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Andrew's Sessions with the North American Station

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by Andrew, May 30, 2016.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Guest

    Hi Everyone!

    For the last week or so, I have been working to contact the North American Station using Dr. R. Craig Hogan's instrumental transcommunication (ITC) instructions. I have had some amazing results so far, and since a couple of members were curious about Craig's efforts, I figured I would post the responses that I have gotten from the Station.

    Below are the last three sessions that I have conducted with the Station. Please note that the audio files are edited; for convenience, I have omitted sections of the recordings that do not contain audible responses, and I have also increased the volume of the responses I could detect. The audio files have not been edited in any other way. I've uploaded the recordings to YouTube in order to add subtitles--the Station's responses are very faint at times, and I recommend listening with headphones or earbuds.

    As I do more sessions, I plan to post them in this thread. However, if you use YouTube regularly, please do subscribe to my channel--you will likely see new sessions more quickly that way! Let me know if you have any questions or thoughts about the ITC sessions I've conducted.
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  2. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    This is the first of two sessions that I conducted with the North American Station on Thursday, May 26, 2016. I first asked the team at the Station to repeat several words, which helps them, we are told, to strengthen their communications. I later asked a few simple questions about the station, such as where it is located and when its responses will be clearer. I was told that the Station is on a "distant" plane, and that its communications will be clearer by "January" of next year; this information generally fits with the answers has received after asking the same questions.
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  3. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    This is the second of the two sessions I conducted with the North American Station on Thursday, May 26, 2016. In this recording, I asked whether my grandmother was available to communicate with me. I was told that she was, and she correctly answered several evidentiary questions in order to prove her identity.
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  4. Andrew

    Andrew Guest


    This session with the North American Station was conducted on Friday, May 27, 2016. I recorded this audio file using a new method I conceived of that morning, which allowed me to communicate in real time with the Station--someone channeled the idea through me; technology is not a strength of mine! During the session, I asked for a few word repetitions and then connected with my grandmother again. She answered more evidentiary questions, as well as a couple of other questions.
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  5. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    Wow, Andrew, thank you for starting this process with Craig and sharing its fruits with us! The work now being done by the dead to at last establish regular and universal technological communication between their realms and ours is historic - it is going to change everything! - and the reason why it hasn't happened until now is that the process is almost insurmountably difficult. Your wonderful recordings both highlight that difficulty and illustrate that promise! I knew your delightful grandmother. That she can now tell you again that she loves you gladdens my heart! And that soon - thanks to you, dear, and to so many others who are helping the dead experts working now to make this happen - the day is not far off when everyone who has lost a loved one will again be able to hear those comforting words across the illusion of death that briefly separates us. And then, indeed, the world will change!
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    In what way did you advise your grandma that you wanted her to take part in the experiment? Was it just on the day or did you ask her beforehand?
  7. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    As a note to everyone who is following this process, I want to offer the following explanation of what you are hearing in these recordings:

    1) Everything is energy! The dead are exactly where we are, but they are at what amounts to a higher channel on the television set that is your mind. When communicators tell Andrew that they are at a "distant" place, that's like telling him that they are at channel 27 when he is at channel 3, as it were. And just as two people on live TV at channel 27 and channel 3 could not casually chat in real time, so any kind of conversation between people on different dimensions of reality is almost insurmountably difficult. Since everything is consciousness, we long ago learned to communicate via the energy that is consciousness. This is what mediums do. But that kind of communication requires innate skills plus the time to develop them so very few people can be successful mediums even to talk with their own dead.

    2) Dead experimenters are literally creating a permanent channel between there and here. They refer to it as "laying fiber-optic cable," and indeed we understand that the process involves spiritual light in some fashion, but I don't think that even Craig Hogan and Gary Schwartz (the two leading living U.S. experimenters) fully understand what the dead are doing. All we know is that they have created some large, solid, machinery-filled places called "stations" where people in their world will congregate to converse with loved ones in our world, while people here will be able to chat with those loved ones either by computer (initially) or by cell phone app (eventually, we think).

    3) In its early stages, this method of communication requires voice-like gibberish. That was all the chatter you heard on Andrew's communications; and if you want to try doing this, Craig Hogan will send you the necessary background chatter. The dead use the energy of that gibberish to form their communications, but we understand that this is a problem only initially. Indeed, the Brazilian station (which is about two years ahead of us in development) is reporting now that it is beginning to dispense with the gibberish and still getting good communications.

    4) Timing has been another problem. Time doesn't exist where the dead are, and initially the process required that all of this be taped. The communicator here would ask a series of questions into the gibberish, and the communicator over there would often be heard upon playback to answer those questions just before they were asked. But still, the record-and-playback process has been needed until literally last Friday, when Andrew received from Spirit and then actually used a method by which he could hear their answers in real-time. That was in the third recording, just above. I listen to it with awe. Go back and listen again! You are standing on the sands at Kitty Hawk; you are watching the very first Tin Lizzy drive shakily past on a dirt road at five miles per hour. You are witnessing the birth of the future!
  8. RobertaGrimes

    RobertaGrimes Administrator

    I'm sure that Andrew will answer you, Mac, but I will just for now say that he and I shared dinner last Friday evening, and he told me about his experiments that day. He said - and this makes sense - that he asked if his grandmother was there, and the answer was at first no but then immediately became yes. Rather like ringing up someone's house on a landline and having her called to the phone. Now, he may have let her know earlier that he would be calling; or she may simply have read his thoughts. But since all communication there is telepathic, and since travel there is by thought and instantaneous, it should be easy once this is up and running for just anyone to ring up the station and ask for anyone to whom the caller is connected by love, and it will be as if that person is summoned to the downstairs hallway landline receiver: it should be that quick and easy. Wow.
  9. mac

    mac Staff Member

    In traditional mediumship we're told it's not possible to 'summon the dead' - they need to come forward and wish to communicate. Based on that it would make sense to me that Andrew would mentally ask his grandma to be ready for him attemting to contact her via the ITC set up.

    It's often advised that we send out our thoughts to the one(s) we'd like to reach prior to attending a traditional mediumistic sitting or event. I don't see how an etheric ITC communication station with a discarnate 'operator' online could almost immediately locate another discarnate with whom that operator has no connection other than if 'prior arrangements' have been made for the event.
  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Andrew: After lunch today I later did what you'd suggested and listened in using quality earbuds on my laptop. While cooking lunch, though, I played each recording through a large all-in-one computer with a good sound card producing plenty of volume through the computer's speakers.

    I played the recordings four times and listened carefully to the amplified sound-clips on the sound track of the video. I was unable to discern most of the words you heard although I did think I could just make out 'January' on one recording and 'I love you' on the final one. Other than those I was unable to make out words against the background jumble of sounds and found the emphasised, clipped answers unrealistic and indiscernible.

    Might it be, though, that what you hear is augmented by clairaudience, something you have but I don't? And perhaps those for whom the ITC method works well may 'tune in' and hear part-clairaudiently (without being aware it's happening) while listening to the recordings? They may only possess rudimentary clairaudience but sufficient to add detail and shape to words that someone like myself can not discern....

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