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Another newbie saying hi

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Jimmy, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. Jimmy

    Jimmy New Member

    Hi everyone. I am new to the forum but not the subject. I have researched much over the years. Like many others, I am just trying to make sense of it all. I was about 95% convinced in some sort of afterlife, but I continuously try to find reasons why not to believe, for no other reason than to hope I explored them all and dismissed them. This is too important a question to be less than 100% sure, which I know I may never get too. Well I am going to look around and post here and there if I think I can offer any thoughts or insight. Thank you!
  2. mac

    mac senior member Staff Member

    Welcome! We hope you find ALF interesting.
  3. Widdershins3

    Widdershins3 Active Member

    Welcome, Jimmy! I think the disbelief that plagues us comes from the secular, non-believing society in which most of us have been raised. With all the fascinating psychic experiences I've had (and reincarnational memories of other lives), I still get the doubts now and then too. My husband and most of our friends are atheists and that negativity can't help but wear off on me. They also 'believe' in science in a way that to me feels like fundamentalist religious beliefs--I call it "scientism" and try not to judge them for doing it. But it's hard, because they're appalled by my spirituality and, though they try to hide it, it sneaks through in conversation.

    My way of handling my own episodes of disbelief is to read all I can on life after death and other spiritual topics and to come here where I can discuss them without being looked down upon.

    Re: your hope to achieve 100% certainty--I'm not sure most of us ever get there. Maybe be easier on yourself and just resolve to work on it while you're here. Perhaps certainty would work against some of the lessons you're here to work on. But in any event, I'm so glad you found your way here.
  4. Jimmy

    Jimmy New Member

    Hi Widdershins, thank you for your thoughts, I completely agree. What are some of the experiences you speak of? I myself find the greatest proof in actual experiences.
  5. Amore

    Amore Active Member

    Ha you took the words right out of my mouth! It's the only way you can be 100% sure something is real. And even then, as Widdershin points out, our rational mind still manages to instil doubt every now and then.
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