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  • The Universe is a Hologram

    One of my favorite books on the functioning of reality is The Holographic Universe, a breathtaking summary published in 1991 by Michael Talbot, who then developed leukemia and died within the year. (I have long thought that he came to enlighten us but then he couldnít wait to get home.) How Michael Talbot must be laughing now in the afterlife beyond our senses as he sees that a few mainstream scientists are coming to understand that reality may be, um, well, you know, kind of holographic after all. And they are building a machine now to confirm this fact.

    What is science, anyway? Arenít scientists supposed to be curious about everything? How is it then that mainstream scientists have been so incurious in the face of so much consistent afterlife evidence that they continue to ignore it all? Perhaps it is a fear of inadvertently finding God that so paralyzes scientistsí minds that whole areas of inquiry still oddly remain beyond scientific limits.

    For those of us who have taken the easy route toward better understanding reality, it is kind of fun to watch physicists groping and stumbling by inches toward us through a fog of their own making. By all means, read the linked articles. But then go on to read The Holographic Universe, and for good measure pick up R. Craig Hoganís Your Eternal Self. Once you have internalized their vast compendia of facts and evidence, you will be light-years ahead of mainstream science when it comes to understanding reality. You will know where quantum physics is heading, and you will have the pleasure of sitting and sharing a toast on the finish line and watching as mainstream scientists do it the hard way, piecing together bit by bit their roadmaps around rocks and through gullies while ignoring the highways all around them built by folks who have studied the evidence. They are going to get here sooner or later. Meanwhile, letís wish them Godspeed!
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    So, as I've written previously, I've never had a personal validation or any type of sign from people who have passed on. Recently, something happened,

    Odd coincidence

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    Yes, I am homesick. I hope part of the afterlife is just like high school. I hope the young men and women I reunite with are as beautiful and handsome

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    No need to apologize Carol. There was no animosity on my end I feel comfortable with you and Mikey and I was being honest. Thanks for your input.

    what do they feel?

    poeticblue Yesterday, 09:56 PM Go to last post

    Because they're ego's are afraid, or their brains literally don't work like they should

    what do they feel?

    Nirvana Yesterday, 09:52 PM Go to last post

    Carol- regarding post #15, I completely agree with what Mikey said! No issues for me. I also agree with you in the last paragraph and I have the same

    what do they feel?

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