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A brief intro.

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by Intbel, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Intbel

    Intbel New Member

    G'day folks ...

    Was browsing (as one does) an' came across this place and am pleased to see a group giving serious consideration to matters of Spirit rather than the usual floss an' gloss sensationalism one frequently sees.

    By way of an into - I live in the South East (England, that is, as in UK) have a healthy interest in, and an opinion on, everything and anything.

    While waiting for my regisration of this honourable forum to be activated, browsed much of it, reading current and old posts.
    Agree with some, disagree with some though overall, mostly everything seems to make sense.
    Except the bits which don't.

    Have a few observations to make and you may expect a fair number of posts from my good (or otherwise) self.

    No worries, I play nicely ...

  2. beadtrader

    beadtrader New Member

    Welcome Intbel!
  3. Intbel

    Intbel New Member

    Many thanks.
  4. Welcome Intebel! :D
  5. LachlanMac

    LachlanMac New Member

    Sounds like you're entering with a pretty good view. It is always nice to have more people from the U.K.
  6. mac

    mac Staff Member

    I'm also a Brit - and the only Spiritualist here thus far....
  7. Eli

    Eli New Member

    Let the old threads rise!

    Nice to see you on the forums, sir.
  8. Intbel

    Intbel New Member

    Thanks for the welcome folks, appreciated.

    Old threads will be ressurected, Eli, 'cos there's a lotta material there on which I'd like to comment an' Mac - I'll not call myself a 'Spiritualist', 'cos since it became a recognised 'religion' (and mebbe a bit before) it seems to have lost its way a little.

    Where are the home Circles these days? I dunno ... fings just ain't wot they used to be.

    Upon my first visit to a local Spiritualist church I said to the the welcoming personage "Now I'm here, how may I be of some help?" to which came the reply, "Oh, you have to be on the committee for that". Yeah, right.

    That was just one person and I doubted that was the flavour overall so I attended for a couple of weeks, then 'joined' as a member.

    Two weeks later I received a membership card and after reading it quit. What I hadn't realised - it is a Christian Spiritualist church and one of the rules is that no teaching which contradicts the New Testament is permitted. I doubted any genuine medium of integrity could work within such a limitation.

    And then there is the healing thingo - no healers permitted unless qualified and to obtain that qualification, gotta "attend one of our courses." Yeah, right. Course costs £50. This was some years ago so 'tis probably nearer £100 by now. Harry Edwards, if he were still with us, would be turning in his grave

    Now I'm sure all the Spiritualist churches are not like that but those which are ain't doing themselves, or Spiritualism as a whole, any favours.

    I didn't raise these issues with anyone, just didn't turn up again.

  9. Welcome to Afterlife forums. Good to see you here. Feel free to share anything.
  10. Welcome, new friend. :)

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