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Much loved former-member Carol Morgan 2017-06-25

Demonstrating how she communicated with her son, Mikey

  1. mac
    Carol Morgan was a member of AfterLifeForums from its early days.

    Her son had died several years before in an auto accident but eventually she was to hear from him again. Thus began a long collaboration that brought us ALF members many insights into the 'life beyond' via the 'Carol and Mikey' thread and other postings. Their pendulum-assisted communications eventually led to a best-selling book 'Flying High In Spirit'.

    This YouTube video link shows Carol using her pendulum and explaining how it works for her while elsewhere on ALF can be found a long-running 'sticky' thread with their observations on, and wide-ranging conversations about, many spiritual subjects.

    A condensed version of the C&M thread can be found here: https://app.box.com/s/uk70t2vneu2ujz8jnzwi