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Sep 18, 2018 at 3:34 AM
May 6, 2013
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http://www.nderf.org/Experiences/1brian_t_probable_nde.html May 11, 2017

Nirvana was last seen:
Sep 18, 2018 at 3:34 AM
    1. RobertaGrimes
      Dear friend, we don't know everything. It's likely that personality disorders are meant not just as challenges for them, but also as challenges for us. And as for how we should deal with even the most unpleasant people, as A Course in Miracles says: "Whatever the question, love is the answer."
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    2. RobertaGrimes
      Dear Nirvana, I don't think much of New Age channeling. I have a hunch that most such channelers are charlatans, and when it comes to trying to understand the truth about reality - which, as you know, is my big interest - I wouldn't trust anything that they have to say. With that preface, of course, I can't express an opinion on any particular channeler. Just please, be careful! As the Bible says, you should "try the spirits to see whether they are of God." Don't take anything at face value!
    3. RobertaGrimes
      Dear friend, afterlife communications overwhelmingly indicate that learning to love ever more perfectly and learning to forgive ever more completely is the sum total of virtually everyone's life's work! If you do those things well, then you will have made the most of this lifetime ;-).
    4. RobertaGrimes
      Dear Nirvana, most - virtually all - transitions seem to be clean and complete. You go from one solid-seeming reality to the next. But if you are addicted to something or you have some very major unresolved issue, then the evidence suggests that you yourself might interrupt what should be an orderly passage and you might put yourself into a non-material halfway area with others who suffer from your same issues. Not real, though. And not based on any religions or dogmas! Eventually you would need to be rescued. The key is clearly not to become addicted, dear!!
    5. poeticblue
      I got nosey and read your page. Are you ok? By the time I was going to reply to you on your profile, a week had passed and figured I would look dumb responding. I use to respond so quickly to people but things feel so weird now... It has nothing to do with you. Are you seeking help? Are you ok?
    6. RobertaGrimes
      You aren't wasting it, dear - you are young and you're growing spiritually. Your whole life is still ahead! You should know, too, that what is important isn't what you accomplish in earthly terms - the ONLY thing that is important is how well you are learning to love and to forgive. Concentrate on that, and you will ACE this lifetime! You contribute tremendously to the conversations here, and that is certainly a kindness to all. I don't want you to be sad. I hope you'll get help for that. But know that you are very much loved here, and your life has more value to others than you know!
    7. poeticblue
      Well how are you doing my friend!!!?? <3
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    9. poeticblue
      Ok.. Well I can try to do that. Usually if I ask questions in my dreams it’s, “Who are you?” or “Can you take me to the summerlands?” lol… I can definitely try though. I’ve never tried asking anything in somebody else’s behalf before. So it should be interesting. Sometimes Mikey can’t even make contact because he has no real spiritual connection with that certain person. But we shall see. I dream about so many vivid and random things. I am wondering if I am picking up on other peoples energies.
    10. poeticblue
      And I mean what I said with -------> love. <3
    11. poeticblue
      Hey.. I didn't know that my summerlands post or blog meant that much to you... Sometimes I wonder why I even keep bothering.. but ok. I was actually about to post on my blog now about how irritated I was that I never have enough time to do what I love (which is talk about the afterlife). It was clear in my head what I was going to say. I even was going to write a poem and post it. Then all of a sudden someone at my work needs me to do something. Then I get home and the work never stops. It just keeps going and going and going. But ok... I will try to stay focused. I will post something new for you. (Because I want to )
    12. poeticblue
      I will post one on my summerlands thread
    13. poeticblue
      Yeah, Ive been havin them. They havent been productive though lol.
    14. poeticblue
      My friend tell me... how are your astral travels going?
    15. poeticblue
      Well, it really doesnt matter when you fall asleep. But you have to make sure its consistant. Your night time may be my day time. Just schedule a time where you can get 8 hours of sleep and when you wake up, do what I just told you. As a matter of fact, the next time you wake up in the middle of your sleep I want you to eat something or watch a movie. Then as you get sleepy, read what I told you.

      Yes, this is the only way I can project. I always wake up every hour or so.. That is how I figured this out. ;)
    16. poeticblue
      Forget those poses. You remind me of andrew saying he tried the "rope" method to astrally project. I nearly died laughing. When you wake up in the middle of the night embrace it. Go on with your daily activities as if it was lunch time. Then as you start to get sleepy again, lay down and close your eyes but do not fall asleep for another 20 minutes. Then after 20 minutes let your mind wander off and slowly fall asleep. THATS when you will feel yourself levitate out of yourself. Its in the middle of the night. Not when you initially fall asleep. You waking up in the middle of the night is the first step to an astral projection
    17. poeticblue
      Hi. You and i just posted in the same thread at the same time :) no you do not need to learn astral projection for remote viewing. Have you tried any meditation exercises? How often do you wake up in the middle of the night?
    18. poeticblue
      Hi. Yes i am familiar with remote viewing. Why do you ask?
    19. poeticblue
      Hi. Please read my pm. Im sorry i got back to you late!
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