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Automatic writing

Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by ashleycfrost, Nov 15, 2016.

  1. ashleycfrost

    ashleycfrost New Member

    My spirit guide came to me in a dream last night. All of a sudden I was feeling like I needed to do automatic writing. I tried it for the first time today and was so amazed. For some reason I am convinced my spirit guides name is Karen. I'm trying to make sense of some of these doodles. Help? image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    If anyone has ideas, please share them!

    Automatic writing is something for which many people have a gift, and it's fun! Be sure, though, that you always ground yourself (Susanne Wilson has some grounding and protection prayers on her website, I believe - it's carefreemedium.com) because otherwise you might attract some unsavory beings. Perhaps just ask that your guides and angels protect you and use this connection for your own highest good? In any event, it's not something that I do but many people really enjoy and profit from it!
  3. ashleycfrost

    ashleycfrost New Member

    Thanks for the reply!! Did you see the pictures I posted? I asked before hand for only positive loving spirit guides or guardian angels to come through and nothing else. I'm not sure if that works? When I asked my spirit guide what her name was telepathically the first thing that popped in my head was Karen for some reason. I'm new with all of this. How do you know if your talking to a negative spirit or not? I don't want to bring anything negative in our home, I have young children.
  4. ashleycfrost

    ashleycfrost New Member

    Today I just got a lot of spirals and side ways 8s which I read means infinity. Also a couple of yes answers.
  5. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Just be cautious until you're totally sure that communications are 'the right kind'. But if you already know from previous experience that your communicator is indeed your spirit guide then you have nothing to fear. If not be cautious about what you receive and what it's intended to be for.....
  6. ashleycfrost

    ashleycfrost New Member

    I tired automatic writing today again. I sat in a circle full of salt and said a protection prayer before hand. I've been getting the feeling this is my guide, she says her name is Karen and that I have 3 guides all together and that they were all there. She kept making me draw spirals and infinity signs which I think is a positive thing. She also keep making me draw this picture which looks like hands, which when I asked she told me they were loving hands?
  7. ashleycfrost

    ashleycfrost New Member

    She told me that my husband was my soulmate and that everything happens for a reason. Every time she says yes she signs a spiral at the end.
  8. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Squiggles and shapes aren't automatic writing. They may become that eventually but for the moment try not to read into it what's not there and how many helpers/guides are with you. The more you assume the more you're allowing your own thoughts and ideas to shape the outcome and your own thoughts and ideas should be playing no part.
  9. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    What are your personal beliefs about soul mates? Are they different from what the communicator is saying? Or are you asking questions to which you're getting answers? If so, in what way do the answers come?
  10. ashleycfrost

    ashleycfrost New Member

    The answers come in written form. A hand written yes then a spiral beside it.
  11. ashleycfrost

    ashleycfrost New Member

    The weird thing about it though is I clear my mind and sit completely still, then it feels like somebody is pushing my hand and I start to write.
  12. ashleycfrost

    ashleycfrost New Member

    I am asking questions and getting yes or no or numbers. Also with some questions I would write yes or no and it would get circled.
  13. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    What you've described sounds to me like the results you can get when questioning a pendulum not under the control of a discarnate for the purpose of communication.
  14. Donni

    Donni New Member

    Hi Ashley,

    I have a friend who does automatic drawing, I hadn't heard of it before then... this might be what you are doing.

    For many years I've taken spiritual type photos, and recently had an epiphany that what I am doing there is automatic photography!

    Have you continued with this?
  15. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    I get the feeling that Ashley is no longer active here on ALF - you may not get a reply.
  16. Shirley

    Shirley New Member

    Hi guys, I tried for the first time too today and was amazed that it worked straight away. The only thing is that I don't think what came through was who I thought it was. I said all of my protection prayers before as well! The last messages I got were, "Obeying me" and "lucifer" which made me end the session immediately!! I know spirits can pretend to be who they're not and joke around, because I also had a "Selena Gomez" pop up during the session. Has anyone had an experience like this? I only wanted to contact my angels/spirit guides but this has now put me off trying to communicate :(
  17. jimrich

    jimrich Active Member

    I'd call it automatic drawing. My late wife gave Readings using automatic drawing or doodling very similar to these. She told stories and gave the Reading while doodling in various colors in a very specific order. He drawings make no sense without her comments or forecasts so they are utterly meaningless without her to talk about the drawings. I'd pay attention to how you FEEL when doing these "doodles" The messages will have very distinct feelings or "insights" for you and or perhaps others. Were the doodles done with your non-dominant hand? Sometimes right hand, left hand work produces remarkable messages from the non-dominant hand in answer to questions from the dominant hand. Irene just did her drawings with her dominant hand and gave verbal comments and/or a Reading for her clients or me. I still have many of her automatic drawings but could not "Read" them now.
  18. Unexpected

    Unexpected Guest

    It was recommended that I start trying to do automatic typing vs writing so this past week I started practicing using a computer.

    Has anyone else used this method?

    I did it on my breaks during work and I found it amusing that the words he gave me were odd. I dismissed it but then the person I was on a call with right after that used those words at various times. Gave me a huge smile. This is typically what he does. He sends me stuff that appears later. Brightens my day.

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