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Mar 20, 2012
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  1. LPC

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    1. ilovelearninhg
      You're welcome. Yes I like it too. It's a great comfort to know that as bad as it can seem this life is really just temporary and there is a greater, better reality.
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    2. Nirvana
      I love when these people say this life is an illusion or stage play, and even the hardest "reality"

      oh awesome, thanks for the link

      Rich Kelley calls the afterlife "home", which is another thing I love
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    3. ilovelearninhg
      Thanks Nirvana. I am trying to do alot of spiritual study and the links you have are always really interesting. I've heard some things lately that reiterate my suspicion that this existence is indeed not as it seems, even though it is something that seems so real. But it is just one of many realities and apparently it is the hardest and where we can flex our spiritual muscles the most. Right now William Buhlman is very interesting to me-he talks very matter-of-factly about the obe state and how it can help overcome a fear of death-and how the astral plane is just a higher vibrational state. There is a man on iands nde radio who talked about how his nde made him realize how this life was like a stage play to him, and this world wasn't as real to him after he came back. I found it quite interesting. Here is the link to that if you're interested:http://www.talkzone.com/episodes/204/NDE020116.html.
    4. Nirvana
    5. Nirvana
      Yup, I agree and am feeling bogged down as usual

      and yeah, the suffering question does come up quite often for me
    6. ilovelearninhg
      Oh no problem. I haven't been posting for awhile but I do check in. I feel so bogged down by life, I'm sure you can relate, so I try to read nde stories every so often to keep myself going, and to remind myself this existence is temporary. The spiritual lessons-yeah that's a hard one to understand. Especially since I think thats the main reason we are here? Truly I think if we really got a different perspective we could laugh all this off. It must be such a blessing for these nder's to have some clarity as to what this life is about. Muddling through it is such hard work.:) But I feel its something that we have chosen on some level, only we aren't aware of it. Bummer though, that its hard to get an insight as to why so many suffer as they do.
    7. Nirvana
      "And what he said about people would feel so carefree and joyous if the experienced what he did"

      But don't we have to worry about learning our spiritual lessons? Even when we make it to the afterlife?

      Glad you liked it :) Sorry for not responding sooner, by the way. Just haven't visited your profile since posting that one.
    8. ilovelearninhg
      Wow thanks again. In this persons experience he says there is both creation and evolution, I have always thought that. I never understood why people need to be right and fight with each other. That is so needless to me. And what he said about people would feel so carefree and joyous if the experienced what he did, I can relate to a little bit with my obe. I was in a carefree state and I thought nothing will hurt me again because I'm so happy. Of course it didn't last lol. People are too hard on each other and have to enforce their viewpoint in this world. They take themselves much too seriously. I've bookmarked the link its something I would love to read again.
    9. ilovelearninhg
      Thank you Nirvana
    10. Nirvana
    11. ilovelearninhg
    12. Nirvana
      I agree with poeticblue!
    13. poeticblue
      I just want to say that you are a remarkable person :) Hugs
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