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Anyone Seen An Apparition?

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Ruby, Feb 21, 2019.

  1. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    Fascinating - thanks for your post. Interesting that others saw the same things. What makes you think that something has bad energy? Did you know you had the ability to sense things before you started 14 years ago?
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  2. Tracey

    Tracey New Member

    I can tell when a spirit has bad energy because it will make me feel physically sick if it gets close to my energy field. I feel nauseous but the nausea doesn’t seem to come from lower stomach like if you have eaten too much, more higher up like in the bottom of my throat. I might get a headache too and feel dizzy. I also feel this funny vibration feeling which I find hard to describe because I can’t tell if it’s inside my body or outside lol. Bad energy to me seems to vibrate slow, low and sickening. Good energy for me vibrates fast, tingles and feels really nice. It is kind of hard to describe

    I’m not sure if I had any sensitivities when I was younger but I do know that I have good visualisation skills. When I was about 11 my parents marriage was falling apart.the whole process was pretty traumatic for me. When they fought I used to take myself away. I would put my head under the blankets and visualise myself away from there. It used to get me through it. I can now still visualise myself so strongly that I can feel things like you would physically. I often wonder now if back then, my spirit was leaving my body to escape.
    When I was in my 20s I often had precognitive flashes during the day and the odd night dreams which happened shortly after. No seeing spirits. I also often knew things like if I was going to get a letter from my best friend( snail mail then) or phone calls etc and little things like that. My mother used to try to trick me lol.
    I went through a period where my gut feelings were very strong. Eg. my husband would be fixing something in the garage and I would wander in and watch then suddenly I would get this funny feeling. I get it when there is pain involved but it doesn’t feel like pain to me but this uncomfortable nervy feeling like when ‘someone walks over your grave’ then I get a quick picture of the tool he is using , slipping and he hurts his hand. I quietly mention that he should be careful as this or that might happen and then straight after it happens and he gets mad at me because he blames me for being there and I distracted him. What happens is exactly what I saw and knew was going to happen. I have learnt to shut up because he says I’m being pessimistic and negative and I wonder if I am lol. If I know something like that now I tend to walk away
    Over the years I’ve often had strong urges to do things. I could never understand why I was thinking the way I was but acted on the urges and so glad I did. I’m sure it was spirit helping me.
    My very first investigation made me realise I was empathic. I felt the emotions of a woman spirit whose 2 children had died. I knew there were 2 children and they died close together in time. I don’t know how I knew that but I just did. I believe that is how Claircognizance works. I felt so bad with this lady. I felt grief and heartbreak and it was like I had just lost my own children. It happened on the investigation and a day later at home when I was in the shower I thought of her and it made me cry.
    I have investigated haunted locations for a while now and I do so spiritually and scientifically as a part of me likes verification for my own benefit. I don’t need proof of the afterlife, I know it exists. I also like researching and history too. My aim now is to try to help spirits. I am a mental health nurse in my working life but I also use this in a counselling way when interacting with spirit. I use EVP as a scientific tool but also use clairaudiency with a spirit that assists me. I believe I have helped spirits that were stuck in a spiritual existence close to the earth plane. I use visualisation to create a situation for them, I counsel and I don’t even have to be at the place because I visualise myself there. I research the history before doing this also and sometimes it’s just not one spirit that leaves, it’s a lot. It only happens with spirits that have a yearning to leave but don’t think that can. I give them a different frame of mind and I can choose something really simple like suggest that they retire from their work now and can now go fishing and enjoy their afterlife. Other times I have ‘ forgiven’ spirits for their crimes . Often the ones that leave have been tormented by other spirits and it’s hard to get the tormentors to leave because they can be downright rude and nasty. I try to deal with spirit people like I would if they were alive.
    I can see them leave visually in my mind and sometimes they will leave an object for me to see. It’s something that they would have had in their physical life. It’s sort of like a sign for me that they have left and don’t need that anymore. I’ve seen shawls and money pouches lol. If I want to help someone I usually do it over a period. My assistant spirit helps me too because he speaks with them and he acts like a go between. That spirit is one that I assisted many years ago. Through him, I gain the trust of other spirits. The best time for me to do the visualisation to help them is when I first get into bed and the light is off and I take myself there by visualising. I have no distractions then.
    Sorry that I have probably gone off topic but it makes me feel good to talk about it as it’s not something you can talk to anyone about and it’s worse for me as I work in Mental Health and if I doctor was to hear anyone talk about this, you would be scheduled yourself lol
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  3. Kurt

    Kurt Major Contributor

    The longer I stay here the younger I feel. We should meet up sometime so I can gauge your nausea and determine how old your soul is and thus how much time I have left.
  4. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    You sound like a very dedicated mental health practitioner, Tracey. Also you must have a strong faith that all of this other unseen world is for real, because your working environment would normally hold all this to be imagination and folklore and so on. The only experience I had that would indicate mood was after looking at a tribute page to my son on a website and closing down my tablet the air was filled with a very strong, lovely perfume. It was very pleasant, but shocking, though in a good way, so I hope that would indicate something happy going on?
    I'm poised half-way between belief and disbelief.
    Why would spirits get stuck though? This world is all they know so it's understandable if they stay close by. I've got a bad sense of direction lol, so there's no hope for me! It sounds like a mean kids' playground out there with this talk of them being downright rude and nasty.
    Can that kind of experience be avoided? People might be apprehensive on their death beds. Because I'm not a great believer, I feel quite silly typing this, but you only live once (or do you?!) I'm truly grateful to be reading of your interesting work with spirits though. If my son is there I want to know all about it.
  5. Tracey

    Tracey New Member

    Yes anything paranormal is a no no when you work in mental health. In fact, I have had pts that are deemed to have ' paranormal delusions' because they belief in the afterlife, crystals, cards, reincarnation etc etc. It is my personal belief too that people can have spirit attachments that influence them also and I remember overhearing the psychiatrists gossiping about another female doctor who looked outside the box and believed this to be a possibility. They were ridiculing her.

    I only know that the afterlife is real because of my own experiences and if I ever were to trust anyone , it would be myself lol!

    This is how I see it. I think that the spiritworld is all around us everyday and they go about their own spiritual lives. I think there are different planes of thought also. A lot of spirits close to the earth dimension are the ones that have energy that is not so subtle. They dont let go of earthly ideas, ways and worries. Spirits that move on freely have accepted their new spiritual existence more. Their energy is more subtle. They are not going to show they are there with poltergeist stuff if you know what I mean.
    Thinking of a loved one is like calling them. They can hear you and they may come to you. They arent around you all the time if they have had a smooth transition.

    Spirits communicate in the spirit world by mental telepathy and dont think you can every hide your thoughts , because you cant from spirit. That is my reason why a lot of people on ghost tours that are disbelievers, get all the action lol.

    Its not like spirits get stuck....its just that their thoughts and beliefs keep them from moving on. They are their own worse enemy lol.They like to punish themselves if they think they did the wrong thing. They might feel guilt. They think they dont deserve to have anything better. The best thing you can ever do for a spirit that did the wrong thing in their life, is to forgive them and you need to say it and really feel it. It helps them move on. I think that all people, when they die, are given the opportunity to start their new spiritual life, even if they were murderers. We shouldnt be the ones to judge. They often dont forgive themselves or are afraid they are going to go to ' hell'.
    Dont worry, I have a really bad sense of direction also. I get lost in shopping centres hahaha!. Im trusting that when I die, I will understand what happened to me and look for the exit door lol. Im sure someone will be their to show me the way

    I have found spirit people to be exactly like they were when they were alive. They can very funny, crack jokes, tell you off, be offended, laugh....its endless. They can also be nasty individuals , just like they were when they were alive. Peoples personalities are an energy that is part of their spirit .

    I also believe that animals can be soul mates too and form a spiritual bond. I have had a much loved Doberman come back to bark in my ear ( clairaudient bark) to say goodbye to me the night before I got the phone call to pick up his ashes that had taken 3 weeks to be placed in a box. I was very distraught over it and it was just a lack of communication. I think he hung around for my closure . What a good boy...love him for that !

    I think Ruby, just trust yourself. You just know when something is from a spirit.

    I believe you dont only live once.... I have had experiences with that also but that is another story.

    Would you believe I was petrified of death before I came to the acceptance that it just isnt the end of us when we die. Not scared anymore, in fact, without sounding bizarre, Im sort of looking forward to my spirit life because there is so much you can do and create with your own thoughts.....so I am told ;-)

    By the way, I never discuss anything paranormal or spiritual in my working life as a nurse. Its unethical
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  6. Ruby

    Ruby Established Member

    It's a sign of a good conscience to feel guilty for your wrong-doings and what we as parents try to instil in our children so they can be good members of society and all that. So it feels as if it ought to be a good trait if they feel they can't move on, and these spirits should be forgiven more readily than those who would just soar upwards thinking they're right and good all the time! I think we all know people like that and they're very annoying!! Of course, not everyone gets good guidance from parents and many have a terrible start in life and go from bad to worse. But then all this is just human behaviour and doesn't of course govern the way that nature works, or might work. I have to say it's disappointing though, as we tend to hope that those who do terrible deeds will have to pay the price if not apprehended in their lifetime! I suppose that's just a religious idea.
    I know exactly what you mean about how you're best to trust yourself, especially as you get older you gain that confidence. It's just that no-one yet understands the capabilities of the brain. It's that whole PSI thing again and reading experts in that field causes me to doubt what I experienced, though not enough to just dismiss it as nonsense. Certainly not! The one medium I saw worked well for me in that nothing much happened until the end when evidential information came through in a rush. Because of that I was able to remember all she said and she'd given up and had started to talk about her career. She suddenly said a strong male presence had entered the room and her demeanour completely changed which quite stunned me as I was sat there thinking why am I so gullible? Typical of my son to be late to the meeting! Anyway, amongst other things, all accurate, she said something and mimed an action which was familiar to me and afterwards on the train home I realised what it was. I just suddenly knew, as you said, what this was referring to. It's the most amazing thing, same as the instant recognition of the apparition and the voice and knowing someone was there before even looking. But it mostly all gets dismissed by science and in our society they are the ones people tend to pay attention to. However, you can tell yourself that these things are undetectable by our senses and any machines we design, which is very possible, but then people like me will think who am I to think I can detect things others cannot, so I think I'm just stuck in the middle for good!! As to what you say about patients having "paranormal delusions", you wonder why that would be such a bad thing if it helps them, it seems harmless! These medics can be arrogant!

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