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a few thoughts

Discussion in 'Spiritual Growth & Development' started by mac, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    The essential sage in this field, Victor Zammit, shares with us these thoughts:

    • All humankind survives physical death, irrespective of beliefs.

    • At the point of death we take with us our mind and character along with all our experiences. We then live in our etheric (spirit) body, a near duplicate of our physical one. It is usually connected to the earth body by a ‘silver cord’ like the umbilical cord of a baby during life but becomes free on corporeal death. When the silver cord is severed there is no possibility of returning to the now dead physical body. The etheric body and our surroundings will feel just as solid as they are to us now.

    • There is no Heaven ‘up in the sky’ and no hell ‘down below’; the location of the afterlife and that of the earth plane are coincident. Just as there are different radio or TV frequencies within the same room, different worlds or “spheres” or “planes” inter-penetrate and exist without interfering with one another – from the highest ‘vibrations’ (frequencies) to the lowest.

    • There are many levels, spheres or planes of existence in the afterlife. On physical death we go to the level which can accommodate the vibration we have developed throughout our existence(s). Humankind frequently assigns a notional number to these levels and most ordinary people are said to go to the third one, often termed [/FONT][FONT=&amp]The Summerland[/FONT][FONT=&amp]. Those more spiritually evolved, of ‘higher’ vibration, will naturally progress to levels where their personal vibration most closely matches that of a particular level. In reality there are no sharply demarcated boundaries between levels. Just a gradual fading out of one and in of the next. We are told that the higher ones are too beautiful even to imagine. Those whose spiritual evolvement has not progressed far may be found in the lower levels, the least evolved - often termed wicked - will be found in regions said to be very dark and drear. They will have much work to do to further their spiritual progression.

    • The notions of eternity in Hell and eternal damnation were invented quite literally by men, often to control the uneducated and unaware by fear but it does not exist in the way taught by mainstream religions. Whilst there ARE lower spheres in the afterlife that are particularly dark, unpleasant and maybe horrific – ‘hell’ - individuals do not spend eternity there. There is always help available for any soul prepared to learn the lessons of kindness and unselfishness.

    • Once freed from the body, and adjusted to one’s new surroundings, it is said a great sense of freedom is to be expected. Some communicators have likened it to how it might feel when removing a heavy diver’s suit.

    • The state of mind at the point of death is highly variable. Some souls pass over conscious of what will follow and are aware of friends and loved ones who come to welcome their arrival; others are unaware and are accompanied to a place of rest and recuperation until they have had time to adjust.

    • In the regions nearest to our world, often termed the Astral, mind creates reality. Those who are strongly conditioned to expect nothing after death may well stay in a deep sleep for some considerable time.

    • Those who have been ill for some time may need to be helped to shake off their mental image of themselves allowing their healthy etheric body gradually to replace it. Hospital-like places exist for this purpose.

    • Ordinary people are likely to be met by family members or friends. Teachers say that in the afterlife our appearance changes to the time when we were at our best in life, often that of a young mature adult.

    • Atheists, agnostics and others are not prevented from eventually living in the higher spheres but such attitudes apply mostly to physical or lower etheric planes. If those views are held strongly it may slow the individuals’ spiritual progress.

    • Religious rituals such as baptism, confession etc, or conversely not believing in creeds and dogmas do not in themselves impact spiritual progress. Such rituals were created by humankind and have no relevance to spiritual progression. Holding very firms beliefs may, however, prove a barrier to change.

    • At some point after crossing over you may choose to carry out a review of your last life. You may consider how your thoughts, words and deeds affected others and yourself. Nobody judges you. You assess your own progress by comparing intentions with outcomes, what you achieved compared with what you set out to do.

    • In the afterlife communication is telepathic although normal speech may also appear to be used whilst acclimatising to the new conditions. Communication with those on earth is also telepathic.

    • Those passing over may wish to try to communicate their survival to those they loved on earth or to others. This may be far from easy, as shown by the small number of accounts of this happening. Some will choose to attend their own funerals. Physical and mental disabilities will disappear - they are only of the physical overcoat, our bodies.

    • The mind has enormous power in the afterlife. It can change the form of matter there and enable travel to apparently distant places at the speed of thought. Picturing oneself somewhere can result in being almost instantly transported there. Movement is not constrained as it is in the physical.

    • Some people ‘get stuck’ between the physical and the etheric. They may still feel as they did before their death and may not realise, or be unwilling to accept, that they have actually passed over. Confusion or reluctance may last for a considerable time - years, decades or even longer.

    • In the afterlife, there is no need to eat or drink or for sleep. There is no night, rain or bad weather. What is found is often the opposite to what is experienced in the physical.

    • You will have the opportunity to mix and interact with others of a similar vibration and join with them in co-operative endeavours or you may choose privacy and solitude.

    • You may wish to continue living in a house, perhaps a replica of a favourite one, or alternatively you may wish to create something different or even live communally. A favourite pet may be waiting for you where a strong enough bond existed in the physical. All such ways will be available.

    • You may wish to continue to pursue your favourite interests, there are many books to read, art, music, and concerts will be available, even sports activities. Or you can do gardening!

    • Spiritual progress can continue in the afterlife with eventual progress to higher, even more beautiful spheres. It is taught that repeated return to the physical (reincarnation) is not vital but that it may greatly speed the process of spiritual evolvement. It is neither automatic nor mandatory. It will be chosen by some and not others.

    • [/FONT][FONT=&amp]Halls of Learning [/FONT][FONT=&amp]are there for all who wish to use them or you may wish to learn to help those crossing over or in other ways. You may even want to learn about and help with rescue work – supporting individuals lost in darker regions but wanting to escape. There is no shortage of work or pastime which may appeal!

    • Ultimately, there will come a time - perhaps after many earth lifetimes, perhaps only a few or even one - when you have made sufficient spiritual progress to move on to a new, a higher, vibrational level. This “transition” to the next sphere happens gradually and naturally. It is sometimes said that this is like another death where the individual leaves behind what was familiar and moves on to a new level of existence.

    • It is possible to visit levels lower than your own but not to live there - you may have friends and relatives still there with whom you wish to keep in contact. Like attracts like in the afterlife. Unlike on the earth plane, those with lower vibrations cannot mix freely with those in the higher spheres. Although it is not possible to visit the higher spheres you may be made aware, by more advanced souls, of what happens there. Love is the mechanism whereby we may stay in touch with others in different levels to out own. It is the most powerful force known.

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  2. Thank you for this.
  3. pleiades

    pleiades Member

    We need a "like" button. :D Thank you so much, Mac! I've printed your words out and will keep in my journal.
  4. Pinkroses

    Pinkroses Member

    Great thread, Mac! I agree with most of what you've said.

    The one big thing I have trouble fully accepting is the concept of reincarnation. Perhaps it is because of my Catholic upbringing. I always wonder why most mediums believe in reincarnation. What do they consider proof it exists? I have read Brian Weiss's Messages From the Masters as well as several books written by mediums. I also watched Flipside: A Journey Into the Afterlife where they showed clips of past-life regressions. But I am not convinced. Can you explain to us the reasons why you believe in reincarnation?
  5. mac

    mac regular contributor Staff Member

    thanks, guys I'm pleased you found the piece interesting. :)

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