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At odds with beliefs

Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by Jimmy, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. poeticblue

    poeticblue Moderator

    Hmm I can say that in the relationships I’ve been in I haven’t had the problem of spiritual conflict. My spouse and I have known one another for about 10 years (a long story where we started off as good friends for half of that duration lol) and he was always open to a possibility of an afterlife but wasn’t quite sure what is to be expected upon death and was having major issues with the dreams he was having at night that would often wake him out of his sleep in tears. He had a lot of dreams about wars and being shot or stabbed in specific parts of his body and I would hear him crying at time in his sleep and had to wake him up. We ended up getting into the discussion about past lives and the afterlife and I showed him some books I’ve read and this forum. He started to open up more about things. The few other brief relationships that I’ve been in were still pretty much open minded and dreams were often mentioned. I know with me I try to surround myself with open minds and steer clear of preachy folks but I do know others who’s religions and beliefs did interfere with their relationship which must be a terrible feeling at the time especially regarding someone you love. The only thing I can suggest for people going through this is to let your spouse respectfully hold their beliefs but gradually try introducing new thoughts, beliefs, and ideas in subtle manners like going to the bookstore and looking in the metaphysical section and saying ‘Hey I thought this book was nice. Have you read it? Little subtle things like that.. or rent a movie about the afterlife like What dreams may come or Hereafter. Do something fun and entertaining at a gradual pace without it seeming forced upon your partner. It seems like that approach my help some.
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