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  • What is the Afterlife Like?

    Evidence of what heaven is like is available from thousands of people who have communicated with us from there. It is remarkable how much detail is available, and how amazingly consistent it is across 150 years of communications.

    • The evidence tells us that heaven is right here! The afterlife interpenetrates this material level in such a way that going from here to there is just a matter of raising our spiritual vibration, and it feels no more complex than changing television channels.

    • If we could see into the main afterlife levels from here, everything there would seem to be solid but a bit transparent. If we could look back at this reality from the afterlife levels, everything around us there would seem solid but this reality would look like a transparent shimmer.

    • Time and space are illusions and our minds after death are immensely powerful, so on the afterlife levels we can move ourselves from anywhere to anywhere else instantly just by thought.

    • Beyond this universe there is no sun. Instead, the heavenly levels are filled with a constant diffuse white light that grows ever brighter as we develop and attain ever higher spiritual levels. Above the lowest and most hideous levels, darkness never happens. The temperature is perfect.

    • Heaven looks like the earth, but more beautiful. Life there feels expansive and much less crowded, flowers are magnificent and abundant, the sky is bright blue, and there are gorgeous earth-like vistas all around you.

    • Below the highest afterlife levels people have beautiful heavenly bodies. Most of us look and feel thirty years old, although we can choose to look older or younger. We are never ill. We don’t need to eat or sleep. We can dress as we like, but most people choose to wear a simple floor-length robe that looks like an angel’s robe. (Go figure!)

    • We can see and hear better there. Music is much more beautiful, and visual details that our eyes could never capture here are amazingly clear there. Since they are seeing with their minds and not their eyes, people there tell us that their vision can be panoramic.

    • Heavenly colors are more brilliant. Colors exist there which are never seen on earth because they are not limited by the visible-light spectrum.

    • Everything in the afterlife seems to be somewhat sentient. Flowers turn toward us lovingly, and water and tree-branches gently caress us. Even the solid rocks and buildings in heaven are composed of loving energy.

    • We can choose to live inside a home… or not. We can surround our heavenly home with splendid gardens, and since the blossoms never fade we can enjoy them forever with no need to tend them.

    • All the pets that we have ever loved are waiting for us, young and healthy. If you have loved dozens of pets in your lifetime you can share them after death with other dead folks who were not so lucky.

    • We have many reports of beautiful afterlife buildings. Some are libraries. Some are work-spaces or hobby-spaces or meeting places or wonderful schools where every conceivable thing is taught.

    • Your mind after death is so much better that whatever you want to learn in heaven you can learn easily. People there study science and earth-history and piano and art and everything else you can imagine.

    • We have so much more to do in heaven! From music and painting and crafts and sports and dance through traveling in space and time, once we get there we have an infinity of wonderful things to learn and fun things to do.

    I know this description seems too good to be true, but the evidence for it is overwhelming. For most of us, the afterlife is the most fun that we can imagine. It turns out that death is not an ending at all. Instead, it is a beyond-wonderful beginning!
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      Can you elaborate on"traveling through time and space",can I go back and see the beatles play their first gig in liverpool?or watch and see how the pyramids were really built? What about "traveling through space"? Does that mean I can fly through space and explore different universes?
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