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Brother in the Aferlife now

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by jimrich, Mar 20, 2017 at 1:16 PM.

  1. jimrich

    jimrich Member

    The ongoing saga of Jim's family continues with my brother Dave over in the Afterlife now after crossing on Sat., March 18, '17 at about midnight. He was sick, couldn't walk and was losing blood internally. Nobody knew exactly what was wrong with him. He'd lost a lot of weight. I didn't see him since he lives on the other side of the U.S. He crossed over suddenly so I went to a psychic the next day to talk with my brother but, since he was still "disoriented" and not "settled in" yet, he could not speak directly with me so we went through his "guides" for a brief talk. The Reader said my brother would be able to directly communicate in a few days so I intend to talk with him I about a week. I had a "funny" feeling that I was going too soon but thought he'd be as lucid as my mom, wife and brother in law but the Reader said it was just too soon for him and that when some folks "suddenly" cross over, they are disoriented for a short while. She said that he is confused and did not "expect" what he found there! It made sense to me so I'll contact him a little later on. He is relaxing into the "light and peace" on that side and seems both comfortable and happy there - just not able to speak yet(?). I thanked the Reader and said I'll come back. At the Psychic Eye Book Store, there are a lot of Readers so I can go there anytime. Irene was there,of course, and I talked with her about a few "loose ends" of our marriage which we resolved in the meeting. It seems that a lot of unfinished business has come up since Irene crossed and I have wanted to talk with her about some of it so that got settled - for me at least.
    I wish I had "gifts" so I could just sit and talk with those on the other side at our convenience but working with a Reader is good enough so long as I have a few extra $$$ for the sessions.
    I will keep you updated about my brother as things unfold here. He was 1 yr older than I and crossed over at 80. We all believed he'd live much longer but, oh well............. He is survived by hes 92 yr old wife and an adult son who lives down in San Diego.
    More and more of my family is over in the Afterlife now!!!! Irene says she can't wait for me to go over there! Oh, oh!
    The reader said that my brother has a lot of "work" to do over there that he "neglected" while over here. I lamented that I probably have a lot of "work" to do as well! But the Reader said it's not so bad and can be a lot of "fun".
    It's getting to be a fascinating adventure between this plane and the Afterlife plane. We'll see...........................
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  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Jimrich, I absolutely love your attitude! I wish everyone could feel the same lighthearted sense of play, and the awareness that it is all one great eternal reality!
  3. jimrich

    jimrich Member

    So I went into the Northridge mall and lightly sensed my recently crossed over brother with me along with my late wife, Irene. As I walked along the isle, I took time to look at stuff Irene likes and also my brother. Pretty soon I was near the Cinnabon so I stopped for some Decaf and I had to tell them of both that I could not get any cinnamon-rolls 'cos my stomach is already TOO BIG! Pretty soon a good looking Black lady was coming up the escalator and my brother got really excited (He had two Black wives!) so I knew that he was definitely "here"! Later, I took them along the mall isle and we came to a unique window display which featured a large ukulele and my brother, an ex-guitar player, had my eyes locked onto that Uke for the longest time so now I was CERTAIN that he was with me! It's so interesting and also strange how they can be over there and yet still quite fascinated about what's over here but we cannot see into their world under ordinary circumstances unless we are 'gifted" - which I am not. Now that my brother seems alert, I will be going to see one of the local Readers and have a conversation with him soon. Will let you know how that goes.
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  4. mac

    mac really-really-old member

    In the early time of my 'awakening' I had a friend who was a healer working at, or from, home during his leisure time. His regular job required him to drive from home to a store, a journey of several hours leaving in the early hours of the morning. He would tell me how on some journeys he felt that his helper-in-spirit drew so close to him that this helper could see this world via my friend's eyes. He swore that sometimes he could remember nothing about the journey and believed his helper had all but taken over the driving.

    My friend 'had an eye' for females (something later leading to divorce) and said his helper was also much 'appreciative' of being able to view females in this world through my friend's eyes. Even as a beginner to this 'spooks' stuff I did wonder about the spiritual status of a helper still 'appreciative' of the human female form.....
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  5. jimrich

    jimrich Member

    LOL, when I go into Macy's, I look closely and patiently at everything there and sometimes touch the clothes to allow my late wife to"enjoy" the merchandise and I will eat or drink things very slowly so that "they" can also enjoy it. I have no idea exactly how it works but I've never felt "possessed" or overtake by a dis-incarnate although maybe that is possible. One time Irene had to ask our just crossed over brother in law NOT to walk around in her so he politely withdrew. She was very sensitive and did not want to be "used" by him for walking or whatever. It's very mysterious stuff and yet a lot of fund, IMO.

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