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Can I See the Future?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by georgek, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. georgek

    georgek Member

    The straight answer is NO!

    I am a SENSITIVE and a psychic and can see things.

    Rather than talk about this, I will show you.











    Well...I have about another 100 and I am rarely incorrect.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2017
  2. mac

    mac host

    remarkable I'm impressed! :D
  3. georgek

    georgek Member

    Well it is a pity really mac, as I have more and more like this.

    Now I going to teach you something.
    Never close the mind. Say what you think and let your mind roam.
    Let your feelings show.
  4. mac

    mac host

    examples enough for me

    Thanks for your tuition - I'll try to do what you've taught me....
  5. georgek

    georgek Member

  6. Gustavo Woltmann

    Gustavo Woltmann New Member

    That's a tough question. I've seen a lot of people that can see the future something like inborn ability prediction. But I hope I have that kind of ability too because I have so many things that I want to see in my future and my family too.
  7. mac

    mac host

    Perhaps you will, perhaps you won't.....

    The future isn't a fixed outcome, something immutable. There are countless potential future outcomes and the actual one for any individual or for humankind as a group will be determined by innumerable events, events that interact with and impact other events. Cause and effect determines the outcome. It's an amazingly simple principle or 'law' if you wish but it affects EVERY outcome without exception.

    Some sensitive individuals may 'see' more of the most important impending events than others, may be able to see further into 'the future' than others, but it doesn't mean they can see 'THE FUTURE' as if it were some invariable state of affairs.

    And that's because it isn't.
  8. Jonathan Hallberg

    Jonathan Hallberg New Member

    Very impressive...
  9. Shirley Shockley

    Shirley Shockley New Member

    Visualizing with 6th sense that enables some people to see past, present and future events in their mind's eye. This gift can prove to be useful as the future can be predicted and many disasters could be avoided. There are some professional clairvoyant who practice such abilities. If you are feeling that you can see the future or having such abilities, then you can consult with a voyance pure expert, who is already in this field. They can guide you in a better way.
  10. mac

    mac host

    The future is not a fixed event with an invariable outcome. There's no certainty that a glimpse of the apparent future is the inevitable future that will occur.

    A glimpse of one future may ultimately turn out to be an accurate glimpse but did that mean there was no possibility of there being a different outcome?

    If 'the future' could apparently be seen, and events could be changed, then what had been seen originally wasn't 'the future' at all. It would be one potential future. I suppose if one potential future could be seen along with the actions that could lead to a different outcome, and that new future was also accurately predicted/foreseen, one could justifiably argue that 'the future' had been predicted.

    If someone did it often enough I'd be persuaded the individual was indeed able to see the future. ;):D Easy enough to demonstrate by recording your predictions by publishing 'em online and later their authenticated outcome.
  11. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Since objective time does not exist, we are told by discarnate beings that past, present, and future are all happening simultaneously... and are influencing one another. Try to get your mind around that!

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