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Automatic Writing??

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by deadwrongbook, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I was just wondering whether or not automatic writing is a safe way to communicate with someone on the other side? I read the post on Ouija Boards, so I know those aren't very safe, but what about automatic writing? For example, how do you know the message is coming from the right person??

    If it isn't safe, does anyone know a safer (and preferably free) method of contact with the someone who is deceased? I know a medium is probably the best, but I just don't have that kind of money right now.

  2. I'm no expert, by any means, but doesn't automatic writing require you to let an unknown spirit/entity/whatever take at least partial control of your body? I can't see how that would be any safer than a Ouija board, TBH.

    If you look around, you might be able to find a well-regarded medium in your area who will give you a break. If not, I imagine somebody on this board can give you some pointers for going it alone :)
  3. VioletRose,

    I don't consider myself an expert either, but I believe that you don't actually let said entity take control of you. From what I've read, you just sort-of relax, think or verbally ask a question, and then write down the first thing that comes to mind. It's probably not a very good idea though.

    Thanks for your help!

    Does anyone have any other suggestions for methods of contact (cheap or free)?? I wish Roberta Grime's next book were out!
  4. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Hi Deadwrongbook! Please don't attempt to do automatic writing. Like Ouija boards, any attempt to do automatic writing will attract disembodied people, and the ones most likely to be attracted will be self-aware (and therefore probably negative) earthbounds. No pure-hearted person actively chooses to stay earthbound! Some good people do become earthbound inadvertently, but they aren't much aware of being dead and they generally bother no one. But some earthbounds choose not to finish their transition, usually because they are substance-abusers or because they have done bad things and they are worried about going to hell. And they are bored! If they were not particularly nice in life, they tend to be even less nice now, so they generally choose to ease their boredom by doing what harm they can to the living.

    The more evil a disembodied spirit is, the less power it has, and most of us have a very strong spiritual immune system that protects us from bad guys very much as our bodily immune systems protect us from germs. But occasionally people will allow entry to these demonish nasties desperate for something to do, and once they latch onto us it can be very hard to get rid of them. Therefore, NEVER:

    1) Use a Ouija board. Disembodied bad guys love these, and there are documented cases of very bad hauntings which started when children played with Ouija boards.

    2) Do automatic writing. Disembodied bad guys are attracted to people who try automatic writing, and they often pretend to be whoever you want to contact so you will let your guard down and allow them spiritual entry.

    3) Get drunk at a bar. You should try not to get drunk at all, and certainly never anywhere but in your own home, but to do it where a lot of people are drinking - and then to pass out, or nearly pass out - is to make it highly likely that you will pick up some hitch-hiking alcoholic spirits. Many people who have a history of public drunkenness will suffer personality changes and eventually be unable to work at all - be unable to do much of anything but drink - and it is reasonable to assume that these are cases of spirit possession. We won't know that for sure, though, until mainstream science makes some important advances.

    4) Use recreational drugs where others have used them. Again, you shouldn't do drugs at all, but if you want to do them, at least don't do them anywhere near where other druggies could have died. Once you have a few dead addicts sharing your body and craving their next fix, whatever you now value in your life will be over.

    5) Play with satanism. I have never found any evidence of an evil entity set in opposition to God (or Mind). And the fact that in the greater reality goodness increases our spiritual strength while being evil makes us feeble seems to argue against the existence of a devil. But there are many really bad disembodied people who are desperate to amuse themselves, and messing with satanism is a great way to get them to latch onto you and wreck your life.

    It's a spiritual jungle out there! To better protect yourself and those you love, think only goodness and kindness and patience. Learn to avoid acting out your anger, and if you are firm about that you will find that your anger reaction will atrophy so whatever anger you feel will be milder and milder (trust me on this!). Work especially hard at learning to love everyone and learning to forgive everyone - use the Gospels, A Course in Miracles, or whatever else helps you in particular learn to love and forgive. This is not about morality! This is about improving your spiritual health in a reality where matter is illusory and Mind is the only thing that is real.
  5. Hello... here is some writing that came to me , I say automatic writing because I did not make a conscence choice to write about a certain topic , and when i told my pschycologist about this happening, she assured me that i was not crazy lol that many artist types often feel like they are being possessed at times when writing songs or poetry .... and that they too didnt know where the beautiful songs came from .... i think soul language is a language of it's own,,

    anyways here is a couple of poems

    Todays Tommorrow

    Think of me not in death my loves
    with a forgot and silent dream
    under the stone engraved statue
    empty of face and smile
    frustrated by the life born
    to the delicat Butterfly
    Greive for me not as a sky
    cast heavy in overshadow
    only to rain in torrents
    threatening the tiny kept sparrow
    Listen for me not as an echo
    upon a foreign shore
    with the desperation of the waves
    groping new places to explore
    But look to the seeds of grass implanted
    continue to work the soil
    learn of the beauty in blooms
    my laborers of trials
    Remember me as a mother robbin
    called to leave her nest
    only after she and her young
    have shared of the same warm breast.

    My sweet child of God and Rhyme

    My sweet child of God and Rhyme
    A wonder and parable told
    In seized moments of experience
    and grand imaginings.
    Can I know your soul
    and free thinking.
    Who do you pray too
    these child prayers of heaven.
    In your short lived truths.
    Always running to become.
    yet you do not burden with them
    In childlike wisdom
    you wonder
    Is freedom not walked in bare feet
    A shiny stone a child secret
    that he might joy for the first time
    and bless the Angel with song.
    These deeper things of heaven for the child
    And when you giggle and stir in adult places
    and fear that furrowed brow
    a reflection of adult spankings
    and forbodings from the Gods of adulthood
    Would you bow your head and the Angel
    of innocense keep you hidden from these glimpses
    of adult justice.
    Or she bow her head in wait of you
    In this adult world.
    Where laughter appears forbidden
    a curse of the aged hardened heart.
    In this the Angel beckons you
    Continue to walk across your stones
    picking up snakes and scorpions
    and then sleep a peaceful sleep
    upon your bed of faith.
    While you dream your forever dreams of change.
    Inside a fortress built from a plain cardboard box,
    This is your hour and song in celebration
    But would you grow to rebel and the Angel
    step back along the sidelines.
    Cheering you in a song of encourgment
    when your truths are not heard in purity
    and shared heart.
    But misunderstood by a pretentiousnous
    a child has yet to idientify
    These adult fears of heaven passing them by
    For this reason you are called to throw open heavens
    gates, inviting all without hatred and malice
    as only seen to the child of God and Rhyme

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