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Channelled entities: Bashar, Dr. Peebles, Ramtha etc.

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by zzzzwhat, Jun 16, 2015.

  1. zzzzwhat

    zzzzwhat New Member

    I go on youtube a lot, and have been listening lately to channelers Darryl Anka, Natalie Gianelli, even got curious about JZ Knight.

    The overall information they provide is generally consistent, but this could be because the channelers all subscribe to same "new age" ideology. I'm the type of person, who even though I have a hard time fully buying into all this stuff (channeling, mediums, etc), I cannot stop listening to the information they provide and I learn life-changing truths. I am changed, despite my skepticism.

    One entity in particular that I am curious about is Dr. James Martin Peebles. He is channelled through many, many channellers in the world. Three more prominent ones in the US are Natalie Gianelli, Summer Bacon, and Thomas Jacobson. Again, the messages that come through are incredible.

    Has anyone listened to any of these entities. What are your opinions?

    Someday, when I have time, extra cash, I would like to do an old experiment that I read about in “Proceedings of the Society for Phychical Research”. I would like to speak with Dr. Peebles through one medium and give a message, maybe three words to the Dr., then go to one of the other mediums that channel him and have those same three words repeated to me. Probably wouldn’t work, but it would give me answers one way or another.
  2. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I haven't listened to any of the channelers you've mentioned but I'm not a skeptic or doubter. :) I am interested, though, in the individual Peebles who it's claimed many channelers are communicating with. Would you please give us a few examples of the details in the messages you've found incredible?

    The experiment you've proposed, modeled on the one you learned about in the SPR account, would be an interesting one albeit expensive! A better way, though, would be for someone else to give the words to the communicator without you being there or knowing them. Then you would sit with another channeler and ask for the words. That way the channeler couldn't read them from you, deliberately or inadvertently. Then you'd compare the two sets and draw your conclusion. :)
  3. zzzzwhat

    zzzzwhat New Member

    Thanks Mac for the response! Maybe some day I will have the opportunity to do an experiment like that.

    One of the more interesting Dr. Peebles videos is called "The Afterlife in Extraordinary Detail", link below.


    I'm not sure if it will post as a click on link, so you can always go into the youtube search and write it in.

    you can do a search on the other channelers I mentioned above as well and it all comes up. The volume of videos is endless. No-one could possibly have time for it all.
  4. janef

    janef Moderator

    I listened to Summer Bacon and find her very genuine. I am probably not as skeptic as you, so I don't need absolute proof, it resonates with my intuition. Often those tests don't work, mediums don't like to be tested. It's an interference with a true spiritual connection.
  5. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Thanks for the link but such videos don't have much attraction for me. I've been 'in the spooks' for over three decades and I don't need any more persuading about death and what follows. :) I was more interested in learning what intrigues you on those issues and thought I might offer you some ideas for consideration.

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