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Astral Travel?

Discussion in 'Out of Body, Astral Travel' started by Emily E., Nov 18, 2020.

  1. Emily E.

    Emily E. New Member

    Recently I’ve been watching the YouTube channel “Afterlife Topics and Metaphysics” (an interesting channel I recommend) and it introduced me to the concept of astral travel.

    After years of absence from this site, I came back to see that there’s a new topic for this phenomenon so I figured it would be the perfect opportunity ask more about it and what it is. Is this a real thing? Has anyone truly done this before and if so, how can I do it myself?

    I still have doubts about life after death and the supernatural especially with so many materialists out there trying to disprove everything. I feel like to truly believe in it I’d have to experience these things for myself.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2020
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    If you're not persuaded about our survival beyond death and the notion of dimensions of life outside of our own then Astral traveling takes place exactly where - assuming it can happen at all? From my perspective getting anywhere with anything requires a starting point.

    The web is a source of all manner of information but there's a lot of misinformation there too. If it's one's preferred way of finding stuff out then why doubt what is found? But for me Astral travel is a sexy attention-grabber rather than the meat-and-gravy of survival. Information can be intriguing and sexy but what would it demonstrate without a fundamental understanding of other issues?

    I have no doubt at all that certain individuals are able to 'project' and visit certain areas of the Astral realms but although 'Astral' might put you in mind of stars, traveling in that realm doesn't happen in our physical dimension at all.

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