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ADVANCED Afterlife Information (from Angelics)

Discussion in 'Death and Life After Death' started by Jason Dwyer, Apr 18, 2020.

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  1. Hello All,

    We are all VERY blessed at this time to have the ABSOLUTE_TRUTH of existence (and Jesus) available to us. However, you developing yourself to the point of heart-grasping and knowing as true what is about to be said IS the process of PERSONAL_CONSCIOUSNESS_DEVELOPMENT itself. Meaning.. as you become more clear of emotional error at the SOUL_LEVEL.. you will be able to increasingly absorb and resonate with this HIGHER_TRUTH and understand it's immutable permanence including it acting as truth outside of anyone's particular belief system or religious or spiritual affiliation.

    Since LOVE and TRUTH are two sides of the same coin (a very exciting teaching itself), I will just dive right in sharing what I have learned and integrated into my heart from literally the highest beings in the universe - celestial beings with transformed divine-souls at-one with God 8th sphere and beyond.

    Since I have not studied Roberta's material in-depth, maybe Mac after reading this can share exactly where disparities are seen. I will be candid and forthright in saying that since very few humans connect to spirits beyond 2nd sphere.. it does appear much of this forum's afterlife information comes from channeled 1st and 2nd sphere spirits.. who, by the way, typically DO NOT KNOW where they live in the universe. They just are where they are. Yet, because they are now using the SPIRIT-BODYS mind.. which is much clearer and psychically connected than that of the MATERIAL-BRAIN.. they generally have much more awareness than EARTH INCARNATES and hence tend to think they know MUCH MORE than they actually do. The reality is the spiritual ignorance evident in 1st sphere is appalling and that in the 2nd sphere heavens is only somewhat less.

    Here are some potentially jolting facts to get the conversation started (hopefully):

    1. - the planes of SUMMERLAND exists the top 20% or so of 1st sphere. They do not exist in 3rd sphere.. although sometimes it is presented as such

    2. the hellish planes exist the bottom 40% of 1st sphere

    3. physical Earth essentially exists at the top of the hells in mid-to-low first sphere

    4. the HOSPITAL and reception area where most new discarnates are received is NOT their final spirit home or reflective of their actual love condition which is what produces their spirit home. While those pleasant areas of reception do exist in the higher parts of summerland and are quite welcoming, and there are a fair number of bright, loving 2nd sphere and up spirits assisting newcomers there.. this visitation period is only for temporary healing, psychological transition, and to prepare those NEW DISCARNATES to eventually acknowledge their own LOVE-CONDITION and SPIRITUAL-HEALTH which is usually quite poor.

    After spending anywhere from a few days to a few months in the reception area.. they eventually come to look in a mirror and seeing their dark condition (or through some other reflective means of their operating conscience) come to realize they are in POOR CONDITION like MOST OF the beings seen strolling around or convalescing in the hospital.

    As soon as this realization is made, they are whisked off by an assisting guide to a locale (their spirit home) that is generally substantially below in brightness and love frequency that of summerlands. In fact, summerlands and lower 2nd sphere are generally the SPIRIT_DESTINATION of aborted_and_miscarried_children who are much purer than a full grown adult or elderly discarnate who has generally DEGRADED IN LOVE throughout their lifetime. 99.9% of humans discarnate into 1st sphere and the majority of those discarnate into the upper hells. Conversely, Gandhi and Mary Magdalene discarnated into 3rd sphere. Jesus into 10th. Gandhi now lives in 17th sphere.. and Jesus and Mary in 36th sphere.. soul realms.

    5. 2nd sphere is the realm substantially more beautiful than Earth and is considered Heaven by many spirits.. including those channeled beings researched by Roberta.. yet 2nd sphere is still a very low realm. But virtually NO CHANNELED BEING comes from higher realms.. except those referenced farther below in this message

    CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD by Neale Donald Walsch is from a 2nd sphere spirit thinking it was God who actually knew nothing about God, our infinite soul parent whose audible voice has never been heard by the 70 billion souls in the universe, for God only communicates directly with the SOUL, not the SPIRIT or PHYSICAL bodies. Even more technically God communicates subjectively/personally only by EMOTION & CONSCIENCE and objectively only through her immutable unchanging effects meaning MATH and SCIENCE.

    Remember, spirits don't know what they don't know just like humans. Even low-level spirits tend to think they know ABSOLUTE TRUTH when they know virtually nothing about the universe. For example, it is not uncommon for a 1st sphere spirit who has experienced 11 minor plane transitions (due to growth in soul love condition) from lower 1st sphere to upper 1st sphere summerlands to believe and share with mediums on Earth that it is an 11th dimensional being. Again, most beings DO NOT KNOW where they are in the universe and are limited by their own beliefs.

    Even more extreme, you can perfect yourself as a MORTAL_NON-DIVINE_NATURAL_SOUL like Buddha, LaoTzu, Muhammad, and most Pleiadians - all of whom live perfected in natural_love in 6th sphere.. whilst having little to no awareness of actual God as an entity. Thus, they cannot grasp or believe there are the celestial realms they can evolve to once they receive enough DIVINE_LOVE through personal emotional interaction with soul-parent (God) which transforms their soul incrementally to angelic capable of traversing the 7th sphere stargate. In fact, it is your (the reader of this post) and the amount of DIVINE_LOVE in your soul..which will largely determine how much TRUTH you resonate with in these words. The more you have, the more you will sense the potential for actual truth herein.

    - - - - - -
    4% of the 65-70 billion souls in the universe live in celestial realms and are actually aligned with truth => At-One with God in 8th sphere or higher while maintaining COMPLETE FREE-WILL.

    - - - - - -
    The information in this post has been learned 3 different ways (1) directly through celestial beings INCARNATE currently in material-body (2) directly through DISCARNATE beings living eternally in Spirit-Body and (3) through the early 1900 channelings of James Padgett, one of the few mediums in last 100 years who was actually channeling celestial beings through his automatic writing.

    On amazon search "ba.....ormat" (title removed by admin.) and purchase immediately should you desire to start acclimatizing your consciousness to these absolute truths from celestials..including Jesus and Adam-and-Eve (Amon and Aman) in 1st person. But remember, the book is only ONE of the ways this material can be felt, but I highly recommend it.

    I, personally, received the Eye of God marking under skin from a Venusian ship on 11/11/2014.. which I now better understand. I did NOT.. at the time.

    Please do ask questions and challenge.

    Thank you & God Bless!
  2. mac

    mac Staff Member

    That's a lot of detail, Jason and I'm not persuaded there's any point in my wading through it all. For readers I'm just going to point out that ALL THE ABOVE should be considered the personal views and approach of this new member.
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  3. Many people have heard the audible voice of THE ONE TRUE GOD. You are wrong.
  4. mac

    mac Staff Member

    In fairness we don't know how many people have heard whatever/whomever it is they've heard..... Additionally there's no way of proving to anyone that you've heard a voice anyway but if you did, who that voice might belong to. And writing in upper case letters "the one true god" doesn't make things any more certain someone else is wrong as you assert.

    Individuals may believe, may be convinced, they've hear the voice of God. We can't prove they haven't, they can't prove they have. It comes down to personal persuasion. They may indeed have heard a voice but there's no certainty who the voice belonged to but if the individual is persuaded then that's all there is to it.

    God isn't an individual the way each of us is an individual. We know telepathy is the prime means of communication outside of this dimension so whatever God is there's little chance she/he/it will have a voice. ;)
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  5. mac

    mac Staff Member

    To Jason I'll say this. You're claiming certain things, lots of them! So really you should declare how you know. Then how what you're claiming can be substantiated/authenticated. I'm not saying it can't, only that you need to explain how it can.

    Advanced afterlife information from angelic beings? How do you know, where's your evidence, how can it be tested?
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  6. you are denying away alot of Holy Scriptures of world Religions here in your statement mac. THE ONE TRUE ETERNAL GOD always has and will speak to us in a aud
    well this is apostasy!.ALMIGHTY GOD can speak however GOD wants to and to whoever and always backs it up with evidence.
  7. mac

    mac Staff Member

    You appear somewhat exercised, geniah, but please there's no need to SHOUT at me. I'm listening and I hear you. :)

    When you first joined us here on ALF I suggested you took at look around ALF's forums and threads and that was to get a feel for our 'style'. This is a website that isn't influenced by (quote) holy scriptures or world religions. I'm not an apostate. Folk here are free-thinkers in the main or are seeking direction and help. I did ask how we might bets do that for you. :)

    God - or The Great Spirit - will mean different things to different people. Nobody understands the exact nature of God and her/his/its communication with us. Here we can discuss and debate what it means to us as individuals.

    Folk will sometimes agree and sometimes disagree and some won't be clear what they think or believe. What you won't be faced with is orthodoxy or expectation concerning how you think or believe. We all may face challenge when we post our views, opinions, beliefs and approaches in public. That's the nature of discussion-based websites like this one. :) It's just one thing that makes ALF a great place to be.
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  8. Mac-

    Maximum claims are being made here.. as well as the maximum promise that should you commit yourself to learning ABSOLUTE_TRUTH (introduced here) while still incarnate, you will have done a service to your soul (and soulmate) that is indescribably large in its value - with respect to quantity & intensity of BLISS and LOVE experienced in your future life. It would likely save you 100-500 years.. if not much more time.. of disorganized experimentation, emotional pain, and slowed personal growth in love.. from beings in lower realms who know little despite their belief otherwise.

    NOTE: You will be introduced to your hetero or homo soulmate around the time you attain 5th sphere consciousness. Soulmates incarnate onto Earth within 20 years of each other generally, but frequently don't recognize each other when meet due to inherited (and culturally programmed) emotional error & false belief. Were both of you born rather pure (which happens to virtually no one on Earth).. you would be drawn to each other ( from any locale worldwide) and actually become sexually active with each other in completely exclusive fashion at a very young age.

    The angelic/celestial information available now was NOT available to Atlantians, Egyptians, Moses, King Solomon..nor any Eastern sages or the Hindu scriptures.. nor any ancient civilizations long since erased from humans' 162,000 year history on this Earth.

    ABSOLUTE_TRUTH (which exists outside your being) can only be realized & fully authenticated through your own experiences, being, and consciousness.
    However, this seemingly subjective state of "your_truth" becomes increasingly objective and absolute as you incrementally receive into your soul a transformative energy called DIVINE_LOVE (from the creator of the universe and your soul-parent). This LOVE_ENERGY is not only actual_essence of "your father" but it gradually AUTO-ALIGNS your will & perception with absolute_divine_laws_of_love_and_truth which are often VERY DIFFERENT from man's definitions of love. In other words, your discernment, desires, actions, intent, and perception become ALIGNED with the DIVINE.. as you receive this divine essence into your soul. This is how you as a SUBJECTIVE being can become ABSOLUTE ANGELIC.. yet pleasingly still retain free-will. Basically, you will only ever consider doing things loving.. and there are still an infinite number of those activities to engage in.. and thoughts to ponder.

    --MORE INFO--
    All souls originally are just CREATIONS of One-Infinite-Creator.. and possess none of her essence UNTIL each soul employs CONSCIOUS FREE WILL and CHOOSES to receive her transformative essence. Until this is done your SOUL is a "Natural_Finite_Mortal_Soul" (or that of NATURAL_MAN) - and you cannot progress beyond 6th sphere in consciousness until the soul transformation to DIVINE takes place. Only 4% of the souls in the universe are in this state of At-One with "God" in 8th sphere or higher. Please note.. that the reception of DIVINE_LOVE not only makes one IMMORTAL - as the essence of creator is indestructible and it is now permanently in your soul - but it also gives you INFINITE GROWTH potential.

    I personally have ZERO religious background and have never read the Bible.. yet the "Power of DIVINE_LOVE" was the actual authoritative teaching of Jesus when on Earth.. which was very poorly conveyed or skewed in the Bible. Jesus did NOT die for our sins.. and the "HOLY SPIRIT" is actually the conduit or pipe through which this divine_love essence from soul-parent God is received into one's soul. Only "God" and NOT any other soul, including Jesus or Yeshua can send DIVINE_LOVE.

    Please note there are thousands of definitions or beliefs regarding GOD and LOVE in various groups of spirit collectives.. but ONLY the beings who understand what is written here.. and have received God's Divine Love through a personal_emotional_connection with him/her can enter 7th sphere celestial stargate and beyond, so this view is DEFINITIVE and AUTHORITATIVE. All other perspectives are inferior or lesser.. and you will grasp this more and more as you receive increasing Divine_Love.

    All souls can only send NATURAL_LOVE back and forth to each other. Only infinite-soul-parent can send soul-transforming DIVINE_LOVE and all communications by God to you.. are only to your SOUL (which is your causal core). Changes to your soul are propagated to your SPIRIT-BODY in 6 hours or less.. and propagate to your MATERIAL-BODY in 7 years or less.

    Again, a sensical creator of anything doesn't ever mess with EFFECTS.. only the CAUSAL / CORE aspect of his or her creation. Hence, God only interacts with your SOUL, never your MATERIAL or PHYSICAL bodies which are just appendages your soul uses to experience different dimensions.. and then from those experiences ERROR and/or TRUTH is absorbed into your soul.

    Unfortunately, by the time most humans are in their late teens there is SO MUCH ERROR in their soul.. true words such as those written here will conflict with one or more subconscious false beliefs.. and thusly.. will not resonate as TRUE. This is called the LAW_OF_PRECLUSION... and God only interacting with your soul is part of the LAW_OF_CAUSE_AND_EFFECT.

    Remember, there are multiple SOURCES for information like this.. but I already gave you one in my first message: a book called =>"BOOK OF TRUTHS". I provided the exact amazon search query "babinsky book of truths large format" to find that book. Of course, there are also angelics on the planet teaching this material on Youtube- but humans, due to their own subconscious baggage.. simply refuse to believe them.. despite the fact there is ZERO REASON not to.

    You really need to understand that DOUBTING THOUGHTS come from SOUL_ERRORS which skew clarity and logic. This point cannot be OVERSTATED.
    If you have any questions, let me know.

    Peace, brother. :)
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  9. ravensgate

    ravensgate Regular Contributor

    Jason, may I ask why you joined ALF?
    Thank you.
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  10. mac

    mac Staff Member

    Jason you are plainly very enthusiastic but ALF is a discussion-forum based website and your contribution doesn't invite discussion or engagement. And as I asked geniah will you please stop SHOUTING. Words written in upper case letters are considered shouting.

    I've closed this thread because it's more a lecture than an invitation to engage, discuss or debate. Threads should ideally cover just a small number of points. There are plenty of forums and no limit on the number of threads one may post. If you want to continue to offer your views then please keep in mind what I've said.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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