning I could offer an alternative explanation.

    Depending on one's view, all events might all have been pre-planned, orchestrated and led. That could be true but it could also be the case that none or only some were planned and that our unseen friends simply made the most of situations as they changed. Perhaps they influenced our thinking and ideas leading us towards outcomes which only became possible as a result of earlier changes.

    In short, there's never any complete certainty about apparent coincidences or supposed orchestration unless the orchestrators themselves provide incontrovertible evidence.
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  2. Thanks for sharing this with us Mac, I looOovved reading it!! :)

    I have to say that I am of the same thoughts/views you mentioned in the last 2 paragraphs.

    Oh, and feel free to give us more of these stories. I wish I can share similar things, but I've never gone through such things...

  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    It was my pleasure to share this, Wonderer. There was so much more but it was important to stay on-topic, the topic of coincidence.

    I rarely speak about myself, mostly preferring to stick to subjects which can be of relevance to many. Thinking on I often find - despite a hum-drum and uneventful life - that I often have 'stories' relevant to points under discussion on subjects on forum boards. Often, though, folk are more interested in just talking about themselves so I avoid being the same!

    I hope in my story I've properly considered possible explanations and not given undue weight or importance to either. (or been boring!) I've certainly tried my best.

    I do have another, very detailed, and much more recent story with events that even mac finds hard not to see as planned and highly orchestrated. Very difficult to dismiss them as unrelated, pure coincidence or chance!

    But that's perhaps for another occasion. ;)

    I'll see if anyone has anything to say about the circumstances of this story first.
  4. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    This is an extraordinary story. I definitely think that all those apparent coincidences were preplanned events, dear Mac; and it also seems to me that their likely purpose was to put you in an atmosphere infused with spirits and spiritual energy so you would be able to learn and grow rapidly. Look at what a wonderfully rich and powerful set of experiences you had there! Please tell us your other story, dear friend - we are all ears!!
  5. Carol and Mikey

    Carol and Mikey Golden Hearts

    I agree with Roberta. I believe this series of events was not a coincidence. I know "Spirit" can play a part in coordinating things to happen for a reason. Here is an example: When I was at the first Afterlife Awareness Conference last year, I asked Mikey to help me meet someone who could help us in our plan of teaching through the veil. I did this right before I went down to the happy hour in the hotel. Mikey told me, "Mom, I will do my best . I will see what I can do." I went down and "decided" to sit at a 2 person table (I was alone at this table) which was right next to a table where 2 women were sitting. As I sat there, I overheard them talking about the conference. I politely told them I was here for the conference too. One of the gals said, "Oh please join us and tell us why you are here!" This wonderful person was Roberta! The rest is history. This forum is a blessing for Mikey and I! It is exactly what we are suppose to be doing! That night when I returned to my room, Mikey said, "Mom, I did my best!" He has done this type of thing more than once.
    Not a coincidence Mac. :) I want to hear your next story!
  6. A little humor is appreciated.
  7. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    thanks, Roberta.

    Thinking back as I was writing about those events (and there was much more) even mac finds it difficult to dismiss them all as chance. But ever-cautious mac will always be mindful that our unseen friends may simply have taken maximum advantage of consequential, but not deliberate, outcomes.

    Put simply I will accept that some events were deliberately orchestrated but others may have come about as a serendipitous consequences - neither coincidental nor deliberately orchestrated.

    I can wholeheartedly agree that they taught me a great deal which shaped the way I've thought since then, shaped what I've written over several years, influenced my words and thoughts.....
  8. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Yes I heard you speaking about that occasion in your interview with Andrew and Roberta. I've experienced several similar situations even though I hadn't directly asked for help. Sometimes it didn't strike me 'til later how the outcome dealt with a problem or need.

    Not coincidences at all, as you say, but orchestrated to achieve! And at times they achieve in shed-loads!

    I hesitated about whether to spend effort writing my other story (writing's not easy for me) but I felt sufficiently motivated so I did it. I'll post it in a separate thread later. I know it won't suit everyone, it may appear self-indulgent (not my usual style!) and may have more significance for the ones involved than for 'outsiders'. I apologise for all that.

    With that prior apology I'll get it posted.
  9. Mac, I am note sure what you mean by "it may appear self-indulgent". I think that people can always 'learn' from other's experiences, but maybe I misunderstood that. I hope that the below is not one of them, if so, I apologize.

    Thinking about, I have a little story which I am note sure up to this day if they were coincidences, pre-planned or maybe happened due to my determination. I'll try to keep it short.

    Back in 1999, I had just finished my degree and was moving to Australia for ever....so I thought..

    1. Two weeks before I left, I went on mirc for a chat with strangers. I saw a nickname which attracted me. The person was my now wife. She was supposed to get married to this other guy within a month. I still went to OZ for a year, she did not get married to this other guy. Instead she came to see me in OZ. We got back and we married after a couple of years. Coincidence? I don't think so.

    2. Fast forward to 2010...I still wanted to go to OZ. Something told me to apply for a permanent residence visa, kept pushing me to hurry up. So I did. One week later, that type of visa was changed and I was not eligible to any other one. Got the visa within a few months and started planning my move. I had very limited money, so I had to be wise.

    3. I could not afford a hotel/motel etc for a few weeks to find a house to rent. So, 'by coincidence' I met this lady online, she was a manager of a complex so I managed to rent a house from abroad. If you check, that is impossible in Australia and kind of against the law. No one will rent you a house before you are there to see it and sign all the papers etc. Coincidence? I don't think so.

    4. I had my house to rent here. Have a mortgage on it so I had no choice. I was freaking out as the market was slow, but TWO days before I left, it got rented for a year just enough to pay my mortgage! Coincidence? I don't think so.

    5. When I arrived, I knew no one except one cousin who lives about 1 hr away. I rented a car for 2 days to do the most important things quickly, like buying stuff for the rented house etc. After 2 days I got stranded as I had no money to buy a car. Three days after, I got an email from someone I had met in a forum and he knew I was moving to the same city. He was not a long time friend, I only knew him from a couple of posts on the forum. Guess what? He send me the email to see how I was doing and if I needed a car! He had bought a new one and was not using this one. I was flabbergasted! My wife thought he was some mafia guy and did not want. But I followed my gut feeling and accepted the offer. Kept the car for 6 months and after that I bought it off him for peanuts (he did not want money, but I forced him to take them). Coincidence? I don't think so.

    6. I could not find a job from abroad. I had to arrive first and look once I was there. After a month of interviews, I still had no job. It's tough to break into the job market with no OZ experience. I had only 1 months worth of money. I was despairing and angry at myself at how crazy I was. To be there, already a few miracles had happened. I remember sitting by myself, in the back garden, praying for a miracle. Two days later, I met this guy, a recruiter. He forwarded me a job vacancy, I went for the interview that same day, the day after I got a job! It was like a jigsaw puzzle!

    The funny thing is that after all this, after a few months, I was back 'home' due to family reasons and against my will. All this did not make sense to me, that is...'miracles' happened to be there and then I was kicked back 'home'...

    So my theories are these:

    1. Either...it was all pre-planned, thus I was helped for it to happen. But then why kicked back so soon after all those sacrifices, the money spent, the stress!? The only answer I can get is that...so that I suffer, get frustrated and angry...and through love I can learn to give up my dream....to be somewhere for someone just cause of love. Like a life lesson.

    2. Or...I was so determined to go that I made things to happen! I networked, I researched, I asked, I made things happen since I pushed things to the limit. And throw a few coincidences too ;)

    Guess time will tell me which theory is the correct one.

  10. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    great story! Wow did you have a time of things! First, though, the reason for my 'self-indulgent' comment. I'm used to speaking about issues which are impersonal, principles that can affect anyone. I don't speak about myself much other than to better illustrate points I make..... That was all I meant. My stories aren't for me. If others benefit from their content, if they benefit from the thoughts and ideas I routinely present, then I'm happy.

    I'm impressed by your story content and your presentation. Man there's some 'stuff' in there to reflect on for you and it's fascinating to read about. I'm also impressed by your theories. I agree with what you've written - I particularly like "I was so determined to go that I made things to happen! I networked, I researched, I asked, I made things happen since I pushed things to the limit. And throw a few coincidences too." because self-involvement should never be overlooked - what we do ourselves to make stuff happen. Maybe like attracts like in this dimension too? Maybe we attract to ourselves (in some unfathomable manner) others who can facilitate what we need to happen? It's no less plausible, I suggest, than 'spirit' orchestrating every event.

    It's a great account!
  11. I found this story most relevant and interesting. These details are very helpful and have made me realize things about what has recently been happening to me and my family. You and your wife have been through so much, and I am so sorry for your loss, Mac, but the spirit, and other souls, seem to me to have intervened, having left you with you both with greater love for each other and appreciation for life. Of course you could not help others who had lost spouses - that is like the loss of eyes and limbs, and one's very identity on earth - like the ground opening up and swallowing you, but you and your wife have each other and can grow from all of this.

    Your account of the meeting with the janitor and the cottage are curious to me. If one feels that there are troublesome spirits in a particular location, what can one do? Simply avoid it or move away (if it is one's primary home - and I feel as though this is something I need to do sometimes)? Are spirits more attached to low vibrating (grief-stricken) humans or locations? So if one moves, one must work especially hard on meditation and prayer, probably. Thank you so much for posting this.
  12. Exactly right Mac
    It's only one of the reasons I discount the possibility of coincidences altogether. We control our own destiny, even with interference from others or divine intervention, we still have free will and choice. We attract people and events to us by our thoughts and actions. We have the ability to manifest situations with thought, whether consciously or subconsciously.
  13. Hi Bella

    If you feel you have unwanted energy in a location, a Smudging Ceremony will help. We have used it on numerous occassions with great success, not only to cleans the house from unwanted spirit but also residual energy from previous owners. Plenty of information on the Net.
  14. Thank you so much, Fasaga, I have done a few things already, and will try Smudging. I found out recently that one of the previous owners of this house (someone the neighbors described as cold and rather mean spirited) passed away in the bedroom where my husband and I sleep. I wish I had known this before we moved here. We'd been so happy prior to moving here. I want to leave but I can't touch my husband's things and I can't leave this house because it represents him as well.
  15. I believe that what we think, our attitude (positive or negative) and energies have an effect, definitely. I remember being so positive, I believed in my plan and was so determined. I am sure that somehow I attracted the right people to help me. But I had networked a lot too, that made a difference. Like they say..."Seek and you shall find, knock and they will open"! I find these things all weird, to be honest. But I think there is some kind of truth to it.

    PS: Mac, I'm sorry about the experience you had regarding your son, it must have been a very difficult one.

    However, I think there is a limit to what we can control. For example, I have tried 4 times to move to Oz. Every time, I learnt where I failed and improve on that. On my last stint, I also spend 4 years preparing my wife to make her feel more independent and getting rid of her fears. I thought everything was planned and prepared perfectly.

    But destiny does not want me there but stuck here for some reason. True, I had free will to choose of staying there or being here, but I have no choice really as I cannot abondon my daughter. Oh, no, I won't try anymore now, I gave up.

    I totally agree with that!
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  16. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Wonderer "PS: Mac, I'm sorry about the experience you had regarding your son, it must have been a very difficult one."


    It was the blackest of times. Any bereavement can be that way and it wasn't any worse than any other individual's loss but maybe it was somewhat different - the loss of a child might be seen that way. If I were the sort to say 'Thank God' then I would thank God for the help we later had in dealing with things.

    It's ridiculous to speculate about 'what would have happened if.....?' but if the help from the janitor/medium, who later became a friend, hadn't arrived as it did, when it did, then I likely wouldn't have become who I am now, doing what I am now doing. Sometimes my experience allows me to 'speak' to others struggling with a similar loss and maybe help them a little. If things had been different who knows where I'd be, what I'd be doing? Change one small thing, change the whole world.....

    In terms of 'coincidence' there's a possibility which I've found especially hard to reconcile. It has been suggested that the loss of a baby or young child (or even an older one) can be a 'lesson' for the parent(s). It's also been suggested that the arrangement could have been made before the individuals concerned had entered this world. I don't refute that suggestion, I just don't know.

    But in the light of what folk here are saying, such pre-planning must at least be a possibility. I don't know how many would find that a help in dealing with their loss, though, and I'd be very sensitive about raising such an idea, even if dealing with bereaved parents who have some spiritual knowledge. And there always remains the equal possibility/probability that the death was simply down to physical problems.

    As some members have heard me say, perhaps, I won't make things fit one way or the other. That applies in my own as much as it does in others' situations.
  17. Amy

    Amy Member

    Well I read it! :)

    Thanks for sharing. It's funny I should read your story just now, just as I was contemplating a co-incidence last night. Co-incidence? heh heh :)

    Awesome story, I enjoyed reading it. A very meaningful story. Thankyou for sharing.

  18. Amy

    Amy Member

    Mac, hope you dont mind me also replying here. I realise this is an old thread.

    Yes, it's interesting how one small change can have a knock on effect to change the whole world. I like that. :)

    I guess the meaning YOU arrived at after the death of your baby was the 'right' one. (The meaning, of course, being a highly personal one). Who are we to comment upon such a thing? I am so sorry for your loss too. I know it was a while ago, and acceptance of the loss can make the pain more bearable over time, but still, I am sorry.

    Many thanks for sharing such a personal story.

  19. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 Active Member

    I have spoke many many times on my belief in coincidences. As has been said before, if one thing, one decision, one hummingbird wing flapping things can be so different. If I made this decision over that, this wouldnt have happened. If I went this way vs. that way, I wouldnt have met this person, which lead me to this.

    I had always thought about this, I thought about it even more after I met my husband and it has been on my mind in the 19 months since his passing.

    It is truly a fascinating subject.

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