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Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by mac, Aug 2, 2017.

  1. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    The following is from an entity calling himself ‘Spirit Guide Sparrow’ and relates to one or more subjects that have previously been discussed on ALF. Neither ALF nor I endorse his ideas however.
    Further guidance may be found at: http://www.spiritguidesparrow.com/index.html

    Do We Wear Clothes In The Spirit World?

    Within the realms that associate themselves closely with the physical dimensions, visual representatives of energy closely resemble those found on Earth and other planets.

    This means, for example, in realms where souls consistently interact with other souls with a physical-life connection there will be a certain familiarity in appearances. These appearances and visuals are this way in order to create a sense of comfort, a sense of connection and a sense of personal identity.

    Souls that are returning to the spirit world from a physical-state experience hold a very deep sense of identity with them. This likely will not be their true identity, in a sense, but it will be their own self-imagined identity which makes them feel comfortable, or not so, in who they are.

    For other souls then, already in the spirit world, whose job it is to work with these influx of souls will choose to project themselves in a similar and familiar form. It may also be that the soul, any soul, has a strong likeness and affiliation towards a certain imagery or identity form that they will very frequently ‘wear’ it, simply for self-gratification - which is perfectly fine and overall very commonly seen.

    What occurs is, the consciousness cocooning the spirit, which is the soul, will craft itself into a visual shape and appearance that aligns itself with their immediate intention, destination and overall mood they are in.

    This may be someone they once were in physical form, whether they be human or otherwise, or may even be, with permission from another, the likeness of another being they admired. It might also be, for instance, a visualised embodiment of something they once read or imagined at some point in time. In which case, we could say, that soul is wearing clothes of their own imagination.

    Now, when we speak of physical clothing, we are to understand that this is just as real and tangible as those garments found in physical life-state. You can change clothes whenever you wish, at the blink of an eye.

    This is because clothing becomes merely an extension of your consciousness form. You are crafting it into imagery for others to interpret as you desire it to be. You can even have somebody construct you the most beautiful and imaginative clothing you can possibly imagine, and give them the task of making it for you.

    For in the spirit world, there are indeed those whose passion it is to do this for others. As mundane as you may see it as, these individuals feel a great sense of pride and service in what they do in this way.

    There are several species who actually focus much of their energy designing and constructing magnificent garments of all materials, for all occasions, and for all species. You would seek them out and, with the aid of your own imagination, project to them exactly what you desire.

    Or, as the case tends to be, these beings will read your thoughts and intentions and immediately start creating something for you that excels beyond any expectation you had. The garment you receive fits exactly with the intention and purpose you had to wear it.

    Much of human clothing worn by much of modern society is rather dull, unflattering and unimaginative. It lacks colour, variation in material and originality.

    In the spirit world you can have clothes made of any material you can think of, from hundreds of thousands of different worlds. Different species, within their soul groups, will actually provide you with material from their soul makeup to assist fashion a particular garment.

    For example, if your energy vibration was loving enough and compassionate enough to align yourself with a species of bird, that species of bird would lend you feathers from their flock for you to construct a garment from them. It is not unheard of to see beings wearing robes, or jackets made completely of feathers.

    Or let us say, a certain species of ‘goblin’, or likeness to that which may actually have scales. If your energy vibration was accepting to that species or soul group, then they would permit you to use some of their scales to fashion a bodysuit for you to wear.

    Scales, in the spirit world can be very beautiful, of all shades of colour and some glittery, silky or translucent.

    Clothing like this may seem a little feminine to some human males, but such a macho/masculine frame of mind is quickly lost in the spirit world. Of course, if you did wish to personify your masculine state, there are many types of garments and materials suitable to uphold this outward image.

    This may include types of furs, suits, outfits and variations of denims and leather fabrics. Some fabrics have a sort of enchantment upon them, and they may radiate different hues, or may accentuate your emotional and mental state by altering its colour casting accordingly.

    Some garments appear to come alive like a living organism, which is understandably possible for all thought projections ARE ‘alive’.

    So then it is to be understood that different presentations of clothing are really to emphasise character and personality, as well as express fondness for a particular culture, time period, or lifestyle.

    You are bound only by the limits of your imagination.
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