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BruceAdama's Thread

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by BruceAdama, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    The evidence is that the opportunity for life is one of the greatest things one can have in the Summerland. There are are many, many more people than there are bodies, in which to put them, so it's seen as a travesty to waste time on earth. Therefore, anyone who has the opportunity to use a body for more earthly time, in order to further grow and progress, but then does not use that opportunity, would be very wasteful, objectively speaking. People do end up regretting this type of stuff - that's the problem with suicide.

    It's sort of like wasting food by having a food fight. It is objectively considered wasteful because so many people are starving and cannot find food.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    I was just flipping through A Course in Miracles and I found this quote in the introduction. I think that it helps to explain exactly what I have been talking about here, specifically concerning free will and the eventually of spiritual growth and progress.

  3. BruceAdama

    BruceAdama Established Member

    But you see, I don't accept that. That's God's rule, not mine. That's basically saying that no matter what, in ONE of my incarnations, I may learn what it's like to die a horrible death, or be afflicted with a horrible disease, and so on, and that I have no say in the matter. Well, if that's true, then all I can say is that my answer would be to show God a certain finger, and tell him what he can kiss and go and do with himself. What gives God the right? Seriously... what the hell gives him the f-ing right? Nothing does. I choose not to be enrolled in the school, let alone take the course.

    Then some of those other spirits that actually have a perverse desire to be here and live should be doing this, not me. To use Roberta's example to illustrate my point... lima beans are life... I hate lima beans, yet lima beans are all that has been placed on my table. Just because I refuse to eat them doesn't mean I'm being wasteful... it just means I'm not going to be forced to eat something I hate... I just won't do it. Serves the waiter right for not asking me what I wanted in the first place, and not giving me any choice. If some other soul up there thinks that's wasteful, and loves lima beans, and would love to pig out on them, well then THEY should come down here and do it, not me.

    As for regrets... again, that just furthers my point (I have many) that life itself is a failed proposition... almost every living soul has at one time or another had a regret or a series of regrets in their life. Why should you live a life with regrets to begin with? It is virtually impossible in this life to satisfy your every desire, wish, or goal, so why bother? This kind of leads to the next aspect/topic I want to address, which I will in an upcoming post. I have tons of regrets in my life. I'm at the point where I simply don't even care anymore, because I realize that they won't be the last, either. I don't regret having regrets, because I'm resigned to the fact that I'll have them, and that everyone has had them. I regret being forced to live a life where I do have regrets, yes, because it wasn't my choice. Regarding suicide... I'll just deal with that one at a later time, because I have a lot of thoughts on that... but first things first.
  4. Intbel

    Intbel New Member

    This makes my brain itch.

    Bruce, I really like your thinking.
    Bruce, I disagree with the results of your thinking.

    Whether or not time exists, I'm uncertain. If there is such a thing as time, it is certainly experienced differently here than "upstairs" where, once one has the hang of it, just thinking one is somewhere else, one is somewhere else. This I understand to be so and if true, makes a mockery of what little we know of what we call time. And space, come to that.

    My personal assesment is there is really neither time nor space. We've made it all up and here's my reasoning:

    If something truly is, then it exists independently.
    Time and space are dependent upon each other.
    Space is required to measure time and time is required to measure space.
    (And in order to be measured, speed requires both time and space)

    I think both time and space are concepts we've made up in order to make some sense of things. After all, being what we are in this environment and this environment being what it is, if we want to meet for coffee, then a 'time' and 'place' needs to be defined if that meeting if to take place.

    Those "Upstairs", from what I gather, do not deny time and space, they do, however, say their experience of these concepts is radically different from what is experienced here. It must be radically different if one can be some place else, instantly, just by thinking it is so.

    Anyways, at the time of doing anything we always do it now. Maybe there is an eternal now and what we experience as time is just different aspect of now.

    By that same reasoning, wherever we are we say we are 'here'. So maybe different places are just different apects of a permanent 'here'.

    Conclusion, then: we are HERE, NOW.

    Alternatively, NOW we are HERE.

    Unless of, course we ain't.

  5. BruceAdama

    BruceAdama Established Member

    Thank you. I respect that.

    Really? Why?

    As for where we are, you are always here, no matter where you are, because no matter where you go, there you are.
  6. Intbel

    Intbel New Member

    Thank you.

    'Cos time is measured by how long it takes to traverse the space between two objects and that distance, the space, is measured similarly. Can not have one without the other. Time, space and speed are dependent upon each other, none can exist independently. I argue that if something can not exist independently of other factors then it ain't real.

    You mean I can be here and there at the same time :confused:
    Well, I can find an argument for that: I obviously ain't where you are so I must be somewhere else. If I'm somewhere else I can't be here so I guess I must, after all, be there. But I know I'm here ... so yeah. here an' there simultaneously.

  7. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Dear Bruce,

    The problem is that, ultimately, there is no separation between you and God/Spirit. All that you are is part of It. Everything that happens on earth is but a thought inside a thought, literally speaking. The afterlife levels are no more real than the earth - God is all that exists.

    We can keep providing answers to your statements in this thread ad nauseam, but I don't think it will do much to help you, until you are able to accet this basic principle.
  8. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    In case you haven't seen I've move our posts to this new thread. Hopefully there we'll be able to have a more in-depth conversation, perhaps with the additional contributions of other community members, without worrying about getting off-topic from Bruce's posts.
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    thanks, Andrew - I have just seen your reply and will follow that link....
  10. The entire process of dying, the afterlife, and reincarnation, is also part of the 'book' that you are so engrossed in. Yes, the Summerland and this plane are one and the same. I believe it was Intbel who wrote, "Life is continuous".

    In this book (which could be entitled "The Grand Illusion of BruceAdama") an imperfect world with imperfect beings would indeed be created by an imperfect god.

    So now that the Great Mystery has been revealed, what will you do now?

    You'd think that now that we know this Great Mystery we could just step back from the book and say, "Wow, I can't believe how engrossed I was in that insane book", then close the book and make ourselves a heavenly sandwich. But, dang it to hell, we're still here!

    With Lovingkindness (metta),
    vic's myth

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