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Adventures of a Reluctant Medium

Discussion in 'After-Death Communication' started by reluctantmedium, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. reluctantmedium

    reluctantmedium New Member

    I did not ask for this gift. If it is a gift. This gift keeps me up at night. The latest stunt by them has really complicated my life and instead of it being a great thing I am now researching websites to ask "mediums" that I don't believe in (I love you, I respect you, I think I am this, but I don't believe it. It's complicated.) So I landed here. And I need your help. I need to figure this out and the two people I asked closest to me think I have lost my mind, so I feel all alone. I'm scared if I keep telling them they will tell me I need a prescription of something. I'm getting to the point. So here is the point. I was minding my own business on Friday. Yes, I had contributed to FInd-A-Grave before, and yes, I had had some strange experiences, but I was not a medium. Just strange experiences at the cemetary so I stopped going for a while. But back to Friday. So Friday night I was going to sleep and something or someone or a voice or whatever you call it, impulse, thought machine, etc. told me I was to go to a certain cemetary first thing Saturday morning. No big deal, I like taking photos and posting them to Find-A-Grave. It was a pleasant morning. I got to the cemetary and did not know where to start. So I drove around the entire cemetary until I felt "led" or something to a particular place. Logical place, Far back right corner and I would work my way around eventually. Took about 100 photos or so and felt like that was enough. Happy. Got in my car. Accomplished. Going home to post the photos. No problems. Then I get home and tech problems. Cant post the photos from my phone. Have to transfer to the computer. Oh, too much work. Going to lay down. "Something" makes me get up. Tells me...just do those Armstrong photos (made up a name, it was a foreign name). Trying to argue with it, want to sleep. It is so persistent. Okay, okay, I'll do those three Armstrong photos. Dang. So I get up and have to email myself the darn Armstrong photos. THEN they are sideways. Going to give up. But nooooooo it won't let me give up. So I end up putting them in Powerpoint, straightening them out and individually posting those stupid ridiculous three photos to Find-A-Grave. Wow. Ridiculous. I go back for a nap. Grumpy since I did not get to post all the work I had done. (There is a point here. Wait for it)

    THEN - Sunday Deborah posts a photo. The Armstrong child has died. A 13-year-old committed suicide.
    They are asking for contributions to assist in the arrangements. (THIS IS THE DAY AFTER I WAS COMPELLED TO POST THE ARMSTRONG PHOTOS FROM THE CEMETARY)

    The grief of my own daughter floods me. Grief for the family. How horrible horrible horrible. I see the name over and over. WAS IT ABOUT THIS? (Hang in there, there's more....)

    It is a small town and I am considered an outsider. I don't know the family. Why did this happen to me? I tell my ex-husband and he is completely not interested and repeats all the details, but they are all wrong. I give up.

    I tell a cop friend of mine. He could care less. I am still upset.


    Monday Deborah posts the obituary of the Armstrong child. His birth date and my daughter's birth date are the same day. February 13.

    While I have had other unusual things happen regarding being prompted by my deceased daughter to go certain places, etc. I have never had anything like this happen. I am a huge doubter and I don't know that I believe me, but I hope someone believes me and can explain. Or something. Please.
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Active Member

    What a story!
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  3. reluctantmedium

    reluctantmedium New Member

    Ruby, do the things happen to you?
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  4. Ruby

    Ruby Active Member

    Not now, but almost a year ago my son (died of cancer aged 22 in July 2016) suddenly called a long drawn-out "mum" which came after a second of static, in the middle of the afternoon when I was writing Christmas cards. Then, early in February this year, during a snowstorm a sudden perfume filled the air, followed that night by an appearance bedside! Three positions which moved in the blink of an eye. Firstly; standing close to the side of bed; second, leaning over me with one leg in front of another, and the last one; beside the wardrobe mirrors as a dense dark shape which dissolved! It was all happening that night as the hail and wind battered the windows and my electric toothbrush flashed as it was recharging next door. (Every time I recharge now I point the light towards the wall!) I actually spoke in a jokey way to the apparition before I looked at it properly, as I thought it was my husband back a night early due to the weather. And this is the thing: what causes the sense of presence? If a partner was to walk in when you were half asleep you often wouldn't know. But I knew someone was there before I opened my eyes. I was just lying there regretting the fact I'd have to go to the bathroom again and trying to ignore the fact!! (Sorry, too much information). When I saw the huge figure (6ft 5in tall) and took in the beige chinos I was absolutely terrified and stayed completely still until it vanished then turned over and hid under the covers. In the morning, of course, I was thrilled and have been on a high ever since. I took it to be my son's sense of humour; to spook mum on a dark and stormy night. Then I realised that both times I had looked at a tribute web page dedicated to my son both times shortly before the experiences. When writing cards I had looked at it because I was going to quote the address in a card, the second time to see a photo I remembered was on the website as it related to a letter I'd received in the post that morning. Another thing: the chest area was strobing with lots of red/blue colours and in the morning I realised that it was one of the plaid shirts my son would wear as a younger teenager. At university he wore t-shirts all the time, and rejected all the shirts which I said was a waste as they suited him!

    At least my story is not such a puzzle as yours. I absolutely believe you though. Someone out there may have experienced something similar. I have read a couple of cases somewhere of an unrelated person receiving information before family and friends.
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  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    You indicate you're a reluctant medium but what does 'being a medium' mean to you?
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
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