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Can you have what all you want in the afterlife

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Storybud68, Aug 25, 2018.

  1. Storybud68

    Storybud68 Active Member

    After reading several books on the afterlife and what it's like,I find it hard to believe the part where your thoughts can make things like landscapes houses cars etc.For example if I was to imagine my perfect house I'd woulndt be totally clear in my mind just a vauge idea not like a real video or photo .so if this was the case my question is what fills in the blanks that your mind is missing. It sounds to convenient to be true.
  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Oh my dear, there is A LOT about life after death that seems much too good to be true! I had considerable trouble with that for years; it was a primary reason why I did so much more research, long after I had it mostly figured out. I mean, if you are at a reasonable development level and you find that you miss something from earth, just turn around and you will see it there! Wha?? How is that possible? And WHY??

    Well, the How seems to be that our greater minds are powerful. They are part of the energy that continuously manifests this universe, after all! And the Why is simple. Love. We are meant to recover from our most recent earth-lifetime, and giving us whatever we miss will help us to get beyond missing anything. Whatever question you might ever have about the afterlife, the answer is going to be simple. Love.
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  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Over and over here on ALF I've referred to the pointlessness of considering issues that puzzle in isolation from everything else that can help explain them.

    Right here, right now in this physical dimension, in your physical body and constrained in your thinking by the ignorance that we all labor under and the CPU we have to drive us - our brain - you are struggling to make sense of what you're reading about. When you are free from those constraints who knows what you will be able to picture using your mind? You have no concept - it seems - of how different you'll be, how differently you'll be able to see and perceive.

    The books you have read appear to have failed to give you even a glimpse of the wonder of the world(s) that follow (and indeed precede) this world. Don't you think you need to change tack?
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  4. Monika

    Monika Well-Known Member

    If you have just a vague idea of your perfect dream house i guess this is where an architect would help you :) i am an architect in my life and i know ill be architect in afterlife. Because why not? If i love what i am doing why i should stop doing this. My husband Michel is my best knowledge guide and he is doing now same what he loved to do here. I trust him completely and when i get answer from him i dont have additional questions for the same topic. But some time ago i found such words written by Jurgen Ziewe: "Building structures such as houses, still demands focus and concentration and we will find there is still a call for architects and builders and any possible trade who find it easier, simply because their minds have been habituated and skilled by the experience of their learned profession to manifest".
    I would say we carry on our profession and abilities and if it was true call of the heart we continue doing what we love or we learn new things which we wanted to learn here but did not for some reasons. Michel had a wish to be a perfumer when he finnished school but those studies in France were too expensive. I bet he can learn this there. Someone has to create those often mentioned undiscribable sences and smells in the afterlife :)
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  5. Storybud68

    Storybud68 Active Member

    Thanks a lot for all your views there greatly appreciated,I would like to think we would have professions in the after life.I would love to be a professional sports person if I could ,on the other side.its probably just wishful thinking but no harm in dreaming.
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