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Benevolent Spirit?

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by orangeysky, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. orangeysky

    orangeysky Member

    Hello all. I've been struggling on every level...the whole life thing, purpose, why this/why that, pity party I guess you could say... blah. Anyway, I continue to read suggested books, websites and on this forum lurking probably way more than I should be. Last night I finally fell asleep about 3:30, wheels turning in my head. When I woke up at 5 this am the first thing that popped into my head was "Menevolent" and it just continues to play in my mind. Also when I woke up thinking "Menevolent" I looked out the window and in the trees was what I'm sure was an apparition (is that the correct term?), it was only an outline but it was human form and HUGE, I'm talking like 10-12 feet tall.

    So I'm out with the dogs this morning after the child has left for school and I'm talking to this benevolent spirit openly, loudly and sternly to move on, leave me alone, there is help, please find and accept the guide or help and move on, go home!

    Or maybe it was a benevolent spirit coming to help me?? I'm not sure now since I inadvertently type "benevolent" when I meant to type "menevolent" Maybe this wasn't a mistake afterall and I misunderstood the original message?

    Just needed to share. :)
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  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Heh - I think you mean malevolent, my friend. :eek:

    I think you stumbled upon a shadow being/person. These are rather nasty entities. If you search for "shadow" on this website, you will find more detailed descriptions of these beings, including a couple of first hand accounts. Briefly, they are black, tall figures. They just form the outline of a person, but you don't see details, such as a face. They are typically men and, for some reason, they like to wear top hats.

    Essentially, these beings do not really progress successfully on earth so, after death, they consciously choose to stay behind in the earthbound realm. Some fear judgement, others just want to play around with their enemies from life. Foolish. They are very low-level beings, which means that they are powerless. The most they can do is manifest in a darkened room. They have absolutely no power to harm you or your family.

    What you'll want to do is either give it advice, or just be plain mean to it. If you really want to help the being, explain that all will be forgiven and suggest that he follow the light. I'm not sure if they would listen and leave the earthbound realm, but it is worth a shot. If you don't feel like going through all that, than just stand up to it and tell it you're not afraid. Laugh at it. These beings only feel power through our fear and, if that is denied, they will go haunt someone else.

    I hope this helps!
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  3. Identity

    Identity Inactive

    Are they capable of seeing light? Maybe the spirit is ignorant of the light and is somehow attached to Earth. In any case, telling it to go away and that it has died is the best thing.
  4. orangeysky

    orangeysky Member

    Yes, that word lol! Thank you. I wasn't at all afraid I just thought "am I dreaming this" but I'm certain that I wasn't. I just kept looking at it in disbelief but not all afraid. I have a mean teenager daughter that is Autistic so not much is scaring me these days. ;). It was outside, within the tree branches, the branches were outlining the figure but not really. More like this thing was standing among the leaves, positioned himself within them. He was a huge fellow though, no top hat just a black human form. After a few minutes of just staring at it I got up and started my day but been thinking about it all day. WHY would he be here trying to bother me, if he thinks he's gonna spook me let him try. I did tell him to find help, guidance and to go home. Like you said, doubt he listened but if I see him again I will do the same tell him to go away, that he is dead and to find help to get home.
  5. Linda

    Linda New Member

    Thanks for sharing orangeysky!

    I have also experienced a negative entity who I tried to help and reason with. It was bothersome that would not leave me alone and let me sleep at night. I was not afraid, but concerned. I sent it love and warmth, but did not work. I tried clearing my home with burning sage, but made it angry. What worked for me was a combination of imagine a white light around me and then completely ignoring the entity, thus giving less energy. I am glad I no longer have this problem.
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Everyone in the earthbound realm has the ability, with a little help, to "see the light" and move on to the afterlife. The problem is that these typically don't think to do so. Instead, they preoccupy themselves with earthly matters, which just makes it harder to see the way to afterlife. Typically though, if you can find a way to alert them to the afterlife, they will regain the ability to see the way (temporarily at least). Either that, or one of their helper beings will use that opportunity to lead them aware.

    Make no mistake though, the being that is being described in this thread is malevolent. Not confused, not lost - malevolent. It is powerless, but malevolent. If it doesn't leave after you tell it that it has died, be stern with it. Forceful, if need be.
  7. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I'm glad you weren't afraid of it. Most people are afraid, or at least unnerved. Has it come back in the past few days?

    I'm not sure why he would try to come and bother you. Normally, they try to pick people who they know are afraid, have no knowledge protection, or children/elderly people. It is possible that it was just passing through, I suppose. Or maybe it was trying to target your child? Did anyone else in the house see it? If no one has seen it in a few days, I wouldn't really worry about it. Like I said, it can't harm you really, just annoy.

    The one thing, besides its motive, that is odd here is the timing. You saw it in the morning? Normally, they try to spook people while they are trying to fall asleep. Hmm...interesting.
  8. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    What type of entity was yours, Linda? Do you physically see it, like Sky, or is was it an unseen poltergeist type? Your resourcefulness and determination certainly helped in this case!
  9. orangeysky

    orangeysky Member

    It was early morning, the sun wasn't quite up yet but there was enough light to see it outside. There is no other lighting out that window, it's all wooded so no street lights, etc. No one else saw it, my husband just laughs me and my daughter, I could never tell her she would be scared silly. Could it have just been my imagination? I know for certain I was awake but I am doubting myself?
  10. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    So it was pretty dark still? Ok, that makes sense. These beings cannot appear in a fully lit room. If there is a little light, they can appear, it seems, they can be seen best in the dark. I think you really did see this being - everything fits.
  11. Linda

    Linda New Member

    I could not identify the entity, Andrew, though I can say it was greyish like mist. I mainly felt it by physical sensation like stroking, hot pin pricks, tingling different areas of my body, atmosphere like changes in pressure as well as temperature. I also sensed its anger too and the way I could sense speckles of red in the greyish mass. Other times it would be like transparent, but never see a face or body.

    I hated it the most when the entity would go through my body causing air movement within my stomach. ‘Uncomfortably’ it felt sexual in nature too. It would not let me sleep. I felt uneasy trying to go to sleep with the presence in my room. I told it to go away. It would not. It even followed me, seeing a transparent movement. I tried sleeping on the sofa instead of the bed. It made no difference. After a few days I was completely exhausted.

    Through this exhaustion I fled to my parents’ home. I stayed there for a few nights. The entity followed me there too. This scared me. My family thought I was just imagining this, I certainly was not. Though I began wonder if was some sort of a spirit attachment. I felt so alone with no one to turn too, my anxiety levels was high and felt suicidal. I knew I had deal with this myself.

    I tried to be brief as possible describing my experiences as I did not want to hog this thread. I just wanted to share as a way of saying that I know this kind of stuff is real and not imagination.

    Orangeysky I certainly don’t doubt what you saw and it sounds like you are quite psychically too.
  12. orangeysky

    orangeysky Member

    Oh dear Linda, what a frightening experience. I am so sorrry you had to go through that. I am assuming it did eventually go away. How long ago was this, how long did it last. My experience was nothing like yours. I'm still not sure it was real, it certainly felt real but I'm just not sure. You'd think I would have been scared out of my mind, or at least startled. I was more like "well this is strange, is this real?"
  13. RudeAwakening

    RudeAwakening New Member

    Linda, let me say how sorry I am you had to experience something like this. I'm very glad to hear that you were able to get the upper hand and rid yourself of it. This question may be impossible for you to answer, but do you have any idea where you may have picked up this bully?

    This is of particular importance because so little in known about why one person picks up a spirit and another doesn't. As a result of this - sweeping, careless and dangerous generalizations are made. And while that is a relative constant on this forum that we've grown accustomed to, this particular subject can have far reaching consequences. Any idea at all Linda where you picked it up?

    Orange Sky, for sure the oddest thing about your experience is the lack of fear. Our limibic system simply isn't wired that way. To be fully awake and suddenly see a shadow man sitting in a tree staring at you would seemingly generate a considerable and natural limbic response. Personally I would never talk to any unknown entity unless I was left with no other alternative.
    Any chance at all you dreamt it?
  14. Linda

    Linda New Member

    Sorry for this long post.

    I was not frightened of the entity at the beginning, but became concerned the way it affected the health of my mind. I was highly stressed; I felt I had no control as the self protection techniques just would not work.

    I began really sensing physical sensations around Christmas time. I thought this must be Tom, whom passed away last October, trying to make contact, so I welcomed it with excitement. I was staying at my parent’s home at that point.

    When I came home to my ground floor flat in the first week of January, I had many sensations then like tickling, stroking, energy above my head, energy on my back, it was like haywire. But then things changed when felt a different energy like coldness around me and the way it seemed ‘sexual’ when I felt some sensation lower parts of the body. I felt confused. I thought this cant be intentional. Perhaps because its energy is merging with mine causing these sensations.

    I tried speaking to the cold energy it seemed to listen but not communicate back. My ears were affected with a kind of pressure and I am sure I could hear a low vibrating noise like a low whirring. The problem came around bedtime. It would not leave me alone. Then it became bothersome night after night. This started on the 5 of January and continued through that month.

    I went along to a spiritual church and spoke to a couple of mediums about that I have being sensing, told them about a spirit that would not allow me to sleep and the way it followed me. They said this was normal and they seemed happy that I am sensing as they thought it was a sign of sudden spiritual awakening. They told me that spirits cannot harm me and that I should be firm with them. They suggested morning and night doing the light bubble protection. I went home feeling better.

    I had a go speaking with the spirit again asking are you a spirit of love and light? Asking who are you? And I generally chatted to it in a friendly way and the energy seemed to change as if darker, or I picked up another spirit. This was very confusing. The energy became sort of greyish and sensed red speckles, and I interpreted it as something negative and even angry. I tried to call it a day by saying thank you for communicating with you and would like our energies to separate until another time. I tried to close my self down and do the self protection thing. I did not work for me. I retired to my bed and it would bother me. Even poked me in my back whilst in bed
    like a hot finger. The way it kept going through my body, through my stomach.

    Then next few days I lost sleep. I bought some sage to smudge my flat. (When I first moved in to the flat, a cardboard cross was left in a storage room and I took it down thinking that was odd.) I had a go smudging the whole of my flat to get rid of any negative energy. This did not help me. I was desperate. This entity was so persistent. On one of the early hours of he morning I sent a text to my sister saying there is something wrong in my flat contact soon as possible. I broke down crying wishing the situation would end.

    My sister text me asking what is going on, I told her. I then fled back to my mother’s home with my daughter. My sister and I went back to the flat to pick up some more gear and she could sense an atmosphere in my flat.

    I thought staying at my parent’s house would help. The dark entity had followed me there too. Only I could sense it. Whilst in bed it kept bombarding me with its energy. My parents thought I was loosing it. They could not understand what I was going through. It was a living nightmare. Whilst everyone was asleep it would follow me. It was not friendly. I had ago sleeping downstairs on the sofa. I kept calling out to God, to Archangel Michael, to spirit guides, guardian angels, to Jesus. I did this again and again. A grey mass of energy hung in the living room, being kept back what I was saying. I would say I am love, I am light, I am a child of God leave me alone. I had ago attacking it with my mind energy really focusing when it was in my body. I was so exhausted. I was afraid to fall asleep. I knew I had to. On one morning I got only got one hour sleep, then my mum woke me as she came home from a very early shift of work. I felt wrong. I glanced around myself, I felt wrong. I felt distant, detached somehow. Then I felt a burning heat right through my body. My mother was concerned and did not know how to help me. When I got up I was close to fainting. I felt as if I was possessed at the time.

    I ended up going to doctors and he just gave my antidepressants for high anxiety and sleeping tablets. That helped. I also forced myself to ignore the entity and sensations. After a week at my parent’s home, I went back to normal and the sensations stopped.

    I went back home I was fine again. I had a reoccurrence end of February. Energy seemed different it seemed sexual in nature making feel me uncomfortable. I bought a black crystal Tourmaline which supposed to absorb negative energy. I did smudging again. I did this for a few days. I also did a routine of morning and night bubble protection and ignoring the dark energy, it went. I no longer have this problem.

    I do now sense Tom; his energy is different, more subtle, quiet and loving.
  15. Linda

    Linda New Member

    RudeAwakening I have no idea where I picked up this entity. It was horrible because at first I thought it was my beloved Tom trying to make an after death communication. It felt so cruel the way all this happened. It was just right after the loss of my partner, our dog and my home. So this made my grieving worse. I felt a complete loss of control of my life.

    I wish I knew how I picked this up. Was my vibration level that low with the darkest grip of grief? Have I been so desperate longing for contact from Tom that left me open to these things? Had I moved into a ‘haunted’ flat and disturbed something? When I moved in to my flat, there was a cardboard cross placed upon the wall of a storage room. I took it down because it was odd. Why did the previous tenant place the cross up in the first place?
  16. Skye

    Skye Member

    Hi Linda,

    The loss of your partner, your dog and your home would certainly have had a devastating impact on your outlook to life. The Law of Attraction is always in operation. Therefore it's likely the sad and distressing circumstances you experienced, along with the feelings of lack of control, could have been the reason or perhaps the cause as to why a mischievous entity was attracted to you. It went with you to your parent's home because your thoughts remained on his or her level. As soon as you decided to regain control of the situation, the entity would naturally begin to lose interest. This is because your new thoughts flowed on a higher vibration than it could attain, so the attraction had ceased to be of interest.

    You could have tried various methods to clear your home, but I doubt they would have worked if your thoughts had remained on a lower vibration than usual. The image of the white light may have altered and supported your over all perception of the situation, for the positive outcome to take place.
  17. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Wow, that is quite an experience! I'm so sorry that you had to go through that. It sounds an earthbound spirit somehow decided to start harassing you. Typically, earth bounds that are aware of what's going on are trying to satisfy their craving and addictions from earthly life, so it is possible that it thought it could vicariously do that, through you.

    As Skye says above, it is likely that your negative outlook on life, although completely understandable, did lower your spiritual vibration level. In that case, it would be far easier for nasty beings to be attracted to you. The Law of Attraction is a very powerful thing. If the entity was actually already in your flat, which is entirely possible, it would have just made it easier for it to taunt you.

    I'm glad that you were finally able to get rid of it!
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  18. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    That's a little extreme, don't you think? :cool:

    I assume that you are primarily talking about Roberta and me, right? Everything thing that we have said about "possession" was picked up from several, independent accounts that we have read; the few small studies that have actually been done; and what Mikey has said about it. I really don't see where the generalizations are, especially the "dangerous" ones.
  19. Linda

    Linda New Member

    What you say Skye makes a lot of sense. I did try to imagine a white light as well as self protection techniques, but like you say the state of my own thoughts and feelings may have render this almost useless. I was at rock bottom, utterly at rock bottom and experiencing this entity exasperated that much more. By nature I am normally a happy cheerful person who has a daft sense of humour. Thankfully I am a lot better now. Feeling much brighter and I even had some sessions with a bereavement counsellor who believed what I was going though. I have turned my self around. What worked for me in the end was to completely ignore this entity, focus on doing happy things, do regular meditation and self protection techniques to get my vibration level back to normal.
  20. RudeAwakening

    RudeAwakening New Member

    Thank you Linda for sharing your story with us. Stirring those memories can be uncomfortable. Everything you talked about is very familiar to me except for the sense of sexual intent from the spirit. Although I understand that is also quite common. I don’t often read about spirit attacks for the same reasons I don’t watch horror movies, but your story is the only one I’ve seen that resembles mine. The sleep depravation, the efforts to disrupt and replace your thoughts and several other things you brought up.

    As you mentioned, the sleep medication and anti-depressants would most definitely be effective in weakening this sort of connection. Unfortunately I had foolishly convinced myself that sleep meds would be like admitting there was a problem and I was busy pretending there wasn’t one. (I also took advice from stupid people in that area but that’s neither here nor there now.) Sleep meds would have made all the difference with me as nothing weakens us like sleep depravation.

    You’re story has great value in that you were able to rid yourself of what appeared to be a very sticky and stubborn entity with “relative” ease and fairly quickly. I wonder if there aren’t so many possible variables in these spirit attacks that in many cases it can be quite a challenge to figure out exactly how to get rid of it. Medication will always take the edge off, no spirit is a match for tranquilizers and pain killers, but only a temporary one. Besides, medical science will want to label you in such circumstances.

    What Skye says makes a lot of sense regarding random attacks such as this. At any rate I am very glad this didn’t drag out with you and you are proficient at spirit defense. Thanks again for sharing, we now know that what appears to be a real sticky bastard can indeed be thwarted with relative ease.

    One last thing, was it able to affect your heartbeat? When it kept me awake at night my heart was always thumping out of my chest. It wasn’t out of fear so much as it was able to physiologically make it pound somehow. (Show off. I still want to ring this things neck. I don't see it as human.)
  21. Linda

    Linda New Member

    I am pleased that I overcame this Andrew, it was a living nightmare. I learnt a lot having these experience, making me more aware. What was cruel is that at the beginning I thought it was my beloved Tom. And maybe wanting communication from him from the afterlife may have opened me up too, as I was watching out for signs. Anyway that has ended. Wonderfully I now sense Tom. :)
  22. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I am thrilled you are now able to sense Tom! :) I agree that the timing of this entity's haunting was pretty cruel. What seems to work for me, whenever I sense a negative presence is to think something like "God isn't vulnerable, so neither am I. God am I, and God is wherever I am." It seems to reinforce the good power that we actually have.

    I'm curious, did you attempt to contact Tom yourself, before you noticed this entity. I don't mean just talking to him, but something like using a Ouija Board, or automatic writing?
  23. Linda

    Linda New Member

    RudeAwakening, this entity did effect my heart beat but perhaps not as much as your experience. It also affected my body temperature causing a burning searing sensation inside my body. I could hear air movements in my body and caused me to be 'embarrassingly' flatulent too as it was constant going through my body. I had to lay flat on my stomach to prevent it from doing this. I was beside myself with this crying out to God, to Archangel Michael to anyone who could help me. This thing had a metallic smell and sensed grittiness too. It also tried to affect my eyes as whilst reading stuff out loud from a downloaded e-book which was to do with Archangel Michael. I tried blocking it off by listening to an mp3 player. I also tried playing soothing relaxing up lifting music. I was at wits end.
  24. Linda

    Linda New Member

    Andrew I did not attempt to use Ouija boards, automatic writing or anything like that. During grieving I read a lot of stuff online about the afterlife like here and other sites. I read books, anything I could get my hands on.
  25. RudeAwakening

    RudeAwakening New Member

    I don’t want to get into a lengthy discussion here. I do believe I can easily support my accusations of alleged recklessness in this case. Mikey said something very close to “Only less loving souls need worry about possession.” I can find it, but that’s nearly word for word. Roberta went into great explanation about how everybody has this natural immunity to such attack as long as they avoid specific things. She also added a laundry list of exceptions to where an otherwise “loving soul” could find themselves under attack.

    (It’s important to note here that since Roberta made these statements she has since concluded that they are not entirely accurate and that anyone in the wrong place under the right circumstances can fall victim to attack.) These comments can be found in the “THUG” thread.

    Let’s assume I never pitched a fit in that thread and those original rather sanctimonious parameters were the final word on this subject. (I don’t care how they were meant Roberta dear, that’s how it comes across.)

    In support of my criticism
    I offer this obvious example: Naïve young girl moves into some crappy old apartment in some old city back east and falls under a vicious attack from a former tenant – now deceased. Since this spirit has so much influence over her, much psychological damage is done to this young girl before she is able to get away from it. Years later this experience still ranks as one of the most horrifying of her young life.

    Present day, she’s reading afterlife forums and although she desperately searches to find herself somewhere on Roberta’s list of exceptions she has no choice but to conclude that her attack was her fault, she’s not a loving soul, Mikey and Roberta said so, they would know. (Yikes.)

    There are plenty of examples of sweeping, careless generalizations on after life forums. (You guys open Pandora’s box regularly, you just don’t see it that way.) I do see enormous progress here however. I recently saw the phrase “and the evidence suggests” far superior to the former, “the evidence clearly shows.” And truly I can’t recall the last time I saw the ever infuriating, “what would Jesus do.” Progress. :D
  26. RudeAwakening

    RudeAwakening New Member

    Linda, my heart goes out to you. I hope that you can feel some pride in knowing that you were able to send it packing so quickly. With what it was able to do, your personal strength is admirable. Holding on to one’s sanity and functioning in an effective manner toward its eventual defeat really shows what you’re made of. We know with some certainty that it was likely doing all that it could to prevent such a result. The strength it took to overcome the pressure it was putting on you and act in your best interest speaks volumes to someone familiar with the experience.
  27. Linda

    Linda New Member

    Thank you RudeAwakening for what you said.

    It was a difficult time and no one around could really help me as they felt helpless. It was a relentless thing and it cause great anxiety within me right on top of my many loses. My counsellor believed my situation. In fact she asked if I had any other experiences prior to this, I said yes but only the once. During early hours of one morning I was forced into an out-of-body experience. I was pulled out of my body sideways and was dragged into my daughter’s bedroom. I could not see anything, except being swiftly pulled to her room. I male voice said, 'scare her'. That freaked me out and I wrestled with it. And thought to myself, I would do no such thing. I wrestled with it, then I instantly I was back in my body and I forced my head to move vigrously side to side and there was a loud swishing noise in my head. I quickly jumped out of my bed, switched on the light and saw a grey mist above in the room. It eventually dispersed. This happened couple of years ago. The counsellor admitted she had the same experience and she wrestled with hers. She spoke to a medium about her experience, it turned out for her case she was using crystals the night before, opening herself unknowingly. I was so glad she shared her experience because it meant she sincerely believed what I went through. She also said to me with all the many loses that I had, plus the entity situation, I did not had chance to grieve.

    Since last Christmas I have increased my sensitivity and I still remain so now. The entity I experienced has gone. I believed I must have picked this up because I was psychically open.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2012
  28. RudeAwakening

    RudeAwakening New Member

    Wow, I don’t like the sound of that first experience. You are certain you were awake? I know you got up and turned on the light and even with the light on you were still able to make out a grey mist?

    It sounds like the same entity (grey mist) are you able to tell whether it was or not? How far apart were these two separate experiences?

    All the advice about light and love and high vibrational energy is all good of course. The wisdom of keeping yourself in good spiritual health with a strong connection to spirit can’t be denied. I also have my own theories about these push and shove matches between these nasty pieces of work and humans. You must believe in your own power against them. Fighting these thugs will ultimately raise your power and awareness but once you are truly convinced of your own spiritual power against these punks they seem to give you a wider berth. This is just my own personal feeling after having dealt with it for so long. I haven’t done much in the way of research.

    You don’t want anymore of these problems Linda, make yourself unappealing to them. If it shows up again be really ready for it and pull out a can of whoop ass on it. If you do that, prepare for it, my guess is you’ll never see it again. (They don't seem to hassle people that will turn the tables on them.)
  29. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    This thread is such an interesting read! Thanks to all of you for contributing to it. Dear precious Linda, I am so sorry for what you went through - I hope you realize how strong and bold you are, and now few people would have been able to handle it all so well. I admire you! The whole account of your ordeal is at once fascinating and horrifying, but your post just above especially interests me. I don't know much about spirit possession and the various kinds of spirit influence that can afflict us, and frankly that is in part because I don't want to know! Unlike NDEs, OBEs, deathbed visions, after-death communications, and reincarnation, the influence of the living by negative spirits doesn't seem to have been very much studied. But I have read sufficient consistent accounts to have come to think that spirit possession may actually be more common than we know.

    It is my understanding that what we call "shadow men" are unable to affect the living at all. Not sure that is true, but adults who have been plagued by a shadow man since their childhoods have said that it doesn't seem to be able to touch them, it cannot appear if there is very much light, and it disappears if they switch a light on. This clearly was not how your guy behaved, dear Linda! I have read of other cases, too, where a malevolent gray fog or mist seemed to be there, and the entity in that mist did seem to be able to affect the living to some extent. So it may be possible that there is a gradient of power in earthbound nasties. Perhaps mist-men (to coin a term) are self-aware earthbounds which are not as weak as shadow men (and therefore theoretically not quite as evil)? The entity may indeed have pulled you out of your body, but my sense is that would have required more energy than it likely possessed; so it may instead have hijacked you as you were entering or leaving your body during sleep (thereby bringing you to awareness). The fact that it wanted you to frighten your daughter is so interesting! We know that shadow men feed on fear - it is literally a source of energy for them - and since children scare more easily than adults, a lot of them prefer to harass children. If my theory is right, this jerk may have tried unsuccessfully to awaken and frighten your daughter, and in desperation he then hijacked you and tried to force you to do the job for him. Thank you for sharing this story, dear Linda. I am so glad this ordeal is over!

    It is important that people who read this thread realize that evil-mindedness weakens earthbound entities, and if you stand up to them (as Linda and Rude Awakening and others have done), you can vanquish them. As our dear friend Awakening reminds us, becoming the victim of one of these nasties can be the result of nothing more than bad luck; but still, it is possible to fortify ourselves and thereby minimize their chances with us. Don't dabble in satanism, use a Ouija board, try automatic writing, or in any other way make yourself interesting to negative earthbound entities. For extra protection, learn to imagine a beam of spiritual light coming from the area between and just above your eyes, and wrap yourself in it - even fill the room with it as you settle down to sleep. And if you suspect that you may have picked up a negative entity that doesn't seem to be willing to leave you, then you might want to read the threads in which our wonderful Awakening has told her story. Or ask us here for suggestions. Just remember that it is possible to beat these creeps because you are spiritually so much stronger than they are!
  30. Linda

    Linda New Member

    RudeAwakening, I am certain it was not just a dream. It was like waken up inside a dream though I was aware this was not. I suddenly became aware of what was going on and I consciously objected to this. There is no way I would allow it to make do something against my will. No way would I wish any harm to my daughter!

    When I wrestled with this thing, I really tried to move body but I was paralysed and next thing there was a great whooshing noise in my head/ears. It was like a very strong vortex of air. As soon as I broke free from my paralysis I switched on the light. The room seemed dark, greyish and then it gradually dispersed. At the time I wondered if my vision was temporarily affected the way.

    The two experiences are separate. This particular experience happened about two years ago. I could not think why this had happened. I do really remember what I was doing prior to this that may have caused me to be open to this.

    I have no fear of these things RudeAwkening. And yes, since dealing with these experiences and overcoming them has variably strengthened in my confidence in this.

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