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Andrew's Sessions with the North American Station

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Andrew, May 30, 2016.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    Here's another session from almost a week ago--I've been a tad bit behind with analyzing my ITC sessions this week. This is the first session of mine that uses the new, refined gibberish file that Craig sent all the researchers last weekend, and that seems to have made quite a difference. In my estimation, this recording has some of the clearest responses I've received! This session doesn't include any attempts to communicate with particular people; I just asked the team at the North American Station to repeat several words and to answer a couple of questions.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    This session from June 9 is also pretty clear in my opinion, but perhaps not quite as clear as the recording from June 6. In this recording, I asked the team at the North American Station to repeat some words and to answer some general-knowledge questions, and I then spoke briefly with my great-grandmother. I think the last section, which uses the female gibberish since I'm speaking with my great-grandmother, is remarkably clear!
  3. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Wow, that's great! And you're communicating with some out-of-this-world-class folks ;-).
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    This is the first English-language ITC session I've recorded using my new microphone and speaker set. I think that the new equipment has improved the quality somewhat, but I'll be curious to hear what all of you think. In this session, I didn't attempt to contact any specific person; rather, I just did some quick word repetitions and general-knowledge questions to help the team at the Station to hone their signal. In my opinion, the clearest responses are "pigment" and "Merkel."

    (Note: Merkel is pronounced like "mur-kel" in the responses, which is how most English speakers seem to say it. I speak German, and so I always pronounce it more like "mair-kel," and I was surprised to hear the anglicized pronunciation. I see this as yet another sort of proof that I'm not just hearing the responses I'm looking for in the recordings.)
  5. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    Here's a quick session I did earlier today with the North American Station. I need to get back to doing more in-depth sessions, but lately I've been focusing my energy mainly on connecting with the Brazilian Station. This session wasn't the clearest, in my opinion, but I think some of the responses were pretty good quality. "German" and "Newton" especially struck me as being very precise, if that makes sense.
  6. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    They're getting clearer - this is exciting!

    I think it's important here to remind everyone of the process that is now underway, and why this is so difficult. I'll just recount a bit of what I know; others who know more are welcome to chime in! Until now, electronic communication with the dead was not very different from mediumistic communication, in that it was one-off stuff - a group of the dead developing good contacts with certain living people who were simpatico with them - and nothing that you or I could really do. This sort of communication continues under the leadership of Tom and Lisa Butler, who are doing wonderful work! But while it is satisfying for the individuals involved, the dead now feel that it doesn't do enough to advance the general public awareness that we all survive. So now dead experts - and the dead are always the leaders in this work - are doing something very ambitious. They are building a series of what they call Stations.

    Timestream - or Rio de Tiempo - is the oldest Station of which I am aware, dating from the nineties (or even the eighties - doesn't matter). It uses primarily Portuguese. Then, early in this century, the dead began to experiment with better technology on their end through the Brazilian Station, which we have been told is a physical station located higher in the afterlife levels. Sonia Rinaldi is working with them from this end, and by now they are getting such wonderful, clear communications that dead children and their parents are communicating routinely through the Brazilian Station. Very recently Maria Pe, an American whose young sons have been working hard to communicate with her, received clear communications through that station that were in English.

    Stations have language lexicons, though, and Sonia was told that her Station couldn't really help English-speakers very well and what was needed was a separate North American Station. So two years ago our indomitable friend Craig Hogan volunteered to assist with this new English-speaking Station. Dead experimenters who include such brilliant scientific types as Einstein and Tesla have been busy building what we are told is the largest and most ambitious Station so far. The idea is to build a communication method between there and here that is "hard-wired" - they liken it to laying fiber-optic cable - and to make it so strong and so reliable that eventually anyone on earth will be able to communicate with dead loved ones simply by using perhaps an app. It will become like telephonic communication! Now the dead are saying that the "electronics" from their end are all set up, and what is needed is many people accessing the North American Station to make the signal stronger. And that is what Andrew is doing here, together with dozens of other people. It isn't about what he is receiving now, in other words, but it's about assisting the dead experts in building the signal-strength of the NA Station to the point where it will be usable by all. If you want to assist in this effort, your help is welcome! Go to spiritualunderstanding.org and you'll find the instructions for connecting. Craig is personally assisting all the experimenters. You, too, can be a part of helping the future to at last begin!
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2016
  7. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I've been using better recording equipment for the last few sessions--that could be why. But I've been told that the quality will be equivalent to that of the Brazilian Station by January, so we're not far away!

    I've just connected with Timestream Station this morning, and I've created a new thread for my sessions with that station. They come through about as clearly as the Brazilian Station does, only with a distinct European accent.
  8. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Heh - You don't think of people without physical bodies and living where there is no distance actually still having regional accents, do you??
  9. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I don't think the dead at Timestream Station actually have regional accents. European Portuguese follows different pronunciation rules than its Brazilian counterpart does--it's not the same as British versus American English; it's much starker--so I'm guessing that these differences are automatically included in the two lexicons that the Portuguese-speaking stations use.
  10. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    I finally managed to find a little free time yesterday to conduct a session with the North American Station--well, sessions are actually very short; it's shifting through the recording and making the videos that takes a decent chunk of time. In any case, here is the result. I was told that I was speaking with Marie Curie, which is interesting because she has never, to my knowledge, been referenced as one of the researchers at the station. This sort of work does, however, sound like something she would be doing! To me, "American" sounds like the clearest response from this session, and "Theresa" seems to be the faintest. I'll be curious to hear others' thoughts.

    I also found the message about communicating with the future to be rather curious. When I asked whether such communication was possible, I received, "Don't. You're in above your head." I assume that "you" refers to those who would attempt to talk with the future rather than me personally--I have no interest in that particular type of ITC, but I did wonder if it was possible after the topic arose here recently. (This particular wording is also interesting on a linguistic level, because I usually say "over your head" not "above," although both are documented forms of the same idiom.)

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