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Andrew's Sessions with the North American Station

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Andrew, May 30, 2016.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Mac,

    I'll reply to this message first. I actually don't ask people to appear beforehand, but I do write out a script for the session before I begin. So, it is plausible that my writing down my grandmother's name somehow mentally alerts her that I intend to ask for her presence.

    However, although I agree with your assertion that it is not possible to "summon to dead"--I have read those exacts words in the afterlife literature many times--I think that what Roberta says makes a lot of sense. When the Station says "BUSY" and then "NAME," I believe that this is rather akin to saying "Hold a moment." We cannot summon the dead, but we can request their presence, just as we would do with any living person.

    To address your concerns, I don't know who is communicating with me before my grandmother appears, I can't say that this person is unknown to her. If it is, for example, my spirit guide who is communicating--this is a thought that has occurred to me--I imagine the two would be acquainted. Moreover, I think that it is the act of vocally calling for my grandmother during the session that alerts her to my communication attempt, no matter where she is at the moment. She can then travel to the Station more or less instantaneously.
  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    This is an interesting point you make, Mac. I have sent Craig these recordings as well, and for the first two sessions he could hear the responses quite clearly. For the third one though, he was unable to make out most of them--including the "I love you" you mentioned, which I thought was one of the loudest, clearest responses I had gotten. For me, some are crystal clear, and others are just barely discernable, but each response is unmistakably there in my opinion.

    The idea that what I am hearing is helped my a sort of latent clairaudience never occurred to me, but perhaps you are right. I've emailed Craig to ask for his thoughts on the matter, but the theory does make sense to me. I'd be interested in knowing whether other users are able to hear the responses or not. Personally, I have only had a single (rather unpleasant) experience with clairaudience before.

    Of course, it is also plausible that the responses simply are not there--any scientific researcher should admit that possibility--but I don't think that is the case, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I did not attempt to "make things fit" when analyzing these recordings. All these sessions have questions that I have omitted because I did not find a discernable response in the recording. Secondly, some of the answers were not what I had expected. For example, the "January;" I had fully expected to hear "December," because I knew that was the answer Craig had received to the same question. This is also the case with some of the names--they are correct, but they are not the forms I'm used to hearing.
  3. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    As promised, here is another ITC session. In this recording, I did some basic word repetitions and then connected with my grandmother again. After asking a couple of questions to verify her identity, I asked about a couple of things that were of interest to me. Perhaps the most notable response was in reply to my question about the North American Station; she said there were "lots of people [there]." The responses are pretty clear; I sent this recording to Craig yesterday and he could also make out most of the answers.
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  4. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    In this ITC session, I did not attempt to contact anyone in particular; rather, I focused on testing the technological abilities of the North American Station in general. For example, after some regular word repetitions, I asked for several repetitions of longer words and phrases to see whether the technology at the Station could send longer responses. I also asked several open-ended questions about the inner workings of the Station, both out of curiosity and to see whether the signal was strong enough for longer answers. I also believe that Roberta's principal spirit guide, Thomas, was part of the team that was communicating with me in this session!
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  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Hi Andrew. I've been listening to your recent audio clips. Try as I might I could not discern any answers. Is it just me or do others say they can't hear them either?

    I'm assuming the short amplified, audio clips came at the right times for them to be responses to your questions but I simply could not make out any of the words this time.

    If you can hear them, if your grandma can hear yours, then you both must have an ability I simply don't have... Or am I doing something wrong?
  6. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Mac,

    I regularly send my recordings to Craig, and he can usually discern most, if not all, of the responses I report hearing--the exception was the session from May 27; he could not hear most of the answers from that recording. Among my own family members, those who listen seem to hear some of the responses, but fewer than Craig hears. Everyone seems to have differing opinions regarding which responses are the clearest. I think that those who work with the Station likely develop a better ear for this work. As you had mentioned, there may also be a clairaudient aspect to what we hear, but there is really no way to prove or disprove that theory.

    There are a couple of things you might try doing to increase the sound quality. I know you mentioned previously that you were using headphones; you might try quality earbuds instead. These are what I use, and I find that any given sound is much crisper and clearer than it is with regular headphones. I also don't recommend noise-reducing or noise-cancelling headphones--the white noise used to block out disturbances might detract from the quality of the audio. Lastly, it might be helpful to slow down the recordings since many of the responses are quick. I would do this, but the program I use (GarageBand) doesn't allow one to change the speed of a particular clip without affecting the rest of the recording.

    You should also keep in mind that the stress patterns sometimes vary in the recordings. I try to point out the most notable differences in the subtitles, but the responses in general sound very "sing-songy" to me--much like how the Swedish language sounds. (Speaking of which, another possibility besides clairaudience is that as a student of six or seven foreign languages, I am very much accustomed by now to trying to find words in what at first appears to be incomprehensible gibberish.)

    I'm not sure what you meant when you said "if your grandma can hear yours" in your post above. She's in Spirit, so I'm certain she does have intuitive abilities that neither of us has. :)
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  7. lybg

    lybg New Member

    I can understand about a third to one half of the words. Andrew, your grandmother is much clearer to me than any of the others. I understand most all of her words. Yesterday, when she told you "I love you"...it all but broke me. To hear that from my loved ones again!

    Growing up in south Texas, I can understand what you mean about decerning the "sing songiness" of the speach pattern. It is English, just with a different cadence.
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  8. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Hello Andrew

    It's interesting to learn what others hear. First I want to respond about your grandma. Yes I realise she's discarnate but what I mean is does she hear you through the device or does she pick up you up by telepathy? And do you do the same?

    My lack of recognition of words I fully accept may be down to personal insensitivity. It might also be hearing although my 'good' ear is average for my age. On my acoustic neuroma side I have considerable hearing loss and considerable tinnitus noise but I don't know how much they impair (if at all) my discernment of words on the audio clips. I have decent quality Sony earbuds, a set of Sennheiser headphones and the big computer with it's loud output. They probably produce sound as good as my hearing can resolve. I've tried all three methods with similar results. Perhaps with regular exposure to the sounds I would begin to pick words out. I'm going to ask my wife to listen later to see if she picks up anything, just for comparison.

    You mention subtitles and sing-songy sound. I'm not noticing the sing-songy aspect but the subtitles aspect raises a question. When you know the answer will be one of two or three words, isn't there a likelihood that the listener is already 'attuned' to hearing one of the words? Hearing only the reply would avoid that situation - there must be a scientific term for such a procedure but I don't know it!
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  9. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Yes, the cadence--that's precisely it. My theory is that machine the dead use to communicate ties together the appropriate sounds needed to form specific words, but that it cannot always find the right intonations for each phonetic sound.

    I agree that my grandmother tends to have clearest responses; I think that is partially due to the gibberish that I use to communicate with her. Craig has prepared two different sets of gibberish--one for men and one for women-- for the experimenters, and I seem to get stronger responses from the female gibberish. There could also be spiritual reason. She personally knew and loved me during her earthly life; perhaps that bond facilitates the communication process?
  10. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    I don't know how she hears me, Mac, but I would say that there is not much difference between the two methods you describe above. According to the team with whom I communicated yesterday--purportedly Thomas Jefferson and Montague Keen--the dead communicate via thought; they use telepathy at the Station to send their messages to a machine, which then converts them into words and sends them to us. If the machine also relays our messages to them, then I would say it likely does so telepathically. Actual sound would, I think, be too much of a bother in a crowded place where various people are all having different conversations.

    (On a related note, it seems that discarnate spirits do not realize I wish to communicate with them until I specifically and audibly ask for them. For example, you might have noticed in my videos that whenever I ask for my grandmother, the Station says "BUSY" and then quickly says her name. I take this to mean that she was not there when I first asked, but appeared almost immediately thereafter. This happens even though I always write out my questions and requests beforehand. This morning, I wanted to contact someone I had never met, a great-grandmother of mine, so I specifically asked for her presence out-loud before I began the session. When I did eventually ask to speak to her during the session, there was no "BUSY;" she was immediately available.)

    I'll be curious to hear whether your wife is able to hear any of the words. In your case, I wonder if the hearing loss in one ear is partially to blame for your inability to make out most of the responses? I have noticed that I cannot hear many of the responses if I only have one earbud in my ear.

    As for the sing-songy aspect of the responses, I think it's only apparent if one can make out the word or phrase itself. Otherwise, it just sounds like gibberish, I imagine.

    I see what you mean about about the listener being "attuned" to hearing a certain word, but there really isn't much that can be done to fix this issue. If I left out the questions and included only the Station's answers in the videos, I worry that the responses would seem like a string of incoherent non-sense. Plus, it's interesting to see the order of the session--sometimes words come through before or after they are requested.

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