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New Profile Posts

  1. Kurt
    Kurt SashaS
  2. Monika
    Live to learn to love. Learn to love to live. Love to live to learn so that you may live life that you yearn. ~Rico Dasheem
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  3. MauiNui
    been there, got the t-shirt, came back anyway
  4. mac
  5. EVPVoices
    EVPVoices Juniper
    Hi Juniper

    Thanks for your message, I did try and reply but for some reason the post seems to have disappeared. I'd be very interested to hear your experience. My apologies if I don't get to you quickly, I'm very busy preparing a talk for this Friday and time is running out.

    Best wishes, Rachel
  6. SashaS
    For love we live and die. Love is God and God is Love.
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  7. SashaS
    Don’t take life too seriously! Nobody gets out alive anyway. Smile. Be goofy. Take chances. Have fun. Inspire.
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  8. kim marine
    kim marine
    Be the change you wish to see in the world.
  9. genewardsmith
    I've been interested in mediumship since 1967, when I looked at what the Berkeley library had to offer on psychic topics.
  10. ChuckAnderson
    ChuckAnderson RobertaGrimes
    Roberta, I sure love Afterlife Forums and I'm always glad to be a Member, and I visit it several times a day. I love your books, especially The Fun of Dying. What you've written is of great comfort to me when I think of my family who have crossed over, and I'm always thinking of them and I talk to them whenever I can. Keep up the good work Roberta, you are loved!
  11. Eleven Lives
    Eleven Lives
    Aging gracefully and with hope for future.
  12. Zac
    Zac peanutbritt
    cool avatar
    1. peanutbritt
      It's me.
      Sep 29, 2017
  13. poeticblue
  14. silverfang77
    Seeking the truth.
  15. isabel mcdonald
    isabel mcdonald Mark Zerafa
    Good morning Mark, just thought to let you know I posted one of my experiences in "share your mystical experiences. hope you take a look have a good weekend
  16. smitty75
    I tried to enter a message, but was told to limit it to 140 characters. What's the issue?
    1. mac
      Software frequently limits the number of characters that can be used in a particular environment.
      Jul 11, 2017
  17. isabel mcdonald
    isabel mcdonald
    Hello everyone, I have just joined this forum and looking forward to sharing. thank you for accepting me on your forum
  18. Nirvana
    Nirvana RobertaGrimes
    Now I'm hearing all components will be here in *two* years
  19. Virginia Hummel
    Virginia Hummel
    When we lift our perceived limitations off the traditional grief experience, we lift our perceived limitations off our ability to heal.
  20. Nirvana
    Nirvana RobertaGrimes
    Hi Roberta, is it true that the texting and video component of the SoulPhone will be here in approx. 3 years? I've heard from Tracy Soussi that Dr. Schwartz has been able to hire a full-time engineer and order the equipment he's been needing because of a donation.
  21. Nirvana
    Nirvana Amy
    Hi Amy, it appears you have psychic ability and I was wondering if you could pick up anything on me?
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    2. Amy
      Ok, that got through, so more: Im not doing photo reading practice at the moment. But could ask around for you? Also Im not sure of the policies here - whether that is permitted? I just dont know cause I havent read them yet. Regards, Amy
      May 18, 2017
    3. Nirvana
      Please do :)
      May 18, 2017
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    4. mac
      I don't know of any rules that prevent members from seeking, or offering, a reading on a personal basis but neither is there a forum for it. Provided both parties agree I see no harm in using p.m. for the purpose but it's Roberta's website and she may have other views. It wouldn't hurt to check with her first.
      May 18, 2017
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  22. oliwierstella
    Nurse Practitioner
  23. Nirvana
  24. Sarah
    Unbelievably new
  25. Nirvana
  26. Daniel Rizo-Patron
    Daniel Rizo-Patron
    "What you think, so you will become". Napoleon Hill
  27. Nirvana
  28. FionaF
  29. Jonathan Hallberg
    1. mac
      who is? what is?
      Apr 7, 2017
  30. amina89
    amina89 RobertaGrimes
    Hi Roberta,i just wanted to ask what happened to the old topic and comments? i used to have some topics but can not find them anymore
    1. mac
      I don't know what this 'New Profile Posts' section is for and just hope you will see my response. I realise it's Roberta you were asking but maybe I can help a little based on what I've observed. When the old website had problems this new one was created based on the old one's database. The problem is, though, that there's no index of the old threads and sections they were in.
      Mar 24, 2017
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