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Before I forget to ask...

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by CuriousYeti, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. CuriousYeti

    CuriousYeti New Member

    Just had a wee epiphony and wanna post before I forget the question. Already now since I've been acting on it in typing this I'll remember it, but I digress...

    Ok, so I've read much talk about mischief-making spirits, despite the ongoing ethereal help for them. Statements of caution; as an analogy, do not leave yourself open while inexperienced and using a ouija board.

    So um, what if some of these mischief-making spirits hang around the consciousness of the afterlifeforums site itself? Looking for trouble?

    The site has helped me immensely in the ongoing healing from the loss of our dog, but at the same time I've noticed an interference, although very subtle. Like radio interference, static on top of what you're listening to.

    Maybe this is it. Or, maybe not, and if not then I'd attribute the sensation, or feeling a lack of lately - to newly focusing on a general realm past death, and trying to incorporate that into my personal "status quo" sensitivity to the world around me?

    But yeah. Do demons hang around this site looking for victims? Should I be mindful?

  2. bluebird

    bluebird Major Contributor

    Personally, I don't believe there is any such thing as "demons", so my answer would be no, there are no "demons hang[ing] around this site looking for victims".

    That said, while I am agnostic about the existence of any afterlife, I think it may be possible that if there is an afterlife, some people/spirits may hang around here for a bit, and if they were horrible people in life then maybe it takes some time for them to shed that restriction/characteristic. Even so, though, I don't see why they would be interested in bothering random people; I would think they would only bother people with whom they had some sort of grudge in life. Just in case I'm wrong about any of this, though, I never use ouija boards (the few times I did use them when in college, the board tended to become active as soon as I touched it, even when it had been basically inactive immediately before for other people) -- better safe than sorry, really. Being mindful is never a bad thing, IMHO.

    You said you have "noticed an interference" when using this website -- in what way? Are you making posts and they're not showing up? Are you getting into disagreements with people here when you had always gotten along with them in the past? What exactly is happening?
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Exactly how would discarnate mischief-makers hang around a virtual location, one might ask? o_O But I accept one might be intent on causing mischief by influencing and using an incarnate - a member - to create mischief on its behalf.

    I'm heartened to hear that ALF has helped you but in what form does interference manifest when you're here?

    Your emergence into a way of life where you're acknowledging things you've perhaps been unconsciously aware of for some time may be changing your level of sensitivity. Perhaps that's what's happening right now? An enhanced personal level of psychic/spiritual sensitivity appearing?

    As I read you, Mark, I don't believe you have anything to fear. :)

    I don't go along with any notion of demons in the customary forms in which they're portrayed. But I can accept that some members arrive in a vulnerable and emotional state and they may bring with them negative spirits who are already attracted to them. I think you should be mindful - but not afraid - of that and wary about anyone who appears to want to influence you in a negative way or who you feel uncomfortable with.

    Should you feel concerned about hanging around with us guys here on ALF? I don't think you should. :) But disagreement, different points of view, differences of approach etc. are not in themselves negative.
  4. CuriousYeti

    CuriousYeti New Member

    Thanks Mac, and even if it were something to worry about, I'd still hang out with you guys! I think there is a great vibe here.

    I dunno about the interference, it's only been a couple weeks since i mentioned it but I've been too busy with work stuff to pay much attention lately, but i do think it's getting better. Maybe just part of an adjustment.
  5. CuriousYeti

    CuriousYeti New Member

    Not specifically on this website, just in my general; I dunno, thoughts? But like I said I think it's getting better, probably part of an adjustment period.

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