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Are mediums real? (Need help for my sister.)

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by MLeeSB, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. My sister keeps trying to talk to her husband who died, but all the mediums are giving her conflicting information. Are mediums real? Is there some way to know for sure if they are talking to her husband?


  2. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Yes, Mary, some psychic mediums are indeed in contact with the dead. Gary Schwartz's prominent 2003 book, The Afterlife Experiments, reports the results of his double- and triple-blind tests of some famous psychic mediums, and the odds against chance for the results he reports there are such that the genuineness of some of the best that he tested must be considered to be proven. Some psychic mediums absolutely are in contact with the dead! The problem is, however, that mind-contact with the dead is difficult and imperfect by its very nature, so many people who have some psychic talent will have trouble contacting your particular dead relatives... and since you are paying them, if they have trouble connecting, the temptation to fake it can be hard to resist. My suggestion to your sister is that she try to get a reading with one of the mediums that Dr. Schwartz found to be genuine (the most famous of whom is the wonderful John Edward), or with one of the mediums certified to be genuine by the Windbridge Institute. The best psychics will give your sister such absolutely precise details that there will be no doubt that the contact is real!
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  3. Thanks Roberta. She doesn't have a lot of money. How much does a medium cost? Maybe we could all chip in for her.

  4. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    The problem with mediums is less their cost than it is their availability and their reliability. In my experience, most reputable mediums charge at least $150 for an hour to 90 minutes of work by phone. and the famous ones can charge more than $1000 for the same effort. But no matter how much you pay, if your carefully-chosen medium is not able to connect with your particular eagerly-sought loved one, then the money and the effort will be wasted. And, what may be worse, your sister will be even more disillusioned. Here is what I suggest:

    1) Try to find a well-recommended medium. In my prior post I suggested some options for beginning your search.

    2) Don't worry if the medium is far away, since phone readings seem to work as well as in-person readings... and since it is harder for a medium on the phone to pick up nonverbal cues, phone readings are less susceptible to the kind of embellishment that your sister seems to have experienced.

    3) Be up-front about your concerns. Tell each medium you are considering that your sister has had some conflicting readings, and she is looking for real proof of the contact. Some mediums will offer a return of at least part of the fee if your sister is not satisfied; some others may decline the relationship altogether. What you want is a medium who is especially good at getting names and details, and any reputable medium will be willing to let you know if that is his or her strong suit.

    4) Consider buying your sister a seat at one of John Edward's group readings. These can cost as much as $500 per seat, but having attended three of them I can tell you that even folks whose relatives did not show up were thrilled and moved by the experience of seeing a real medium at work.

    5) Why not take up a collection and give your sister three options as a Christmas or Holiday gift? Find a couple of good private mediums she could access by phone, together with details about them; and also locate a John Edward group reading being held nearby within the next few months. If several relatives chip in, the cost should not be burdensome. And if you like, I would be happy to send you a copy of The Fun of Dying to put under her tree. Learning more about the reality where her beloved husband is now should help to ease her grief a bit more!

    I am tempted to say, "Yes, Virginia," some mediums are real. But as with Santa Claus, too many of them are just store Santas in false beards. It is going to take some effort for you to find a good one!
  5. Those are all great suggestions. I think we wil try to get her smoething for christmas. That may be the only way we can help. I will try and come back to report on what happens! I appreciate you being so kind to answer!!

  6. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Glad to be of help, Mary - and Merry Christmas!!
  7. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

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