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animals for meat

Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by mac, Jun 29, 2020.

  1. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I thought readers might appreciate hearing what guide and teacher Silver Birch had to say.

    A questioner asked: “Would it be true to say that you are a better person spiritually if you obey material laws and therefore your spirit expresses itself through a good physical instrument?" (meaning a healthy body) The guide replied:

    "Yes, but it is qualified by the motive for deciding to do so. It is the motive that counts. If a person says, I am going to abstain from consuming flesh foods because I think it is bad for my body,' he has not elevated his spirit by one degree. If a man says he will not smoke because his breathing will improve, he is not spiritually better off.

    But if an individual says, 'I desire to develop my spiritual nature and to do so I will abstain from any practices which prevent the spirit from having a fuller expression,' then he has unfolded. It is the motive that is important."

    A question about vegetarianism led Silver Birch to say, “When you have reached the stage that you are aware of the responsibility you have towards all other forms of creation, then automatically you cannot contribute to the cruelty involved in their slaughter, and that is an index of your spiritual development."

    Another visitor asked: “Are animals sent to earth to help mankind?” to which Silver Birch replied: ”Yes. And mankind is sent to help them.”

    The questioner went on: “But the whole purpose of the animal creation is not to be of use to man?” to which Silver Birch answered: ”No, that is only part of the work.”

    Silver Birch was asked: “Could you tell us something of life on the Other Side for slaughtered animals?” His reply was: “There is compensation once an adjustment is made. It was never part of the plan that man should consume his brother or his sister in whatever form life manifested itself. I do not have to tell you that animals who are slaughtered do not willingly accede, especially as some have a sensitiveness and awareness that are perhaps rudimentary so far as man is concerned but real so far as the animal is concerned. This abnormal death, like all sudden shocks, involves a process of adjustment. There are special guardians, the spiritual equivalent to your veterinary surgeons, who care for the animals treated in this fashion.

    Motive is the important consideration. If in order to end physical suffering, when any beloved animal is beyond all earthly aid, you put a period to its physical life, your motive is a good one and thus the motive qualifies the passing and helps.

    But if, with complete and callous disregard for all the natural rights of animals, you kill them, then your motive is selfish. You do no good to yourselves or to them, and they have to be helped. They have compensation for what they missed on earth....
    Man cannot escape the consequences of the responsibility for his actions. Your world, like all life and like other manifestations of the universe, is one, where mutual dependence and co-operation are parts of the natural law. Those who do not live in harmony with the law must pay the price.”

    On another occasion someone asked: “I have been told Jesus actually taught that we should not kill animals for food. Is this true? Was it in one of the Gospels and then cut out? "

    "It is very difficult to know what was taught by Jesus of Nazareth, because no records were taken at the time. Moreover, you must realise that revelation that came in those days had to be suited to the people of that generation. They had to be given what they were capable of understanding and assimilating.

    It was never the intention that this should be regarded as the finality of all truth because knowledge, like truth and wisdom, is infinite. All things of the spirit are infinite, and you cannot put a period to infinity. The Nazarene had to teach what the people of his day were capable of understanding, He could not be too far in advance of them.

    As to whether it is right or wrong to kill animals for food, this is a question which each individual must decide for himself. Motive is the paramount consideration in all human behaviour."
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  2. CuriousYeti

    CuriousYeti New Member

    My dog, over the years with him, taught me a personal understanding of how some animals operate when it comes to food and prey.

    Respect is first, for the animal being targeted - the weakest of the group, or maybe sick, and a quick kill.

    Respect is why they will sometimes take in and care for an animal they may otherwise eat.

    Cats I don't understand lol, but after learning stuff from Loki my dog I felt no guilt about eating meat if it is Halal, or free-range, and the animals aren't tortured like in factory farming. These good sources are still a work in progress for my wife and I.

    A primal urge takes over animals, causing them to hunt prey. They respect that, but they respect their prey.

    Did I explain this well?
  3. mac

    mac Staff Member

    You explained things the way you see them.....
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