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Oct 22, 2018 at 3:24 PM
Oct 31, 2010
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Administrator, from Austin, Texas

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Oct 22, 2018 at 3:24 PM
    1. Nirvana
      Hi Roberta

      Do you know if Jesus really said "pride comes before a fall"?

      (Odd - I'm having trouble answering you.)

      It's not in the Gospels, dear!
    2. Nirvana
      I noticed you just put up an article about DMT on your facebook page. Would you ever consider trying it?
    3. Nirvana
    4. Nirvana
      Ohh that makes sense, thanks
    5. Nirvana
      Hey Roberta, do you have any idea if the dimension/beings we experience during sleep paralysis are or can be the outer darkness Jesus talks about?
    6. Nirvana
      Hi Roberta,

      you believe the world will change significantly in 5 years, correct?

      Could you elaborate?
    7. Nirvana
      Excellent :)
    8. Nirvana
      So did Leonora Piper ever say anything about a solid happy afterlife? Or any of the other late 19th century mediums?
    9. annabanana87
      Hi Roberta - I am still fairly new to the forum but have done a few posts here and there and have read some your wonderful responses. I see some bits of information here and there and have seen mentions of a book or books that you have on the afterlife. Where am I able to get a copy of your books? Is there a way to get an electronic version? Thank you very much, Anna.
    10. Nirvana
      Hi Roberta, have you read Resurrecting Leonora Piper: How Science Discovered the Afterlife ?
    11. Nirvana
      Do you think the happiness of getting everything you want in this life and being exactly who you want to be in this life could compare to the happiness of being in the Summerland?
    12. Nirvana
      Hi Roberta,

      After reading your awesome book, one thing that stuck with me is that you seemed to say middle-age (around 40s) is the most important time in a person's life. I think you mentioned that people who commit suicide at that age are the most regretful.
    13. Nirvana
      I'll e-mail you, thank you very much!
    14. Nirvana
      think you could PM me your book the Fun of Dying?
    15. Nirvana
      and how should we even deal with them in the first place?
    16. Nirvana
      If learning to love is the purpose of this life, then what are psychopaths/sociopaths supposed to do?
    17. Nirvana
      What do you think of New Age channeling?

      Could you tell me the names of channelers you think are authentic?

      I've recently been interested in a channeler named Kathryn E. May
    18. Nirvana
      Hello Roberta, another question: It seems like the "work" we have to do here refers to healing from past psychological traumas - which I'm not sure how I'll achieve without a therapist I can trust.

      But the "work" is just to be kind and loving as much as possible, right?
    19. Nirvana
      If physical Earthly experiences are possible in the afterlife/Summerland levels than why have I read so often in this type of literature that "souls get stuck with in some sort of non-physical realm addicted to some past physical experience(s) like sex, drugs, etc.?

      I hope it's just more made-up dogma like other religions, but this particular belief does not seem to come from any particular religion.
    20. Nirvana
      Thanks again :)
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