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Can the spirit of the deceased be contacted if it has reincarnated?

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by EddieRay, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. EddieRay

    EddieRay New Member

    A man named Walter Simkiw published a list of celebrities alive today and who they are the reincarnation of. Sorry, I don't have his website link in front of me. I found it in a Jeffrey Mishlove interview (New Thinking Allowed, youtube). I believe he gets his info from an ancient Egyptian priest.

    Walter says Thomas A. Edison has reincarnated as Elon Musk.

    However, in the Scoles experiments one of the "spirit team" was Edison, who provided a schematic on film for a device that would enhance communication between the spiritual and material realm.

    Those experiments were conducted in the late 1990's when Musk was alive.

    Set aside the question of veracity of Scoles and Simkiw for a moment and assume both claims are true. Is it even possible that Edison's spirit was contacted even as he is reincarnated as Musk? I imagine that, if so, it might happen while Musk is asleep and perhaps dreams he is Edison. Your thoughts?

    Btw, Simkiw also published the story of the chess game between a then-living grandmaster Viktor Korchnoi and deceased grandmaster Geza Maroczy. Maroczy played White and lost in a Winawer variation of the French Defense. The game took 7 years to complete, with Robert Rollans as the medium using automatic handwriting. Analysis of the game concluded both sides indeed played at grandmaster level with White (Maroczy) playing an older style for his time.
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Do you believe Simkiw is correct in his assertions? If so, why do you think he is?

    What do you know about reincarnation?
  3. EddieRay

    EddieRay New Member

    I don't know if Simkiw is correct. I only know what I've read about children's past life memories and how psychologists have resolved patients' issues through past life regressions.

    But if you please, just assume Simkiw and Scoles are correct for a moment and ponder the posted question.
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    OK - no it's not possible - it's fantasy.
  5. EddieRay

    EddieRay New Member

    It does seem to me that the two references to Edison are mutually exclusive but what do I know? Hence the question.

    So if Mr. Smith died 50 years ago and has reincarnated as Mr. Jones, there is no contacting the spirit of Mr. Smith. That seems logical to me but still wondering if there's anything close to consensus.
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    A spirit that has animated any two human forms in different times will be the same spirit but the incarnate characters it animated will be different.

    If you were able to contact that animating spirit it would be the one animating Mr Jones. The composite human - spirit and body - Mr Smith no longer exists hence couldn't be reached.
  7. EddieRay

    EddieRay New Member

    What should it matter whether or not a spirit is incarnated? I mean, we're all spirits; some of us here in bodies, some not. If a seance were conducted to try to reach me, i might percieve that (if at all) as ESP during my waking hours. If I'm asleep, it might just be an odd dream to me.
  8. pandora97

    pandora97 Well-Known Member

    Who would try to reach you if you weren't incarnated at some point? o_O
  9. EddieRay

    EddieRay New Member

    I don't know. Maybe they think I'm dead. It's hypothetical anyway. Basically why should it be that only those who are alive can contact only those who are dead?
  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    That's not exactly the case. Sensitives have reported that they have contacted the animating spirit of humans unable to communicate - eg individuals in a persistent vegetative state
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