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beauty, images & music

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussions' started by Kurt, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    I guess it applies. What if we don't have a world to reincarnate in?

    I think Roberta mentions this. There were 3 planets and 1 destroyed itself.
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    Monika, you must be so hardy. When the going gets tough the tough get going. We are looking up Lake Rautas in our atlas. My husband has just said it's miles from anywhere. Will be so idyllic, but hope you'll still be able to get into Kiruna for Cafe Safari!
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  3. Monika

    Monika Established Member

    Haha yes its a bit of icy bumpy way to everything but i have such a peace in my mind when im near Rautas. There i can feel Michel and everybody else so much easier and so much stronger because that place is pure and free from the rush and tension.

    And i will definitely find my way to cafe safari when i will miss their mackor and laxsallad which are so tasty! :) :D
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  4. Bill Z

    Bill Z Established Member

    I miss the snow!
  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    And I miss sunshine, the desert and intensely-blue skies.....;) Is it the nature of humankind that we're always hankering after something we can't have?
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
  6. Bill Z

    Bill Z Established Member

    Maybe it's just a longing in our soul for our home and family, what we truly love.
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    If this world were to cease to exist we'd have to look to others. As for planets destroying themselves well there ain't a lot we could do to change that BUT we humans threaten our world as we know it and that's an altogether different situation....
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  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I agree. :) Back whence we came.....
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  9. poeticblue

    poeticblue member

    Gabby made this for me (a dragonfly necklace at her friends house for mother’s day.) A beautiful work of art not to mention a possible sign from the hereafter. Good ol dragonflies:)

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: May 12, 2019
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  10. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    He protecc
    He attac
    But most importantly he keep fox bacc

    Polish Dog


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