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Aug 4, 2018
Aug 9, 2012
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USA, Earth plane
Something really fun that pays pretty well

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Member, from USA, Earth plane

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Aug 4, 2018
    1. poeticblue
      Hello there!! :D
    2. Sapphire
      Thank you for your message! So, are you a healer? I am also wondering what you know that is different from what has been shared in these forums. Do you have information that 'debunks' anything in particular?

      As someone who has been trying to piece together a tremendous amount of information, I am always interested in correlating what I hear and making sense of it, trying to truly understand.
    3. Perspective
      (Part 2)

      I basicly wanted to deny everyone's lessons and start Utopia right now.
      More about me ?
      I'm here to kick some shins and wake up whoever needs it.
      Clarification, Integrity, Honesty and my last time here if I complete what I want(ed).
      Apparently I am able to feel and heal others, the first however is something I am just starting to get known to.
      I did not know I was doing that and since recently I am paying attention to it consciously.
      My hands have always done what they did. I started using them when I got told the 1st time and it was amazingly fast in how people got relieved of pain or discomfort on minor issues.

      If there's something you want to know more specifcly, please just ask, that's way easier! :)

    4. Perspective
      Thank you for the welcome.
      What I know is extensive detailed truth about what we are, physical and non-physical, the afterlife (life), the how's the why's.
      Being specific takes a lot of typing but I'll give it a few shots.
      Spiritguides, Souls, Earth, learning, growth, lightspheres, darkspheres, summerland, lessons, reincarnation.
      I've sifted through many people that claimed being either a portal or some kind of portal between here and 'there'.
      And along the way it's hard not to get sad with how many are false or blatently going for the money.
      In the end 5 or 6 years back I found the real deal and got all the confirmations and clarifications I was looking for since a young age.
      My journey started and it's been revealing to a point where I burned-out.
      Currently I am almost back on track.
      I burned out because I could not grasp the notion others would not conclude what I found and better our world.

      (next message, message too long)
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    Home Page:
    USA, Earth plane
    Something really fun that pays pretty well
    Faithful Christian Seeker and curious spiritualist who believes our loved ones will come for us some day.

    Music, drumming, reading, cartooning


    "And since the day of femininity that is purely ornamental and utterly useless is gone by, it is the girl who does things well who finds life full of interests and of friends and of happiness."
    —Emily Post