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Andrew's Sessions with the North American Station

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Andrew, May 30, 2016.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    I had several communication sessions with the North American Station this week, and I discovered some very interesting things! In this session, I asked some general questions about ITC. Out of mere curiosity, or so I thought, I asked whether there was a Mandarin-language station. Mandarin is the most widely-spoken language in the world, and so I figured that there might well be a station devoted to Chinese communication already. Much to my surprise, I received a short, clear response in Chinese from the North American Station: 为儿子, or "for our sons." This was followed by "You're going to help."

    Now, less than a week later, I am indeed in the process of helping the discarnate researchers establish a Chinese-language station, with Craig's guidance. Spirit has even led me to a native speaker in China who is interested in the process and who is helping me to translate. There is some other interesting information in this session, but this is simply amazing!
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    In this ITC, I asked some questions about the Chinese-language station that the discarnate researchers want to establish. I learned that it will be called the Beijing Station, which seems quite logical. ("Chinese" could refer to about a dozen different languages, but Mandarin is the regional dialect of the Beijing area.) I also confirmed that those at the station wanted my help in building this station.
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    Because my ITC recording from July 26 produced very faint responses, I wanted to confirm the information that was conveyed during that session before acting upon it. I contacted Marlene, a Brazilian woman who sometimes communicates with us from both the Brazilian and the North American Stations, and she told me exactly the same things about the Beijing Station that I had been told in the two previous sessions.

    I also asked some questions about the perception of earthly time in the afterlife. Essentially, Marlene said that they can see the earth's future from the Summerland, but that it is not a definite future--it's the most probable outcome based on the current path we are taking; it can be changed. She also gave me the current expected outcome of the American presidential election, as well as which parties will control the United States House of Representatives and the Senate after the 2016 elections. I asked for this information, because it will be easy to verify in the near future.

    (Warning: If you'd rather be surprised this November by the election results--even though these predictions are not definite, they are much more accurate than our earthly polling, I'm sure--then please skip this particular video.)
  4. ShingingLight1967

    ShingingLight1967 Active Member

    Hi Andrew...

    TBH.. out of every one of these, I think this was the clearest one of all for me to understand. I have taken to not watching the screen so I can see if I can pick up on anything.. and this one.. was the best for me.
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi SL! I agree--this session was remarkably clear. When speaking with Marlene, we use a gibberish file that was created from a recording of her earth voice, and I find that the results are much better with that particular gibberish then with the generic female audio file. I don't know whether it is because Marlene herself feels a much stronger connection to her own voice, or whether there is some other advantage to this file, but it does seem to work quite well.
  6. ibelieve

    ibelieve New Member

    That was clear! And I hope it's wrong!
  7. TheEscapist

    TheEscapist New Member

    I went to watch your videos but it said no content was available. Could that be because I'm in Canada, or did you take them down?
  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    In my browser, pressing the play button yields: 'This video has been removed by the user' It looks like Andrew has decided to withdraw them, perhaps to add newer ones when he's experimented further....
  9. Annie

    Annie New Member

    Ah shoot, the videos aren't available...curious if Marlene was correct in her predictions. This sounds like it would be really cool to listen to.
  10. pleiades

    pleiades New Member

    I do remember that the Presidential prediction was Hillary Clinton and IMO, it was accurate since she did win the popular vote. :)

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