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A message through song?

Discussion in 'General Afterlife Discussions' started by Theokasius, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Theokasius

    Theokasius New Member

    This sounds strange but it is starting to confuse me. I have noticed whenever I'm sad, people sing Build Me Up Buttercup. I really like the song. I forgot the name but I just woke up singing it one day and remembered the name.

    Me and my partner have been having problems and I have been very down. Whenever I am, people sing the song even though the song was no played prior. Even people who don't know I like the song.

    The strangest one today was when part of me was wondering if I should break up with my boyfriend. He started singing (again song has not been played prior). He just kept singing the line "and mess me around, I need you, more than anyone baby".

    Might not been anything but it was a song my grandmother liked and after dreaming/waking up singing it to people singing it when I'm sad, just strange.

    Any thoughts you have I will greatful for.
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  2. Slate-writer

    Slate-writer New Member

    we often get inspiration from songs. it's the words that help. waking up with a song is great sign that someone is looking over you at the moment :)
    I bet you will get others songs come to mind as well. it's one way that our lost loved ones try to help us.
    happens to me a lot too.
  3. jells

    jells New Member

    I can't tell you how many times I've woke up in the morning with a particular song running through my head, with just the right words, that just happens to be a perfect fit to problems I might be having. Even songs that I would never think about. It's eerie! And once they're between my ears they might be stuck there for a day or two!
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  4. bluebird

    bluebird Well-Known Member

    I have had similar occurrences. If there is an afterlife, I think it's possible that my husband is arranging for me to hear those songs when I need them, or somehow sending them to me.

    Maybe something similar is happening to some of you. Or maybe it's a matter of your subconscious noticing songs that apply to your situation; I think that happens to me sometimes as well.
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  5. Slate-writer

    Slate-writer New Member

    That's exactly how it happens to me Jells - they usually stay with me until I've got the message (then I can't even remember the song any more) - but there's always a point to every song - even if it's just a hello or a funny line to make me smile :)

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