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BruceAdama's Thread

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by BruceAdama, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. BruceAdama

    BruceAdama Member

    Hello, all...

    It's been some time since I've last been here, and that's been due to various things, mostly a series of hard drive and PC issues. Thankfully, I can report ONE bit of good news... after a complete FOUR years of unemployment and job-searching, someone finally hired me, so I am working again, and starting the process of rebuilding my finances again, having to quite literally start from absolute zero, at age 35. So at least there's that. But other things are still pretty much as they were. In any case, I wanted to start my very own thread here to post my various random thought/questions/musings about the afterlife, God, and the reasoning behind things, since I look at things in an analytical and logical way. If something puzzles me, I have to know why, and I don't rest until I find the answer. And since those here who know me are well-aware of the "bad-blood" between me and God, I figured I'd keep everything here in my own thread, so as to not be accused of filling the other threads up with garbage. Those here can choose to reply to something I post here, or they can choose not to. It matters not to me. This is basically just a place for me to post my thoughts on various things. To start, I will begin with a couple of things:


    I was sitting in my car the other day, waiting to clock in for work, and I was pondering the memories I have of being sent here to this life against my will, under vehement protest, and how I pretty much hate this life, and my conflict with God. It was then that a deliciously ironic thought came across my mind... what if God actually sent me here because of the very fact that I want nothing to do with him, and wanted to be away from him? If that were true, then in an ironic way, he gave me what I wanted... life on the physical plane, where I can do what I wish, and have the feelings I wish to have. This would actually make some twisted sense, if it didn't ignore other factors that are important to take into account...

    It (as far as I know) has only been THIS life and these life circumstances that have cultivated and given rise to my deep dislike for God, and the way he does things. That being the case, I would have had no cause to be angry at God before I was born, as my circumstances would have been different. I have said that my previous life ended because I was hit by a car as a small child (toddler-age). While that is an unfortunate event, I would not have been old enough to have been felt "cheated" by it, or have cultivated any anger from it... it simply happened. Now, I may be wrong about that, and this is where the paradox aspect comes into play... this is what leads me into my next point and questions, which I have asked before, but have yet to receive a satisfactory answer on...

    The so-called "Veil of Forgetfulness". When we are sent here, we forget everything about the afterlife, and what was before. As I have (rightly) stated before in this forum, the very idea of this veil is simply beyond stupid, for it is by its very nature, counterproductive to God's own so-called plan. If we are sent to Earth to learn a lesson, then it makes sense to do so, and take that knowledge with to the afterlife, where it can be shared by all. But installing something that blocks memory of those lessons is counterproductive, because it means we have to keep learning the same lessons over and over and over again. Stupid and redundant. Beyond that, it merely prolongs whatever breakthrough we are supposed to attain from our lessons. NOBODY here has ever been able to give me a satisfactory explanation for the veil that would address all my factual flaws that are inherent in it. If someone can, I welcome them to do so. In order to fully explain something, you need to look at it in intimate detail, and examine ALL aspects of it... including the flaws. The veil is inherently and deeply FLAWED by its very nature, and in its very principle. Try as you may, you cannot deny that. You can certainly ignore it, but you cannot deny it. To remove the veil is to greatly accelerate the evolution of humanity AND God's plan, for when we can know of all our mistakes, we can avoid them in the future, without wasting time repeating them over and over and over. Evolution opposed to stagnation. Now, one member here once said that some people may choose to do the wrong thing, regardless of what they know to be right or wrong, and this is quite true, which only serves to further prove my point that absolutely nothing in God's plan would suffer by removing the veil, because when it all comes down to it, it's all about free will. So God still gets to run his little social experiment, and we get the benefit of greatly accelerated evolution. It's all about choice. It's like I told my best friend once... absolute power does NOT corrupt... it depends on the mind. If you give Jesus absolute power, he will do good and help the world. If you give Satan absolute power, he will do evil, and hurt the world... it's all about mindset and individual choice.

    So unless I can fully understand what went on before I was born, I cannot discount the possibility that I was indeed sent here completely against my will, under intense protest from me. Jesus had the luxury of communing directly with God, and knew what his role was, and how it would affect the world. He harbored no hate or anger because of it, because he had CLARITY.

  2. Hiyas Bruce. Such statements as "NOBODY here has ever been able to give me a satisfactory explanation for the veil that would address all my factual flaws that are inherent in it. If someone can, I welcome them to do so" I find difficult to resist so to get rid of the difficuly, I respond to them.

    I am convinced that although we generally have no recall of any of our previous inhabitations of Earth, any lessons, knowledge and wisdom we gain from them is retained.

    One example: Becoming less selfish to the point (and beyond) of becoming generous is something which is learned. This being so, when two children, raised in the same family are each given a bag of sweets and one immediately offers them around and the other scuttles off holding the bag of sweet protectively so no-one else can have one - why the difference? From whence came this learning in such a short time? I conclude the child brought this learning with him/her from previous experience.

    I think it is desireable that we are unable to recall past experiences because if we did, we'd probably spend so much time and effort perhaps attempting to do something about the consequences of our choices last time. Some folks may even seek revenge on folks who caused them discomfort and if those folks have "died" may seek revenge on the family of the supposed offenders. This mindset is not uncommon, there are many family feuds which continue when the original argument may have occurred several generations previously.

    Recollection of previous experiences would impede our progress during our current experience.

    Anyway, what use knowing of past experiences? Not at all important. What we gain is of value and of some import - not how, when or where those gains were made.

    You may or may not find that explanation satisfactory. I'll go with it until I can think of a better explanation.

    ~ ♥ ~
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  3. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I do apologize, dear Bruce, for that fact that we have not been able to explain the concept of "the veil" to you in a satisfactory manner. As usual, Intbel's answer is spot-on accurate, but please allow me to take a swing at this as well.

    Briefly: Your argument, that God's plan would be accelerated without the veil, is not logical in my opinion. The point of living on earth is to work and grow because that is the right thing to do. We have to come here to shift for ourselves and learn for ourselves in the process. True growth often comes from difficulty. Tell me, if we realized, fully and completely, that our earthly difficulties are no more permanent than a kindergartener's block tower being knocked over, would we really try to succeed in life? Would we take risks for others, knowing that their suffering wasn't "real" (in terms of the Greater Reality)? I don't think we would. Being killed on earth would become as trivial and mundane as being killed in a video game. Not much growth would happen, so God's plan, as it were, would actually be slowed down immensely in my opinion. You are, of course, free to believe whatever you feel is best!

    And also: Congratulations on having found employment! That is wonderful news!
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  4. BruceAdama

    BruceAdama Member

    Thank you both, for your replies. Intbel,
    this is exactly why I argue in favor of removing the veil, because don't you see... to change is to grow, and to learn more! If we did something wrong in your previous life, would you not want to make up for it, by doing something better? Suppose you were a murderer in the last life... wouldn't it feel great if knowing that, that you could choose to try and make up for it by doing charity work in this life, or helping people in some fashion? That is my point, that not knowing is what impedes progress, not improves it. That's like saying cancer will go away if you don't know you have it. Untrue. If you DO know you have it, at the very least, you can act to do something about it, or try your very best to make the most out of a bad situation. But if you don't have that knowledge, nothing can be done at all.

    Andrew, again, your reply leads directly to another, more basic argument I made here back when I first showed up, which is that life on this plane itself is basically useless and not needed. I mean, if "Heaven" is nothing but peace and love and joy, why would we even "need" or want to come here? But that argument is for another one of my posts, which I will deal with soon. To respond directly to your point, if we accept the legitimacy of life here, than yes, true growth comes from difficulty. However... my point is why must we RELIVE the exact same difficulty over and over and over again? We should face a challenge, and learn from it, and retain the knowledge learned from it, so we don't make the same mistake twice, and can move on (progress) to conquering newer challenges, and gaining even more knowledge. Think of it this way... you are a parent telling a small child not to touch a hot pot of boiling water, because the child will get burned, and it will hurt. Being a curious child, the child ignores you, and does it anyway, and of course, gets burned. If you say nothing after that, and simply assume the child learned its lesson, there is nothing to stop the child from trying it again, thinking maybe something would be different. BUT... if you were to record a video of the child burning itself, and then show it to the child every time it had the idea to touch the pot, it would be reminded of the mistake, and that doing so resulted in pain, and would not do it any longer. This is why removing the veil is the logical thing to do, because repetition leads to stagnation, and retention of knowledge leads to progress. Please know that I mean NO offense with anything I write... I'm just trying to examine and understand. I encourage questions about what I write... it forces me to rethink and explain my positions.

    And thank you for the comment on my employment. Yes, I am very happy to be working again.
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  5. I understand the argument. I disagree with the argument.
    Reason: Guilt.
    To be aware that one may have "killed" another previously one may be so full of feelings of guilt and aye, remorse - how would one overcome that? Helping others is a fine thing to do (we should be doing that anyway) but how could helping Mr. A overcome feelings regarding Mr. B?

    That burden will have been dealt with one way or another and whatever one needed to learn regarding that experience will already have been learned. After all, if that learning has not taken place, one would not want to make amends. As to retribution - as opposed to punishment, let's call it making amends - that appears to be an automatic process which, depending upon circumstances and other factors could well be resolved "upstairs" before returning here. Or not.

    There is much learning and healing "upstairs" along with all manner of work. One is able to make amends from either side, whichever is appropriate for the individual.

    If we re-incarnate, it is for a new experience, much of its purpose to learn some of what has not already been learned.

    Of course, it is also possible that nothing has been learned at all. (Very unlikely or very rare, one might suppose).

    In that case how could one learn here, other than to be murdered one's self and witness the heartbreak of those who care about us, spouses, children, especially, perhaps? If this is so, then to remember the past experience would certainly inhibit our development in every aspect of our lives because we'd be living in fear, constantly terrified of attack.

    Heh heh - but that'd be okay, I guess, we'd be safe, 'cos we'd be diagnosed as extremely paranoid, would be forcibly drugged into extremely passive docility while locked away in an asylum.

    But then, could be murdered by the individual in the next cell who didn't take the medication. So one would have to kill him first.
    But that would not happen - be so doped up and dumbed down wouldn't be able to figure it out.



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