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beauty, images & music

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Kurt, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Luna

    Luna New Member

    Music is so important.
  2. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

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  3. Luna

    Luna New Member

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  4. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    I find beauty in light entertainment.

    It is quite chuckle inducing how Every time I log on there's a new ancient text thread that gets taken down and revived every few days. Also how the same continuously debunked source is cited.

    I'm not being petty or condescending. Im just young. I find things like this funny, but a few more times and it would just be a nuisance.

    So.... That makes me wonder.... What is everyone else's threshold of tolerance concerning light entertainment?

    Particularly trolls? I have seen trolling done so effectively that the hosts actually WANT to be trolled because it is simply a impressively clever and entertaining person orchestrating the nightmare and at the same time I have seen trolls that last 5 seconds yet still cause a fury of laughter and are missed dearly once gone. What gets me are ones so low tier (bad quality) that they are unanimously hated.

    Perhaps it is because I have encountered this on applications where the demographic is consisisted of late teens to early 20s that I find trolling funny but I am pretty sure this existed at one point on the Usenet and the .net Did any of you find it funny in your younger years?

    I personally am guilty of being a prankster myself and in this day and age that extends to trolling. I started off by doing short 5 second raids everyone loved and noone forgot before upgrading to complex raids that lasted for hours due to being sophisticated highly dynamic and so entertaining that the owners were laughing with us on discord with my raid server (Me and two others who have great chemistry in this task.) I was even branded a internet legend at one point although only a couple hundred know me in that light.... I'd say I have carried out 50 raids and the last 3 were very high tier and I ended up befriending the owners of the targeted servers after being branded as a lovable jester by them.

    It just bothers me when trolls invade serious places.

    Alt.Suicide.Holiday was one of the best communities out there and helped me through tough times. It's ironic that a pro choice community taught me how to live but it is true and it helped many others as well.

    Unfortunately it was brought to it's knees for obvious reasons and what was left of it was trampled on by trolls who cannot be removed unfortunately and to make matters worse it has had waves of pitchfork wielding moralfags (Not a derogatory term. This is an actual word on the internet more or less encompassing virtue signalers, Westboro Baptist types, Social Justice Warriors, Paranoid Soccer mom's riding hype trains of fear, politicians desperately looking for a controversy to field goal their way to more votes and approval and just anyone who thinks that they are better than everyone else because of their "Morality" [Which does not objectively exist in the first place] and because of self centered ignorance shove it down peoples throats for the sake of being able to sleep deeper) who trampled all over it in a orgasmic display of ignorance composed entirely of caveman tier crudity and now it is a mere shadow of itself. We were almost devoured by trolls and more or less any thing that involves fringe politics, including the left but especially the right tend to get sledgehammered away despite most just wanting to be left alone on both sides.

    The issue is why? Obviously the coattailing plebian nightmares that shove their false dogmas Down innocent peoples throats have some progress to be made (unless they are here to pose a challenge to others but usually deliberately naughty souls who are actually highly advanced tend to create conflict on a much higher level Such as Hitler) but they are astoundingly ignorant and suprisingly and laughably ignorant of their own ignorance and can be forgiven.. (usually infiltrated and manipulated into turning right last second. This is in my experience the best way to deal with such fools) but what about the purely malicious trolls?

    For the lulz is a viable excuse and something that low IQ people can and never will be able to understand. Lulzy trolls (like me) are modern day joker's. But evil ones leave no one laughing so even lulz is not an excuse.

    Discord trolls are lulzy. Gamers actually look up to idolize admire and pay respect to high tier trolls. This is why I am mini famous on the platform and why I am not only friends with the mods of servers i raid (at least after the fact) and also why whenever I join a server the voice logs usually record this :

    Person 1 : Oh Lord.... It's KANGGANG19

    Person 2 : Is that Schlomo? (My username)

    Person 3 : It's Schlomo!

    Person 4 :OMG... We're getting raided

    Person 2 : Schlomo Your a ***** legend!!!

    Person 4 (these are usually the security guys who have to deal with us installing a back door that makes us effectively unbannable since they kicked us and we come right back literally a second later) : "This is gonna be a ***** Nightmare"

    4 hours later they finally get us permabanned and we all laugh about it, editing videos into highlights (we lost our library unfortunately but will start over) and friend requests are sent around.

    Gamers (or just young people) love trolls! (As long as they are high tier and entertaining) and of course it took me 47 raids before I finally became notorious enough to be recognized In certain circles, but my point in all of this is that I was never once hated or seen as a nuisance.

    The trolls we encounter in more serious places are completely different. Is it a matter of subculture?

    Am I reading this wrong? Am I even a troll or am I a joker? People like me so... I'm not sure. @mac what is your opinion on all of this? Especially the last question?

    I have plenty more to say, mainly about how believe it or not it takes a high degree of intellect and leadership skills to pull of high tier exercises in trolling unlike low tuer which very young children can pull off, but many don't understand this. I could also share examples of times that we made people laugh but this is way to long already. If any one wants me to elaborate I will. But the questions above are good enough for now I think.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2019
  5. Luna

    Luna New Member

    I don't fully understand what you are asking, Kurt, but I will try my best to answer lol. I'm not all that much older than you.

    Trolling is kind of a broad term to me. Friends can "troll" each other through dialogue, as can people on social media via memes or gifs. Then there are trolls on forums, games, and other sites.

    Do I find trolling entertaining? At times. When it is done in a way that is humorous but not necessarily petty or malicious. If it's done for satire, comedic or sarcastic purposes, sure. There's a difference between trolling in a way that's light-hearted (like in a multiplayer game for example, someone may follow you and make their character do silly things which makes the interaction funny) and griefing (ruining your experience in some way- attacking you repeatedly for no reason, etc).

    I don't like trolling that is done in a way that is meant to be hurtful or cause others grief... Also, as you mentioned serious places and matters are no place for trolls.

    Lol I hope that answered your questions in some form. If people enjoy it or find it funny/entertaining, is it a bad thing?
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  6. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

  7. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    This was our 2nd high tier raid.

    It's also where we got our name from. Other... More hilarious parts of the chat where you can quite clearly see the zeitgeist of the operation will be censored. This however is where we made our name official. Screenshot_20190603-232851.png
  8. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    Whenever the people you troll like you are good. When you exist to be a nuisance you are not.

    Why do some choose the latter and not the former? The former spread joy ironically.
  9. Luna

    Luna New Member

    I suppose it's no different than wondering why some people are needlessly cruel or mean-spirited.

    On the internet, it's easier to be more careless with other people's feelings. You don't have to see the physical reaction or aftermath from your actions. You are faceless and anonymous, and you don't have to know anything about the person's life/circumstances you're talking to.
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  10. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    True. Those are great answers.

    I agree with your definition of griefing and trolling.
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