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  1. genewardsmith
    I've been interested in mediumship since 1967, when I looked at what the Berkeley library had to offer on psychic topics.
  2. ChuckAnderson
    ChuckAnderson RobertaGrimes
    Roberta, I sure love Afterlife Forums and I'm always glad to be a Member, and I visit it several times a day. I love your books, especially The Fun of Dying. What you've written is of great comfort to me when I think of my family who have crossed over, and I'm always thinking of them and I talk to them whenever I can. Keep up the good work Roberta, you are loved!
  3. Eleven Lives
    Eleven Lives
    Aging gracefully and with hope for future.
  4. vppbinhduonggiasi
  5. vppbinhduonggiasi
  6. Zac
    Zac peanutbritt
    cool avatar
    1. peanutbritt
      It's me.
      Sep 29, 2017
  7. juanperez01
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  9. mariamartin20
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  10. poeticblue
  11. sharma.acharya
    I am Astrologer. You can consult me to discuss your problems related to any area of your life.
  12. tomaslozo
  13. derulolii
  14. vppbinhduonggiasi
  15. vppbinhduonggiasi
  16. jimrich
    jimrich Unexpected
    Dear Unexpected:
    I recommend you place the very long post that was emailed to me into this forum but post it in two parts since apparently there is a limit on how many words a single post can contain.
    That long post contains stunning and informative information and could be of great benefit to those who are having similar Dis-incarnate contacts but don't know what to make of it. Best wishes, jim
    1. Unexpected
  17. vppbinhduonggiasi
  18. silverfang77
    Seeking the truth.
  19. vppbinhduonggiasi
    1. mac
      someone is deliberately posting SPAM here
      Jul 20, 2017
  20. vppbinhduonggiasi