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Closed Eye Visions

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by kirolak, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. kirolak

    kirolak New Member

    Hello, Flossie - thanks so much for sharing your wonderful experiences! They sound very similar to my own; it is so good to know I am not alone in this! I suspect it is more common than we know, & people are afraid of ridicule so they keep it to themselves.

    Your seeing your own eyelashes is also something I can relate to, as I see mine, too, as I mentioned. As soon as I lie down & close my eyes I can see through my closed lids, even in total darkness. I am tentatively convinced that we are seeing into other dimensions, & that trauma is often the main factor in opening the "third eye" (which in my case seems to be the region right across my forehead, the Ajna chakra is like filaments upon filaments of vibrating colours)

    I wish we could learn to control where & what we see; at times I can zoom in & take a closer look, but not always. The eyes I see are often "sketches", charcoal on white in great detail. At other times they are in full colour & totally "real" views, like photos or tv/projections.

    Your Tarot vision is particularly fascinating to me; I sometimes see a Tarot-like woman; hundreds of feet tall, in dark draped clothing. Her arms end in sort of "paddles"; she seems to be an Anima. Once she showed me a garden on top of a mountain, & a silver mug with my name on it, nestled among the plants. She left me there for a while; I tried to pick up the mug as it was "mine", but knew I should leave it where it was as it was a "test". This was so real, I was not sure whether it was an out of body experience.

    Lately I have seen monks in meditation; landscapes; hands & the lines on the palms of hands. And then there are the scroll-downs of 0 & 1 like computer code. I wish we had the means to photograph our visions! I can't keep up with mine, sometimes they morph so quickly.

    Are you able to leave your body? My "ability" stopped about 8 years ago, which saddens me.

    Have you tried directing energy in waves or as "psi balls" towards the scenes you see? I try to do this when I remember to; often I forget as I'm so intrigued by what I am experiencing. Energy does seem to"brighten" the views, but I am not certain; we need to experiment, I suppose, but how would we document the results?

    Wishing you health & peace. . .please stay in touch & share more.
  2. kirolak

    kirolak New Member

    No, I would never want to end the visions. I feel they are a great gift :)
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I wrote to you using your the email address you registered when opening your account. I don't think regular members know these so was Flossie's message sent to you via the ALF private messaging system?
  4. kirolak

    kirolak New Member

    Your last email & Flossie's both came to my gmail account. PS MY daughter has her own set-up for work as of today, so I'm able to log on frequently again :)
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I'm puzzled and have sent you a test message via p.m. Please let me know if that also comes through email or whether you just get an email notification that you have a p.m. message waiting, would you?
  6. Flossie

    Flossie New Member

    Hi Kirolak and Mac and anyone looking in. First of all I messaged Kirolak via my inbox and into Conversations? I don't remember the pms being that format before but it's been a good while since I was last in.

    Wow, I am so excited to be discussing this subject with someone who has experienced the same sort of thing as I have. From what you say, Kirolak, your experiences are much more frequent than mine, but nevertheless, it's still something of the same thing.

    I have not knowingly had an brain injury but I remember very clearly the first time it happened when I was in the cosmos. My husband was in the bathroom having got up for work. I was waiting for him to come out and I must have felt a bit tense in the area between my eyes. So I was massaging that area and suddenly I began to see with my eyes shut. It's fascinating also, as you said the scenes can morph and change, which is what I have found too. Though other times it is just the one scene.

    I sometimes meditate and there are times when I start where I see swirls of colours. They are mostly bright green, purple/violet and a bright mustard gold. I don't know if this is just coincidence and due to different light at different times of day, or whether it is the vibrating colours you mention from the chakra.

    It is just after 2pm here and I don't have time to add more at the moment, but I will be back today when I have sorted what I need to so I can tell you more and reply to other points you have made.

    Feeling excited! :)
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  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Thanks for clearing that up, Flossie. The so-called Conversations thingy is the ALF private messaging system. It's a bit of a misnomer in my view but that's what it's called! I wrote to kirolak using her email address and it's that message she hadn't seen.

    I'm pleased you two have things in common you can share with one another and with our members. What you've described is fascinating but I don't know what any of it means or what it means personally for either of you guys. Have either of you been able to use it for anything?
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  8. kirolak

    kirolak New Member

    I've not been able to use it for anything except my own, private fascination & what my daughter refers to as my in-built entertainment. But I am thinking of ways to experiment. . .
  9. Flossie

    Flossie New Member

    Hi Mac - I am not sure what all of this means either - seeing with eyes shut. But I feel it is something, for whatever reason, that I am being allowed glimpses of. I can't really begin to understand or fathom what goes on on that ' other side'. I just feel it is coming from there. The reason I say this is because it has given me comfort. Sometimes the scenes have not meant anything to me but are fascinating just the same. Like I am looking at a view of streets and houses which are familiar but I am not entirely sure where I have seen them. Other times I do know the street I am seeing but don't know the reason why I am being shown it.

    I think I may have posted in here before on what I saw a few days after my mum died. But here it is again.

    I went to bed, closed my eyes and began to see a scene with my eyes shut. I felt I was looking down from a sky view. The view was in twilight, as it mostly is. I saw a large open field. In the centre of this field I saw many people standing in a perfect circle, each holding up a torch flame. Like the ones you see in ancient films - like a baton with the flames flowing out of the top. I felt this was some sort of welcoming ritual for my mum's passing.

    The following night when I went to bed I closed my eyes and was seeing a scene as though I was inside a building but separated from it too. It was made of the large flag stones which castles are made of. I saw a wide ledge of these stones, it was slightly higher than my view. The walls were made of the same stone and carried on as high as my view could see. No windows, no ceiling visible. My mum was standing on the ledge and then walking about in this area. She was dressed in a cream pencil skirt and dark brown velvet top. These were some of her favourite clothes from when she was in her late 40s/early 50s. Her hair was thick, auburn and in an afro style which she often wore at that time. She was walking about with ease and looking well. This scene was all in twilight. She seemed to be aware I was seeing her but not communicate. Just kept walking about.

    I feel these scenes, with the various centuries old buildings and tools are symbolic but don't fully understand it.

    When mum passed away she was 84, crippled with rheumatoid arthritis and on oxygen near on 24/7.

    I don't believe I am psychic or a medium but I do believe someone is helping me, giving me some sort of comfort when I need it. Like I said, I cannot make these things happen. I have tried but end up feeling quite rough. If I am meant to see something I see it without trying. That's the best way I can explain it.

    Just remembering some of the things Kirolak has seen and I am reminded of this:

    I started a short meditation and my eyes were closed. Far down in my central vision I saw a brightly dressed person. I think it was a man. It was only for a matter of seconds but it was like something out of the old genie Sinbad films. The person sat down with glittery, bright treasures. I don't know, but that's what it seemed like. I was gobsmacked tbh. Almost took my breath away. It was like technicolour.

    I'll leave it there for now lols.
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  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    The images you've described remind me of dreams - it's like you're dreaming even though you're not sleeping. The equipment used in sleep disorder clinics might indicate your state if you were hooked up at the right time but there's little chance of that happening. As it's not bothering either of you just enjoy. :)

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