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Thread: What does the term "Old Soul" mean to you?

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    Cool What does the term "Old Soul" mean to you?

    Hi everyone,
    Have you ever heard someone say, "Now that person is an old soul!" What does that mean to you? Mikey has his definate opinion on this! Just curious on your thoughts!
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"

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    FYI: Mikey loved to wear sunglasses and I just figured out how to add that! Wow, I am soooo bad with computers!

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    I love to wear sunglasses too, I rarely leave the house without them.

    I guess I didn't always really know what the term meant. But now I think it means that you've incarnated on earth a lot. I guess every soul is the same "age" in the sense that we've all been around the same amount of time, but not everyone has incarnated the same amount of times as others.

    I'm curious what Mikey's take is, has he lived a lot of lives?

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    I recall reading, maybe on this website, that rather than an Old Soul being someone who is spiritually advanced from having many incarnations on earth, an Old Soul is someone who keeps reincarnating because they just can't seem to get it right. It's almost like they have a Summerland version of OCD. Or they are really attached to the drama that the earthplane provides. I can understand incarnating, dieing, realizing that this life was just like an angelic game of make believe, then saying, "Wow, I'd like to try that again." Sort of like playing the same video game over and over until you win it. But after the second incarnation, what's the point? Wouldn't it be like repeating the 3rd grade over and over and over? Hey, doesn't God adhere to the principle of "No Child Left Behind"?

    I offer my off-the-wall comments, as usual, With Lovingkindness,
    vic's myth

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    I will be interested in hearing what Mikey has to say, but I have always understood the term "Old Soul" to be a compliment. An Old Soul is one which has braved many incarnations, trying hard to work through all the possible lessons, and ambitious about achieving spiritual growth. I had never thought of Vic's idea - that Old Souls might just be slow learners ;-). What does Mikey say, dear Carol??

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    Mikey and I have had several discussions on this topic, because when I have friends over, this subject seems to always come up. An old soul is not "old" per say. The term "old" refers to the "knowledge" one has obtained through many life times. They have experienced many things and have gained knowledge in how to handle different situations. When Mikey compares and "old soul" to a "young soul", he says the old soul has a "bucket full" of knowledge to pull from to handle a situation, while a young soul only has a "thimble" of knowledge to pull from in a situation. This makes total sense when you think of different life situations we experience with different people. Sometimes one person just doesn't get it. They may struggle terribly with the situation at hand while another will take it in stride and figure it out with much less stress or effort. Not a lot of conflict involved. Mikey always tells me that just because someone is a young soul, doesn't mean they are less loving or "lower". He has said that an old soul, though having much knowledge, may not be as "loving" in their ways as a younger soul. The term is mostly related to the amount of knowledge obtained through life times. Mikey says the souls who are most loving are really the souls who are most like God. Mikey always tells me to just try your best. Remember the most important thing is to be loving in your actions.
    Carol and Mikey "in Spirit"

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    Every time I've heard someone use the term "old soul", they've always been talking about someone who has had to assume major responsibilities at a much earlier age than usual and/or someone who is unusually difficult to perturb. Whether it actually has anything to do with a "soul" is out of my bailiwick, though.

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