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Can anyone connect to the Stations?

Discussion in 'Instrumental TransCommunication with Stations' started by mac, Jun 2, 2016.

  1. Bobbie Jo

    Bobbie Jo New Member

  2. Bobbie Jo

    Bobbie Jo New Member

    Hello MAC , my name is Bobbie Jo and I am a parent who after having a reading done by Sheri Perl Migdol, which was "awesome" as my son ended the EVP call with, have been doing my own EVP readings with my son Shane tbrough the North American station.
    1. I had a reading with Sheri.
    2. I watched the videos one the AREI website that Craig & Rob did a superb job of making sure to cover everything.
    3. I went over the Sonia Renaldi EVP experiences and Craig and Rob's instructions several times to make sure i was correct in my procedures.
    4. I had recorded several of my own EVPs and was throwing out a whole folder full when i decided to listen to the very 1st one i recorded and about went through the roof when i heard very clear responses from my boy.
    i sent it off to Craig Hogan, actually the file was 3 EVPs i did consecutively and Craig listened to and edited the 1st 2 and sure as I am sitting here writing on this thread , my son didnt miss a beat and showed up on my very 1st , almost deleted forever EVP .
    I will try to upload the recording if anyone would like to hear it, uts ver y amateur and there is nothibg real personal that i cant share in hopes it may help inspire other bereavedparents to get on the EVP phone and connect back up with your children in spirit. My son was the biggest sceptic in his earthly life here and my super skeptic boy has been so excited to be at every type of reading I've been doing with mediums and the EVP i have conducted myself. So if you are reluctant because you dont think your kiddo will show up, i want you to know that your so very wrong !! Our children in spirit are missing us as were missing them and they are cheering us on and hoping against all odds that we parents just pick up a EVP phone (mine consists of a little digital recorder, my cell phone anda computer ) & give thema call ! Its simple and I can call my kids, 1 on heaven's plane i have heard is referred to as "Summerland" and 1 here on earth's plane any time i want and the best part is that i have 1 very smart loving funny and not such a skeptic anymore son who cannot hang up on me anymore !!!
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  3. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I'm glad you've had success. :) It may encourage others to try EVP for themselves.
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  4. Bobbie Jo

    Bobbie Jo New Member

    yes i hope more parents will believe ! our kids are so excited to be talking with us and they have said this will be a common thing in just a few years.
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  5. milahanna

    milahanna Member

    I would love to hear it. I tried it and picked up something once but I can't understand what is being said.
  6. Bobbie Jo

    Bobbie Jo New Member

    I tried to upload the file from my phone which is my only source of getting online at the moment. I recieved a message saying an error occured with the file type and i have just been so busy and stressed that i havent been a good member of the forum community and respond in a timely manner . I would email you a copy of the recording
    And anyone else wanting to hear the recording i will send to you too :)
  7. Hello Bobbie Jo, I am so happy for you, I too am new here and I would so love to be able to talk to my son, I have had some communication from him but very little. The people here are so very helpful, especially Mac and Roberta many people here , just listening to their stories and experiences I am really happy to have found this gem of a forum. Thank you for sharing your experience BJ, all of you, you have given me a gift, something I was so short of HOPE.
  8. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    As I'm sure you realize, dear Isabel, we are thrilled to hear that you enjoy being here and that you find this forum helpful!!
  9. Hello Roberta, I cant believe what a wonderful forum you have created, I want you to know that I am very grateful. thank you

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